June 29th, 2009

"Would you like a box?"

I have stopped by this community every now and then to avoid an overly boring day at work.  So I've finally decided to post, after some bad/wtf service last night.  As some background information:  I have worked as a waitress or in the food service industry for about 5 years, so when I go out to eat, I try to be extra friendly with our server, as I know how much the job can suck.  Last night my boyfriend and I went out for a nice dinner (at Macaroni Grill) to celebrate 4 years together.  We don't go there often (we are poor college kids), so it was a nice treat.  The evening started out alright, though our waitress seemed a little bit checked out.  It was towards the end of the meal where things started to go wrong.

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pretty girl

bad service at michael's

I needed some stuff for a project I'm working on and I don't have the time to just chance it. So I called my local Michael's craft store and asked them if they could put some things on hold for me around 7pm. I gave them my name and they told me that everything would be at the front when I came to get it. Well I got detained at work and couldn't get to the store, so I came in the next morning bright and early when it opened to find out that they'd put everything I'd asked for back. So I had to do all of that over and go back and get my stuff together. I don't usually go to those stores so I wasn't familiar with the store layout and I didn't know where everything was. So I asked someone to point me in the direction of the watercolors.

"Uhhh... umm... I think it's around uh... aisle 20." so I went to aisle 20 and there was nothing but scrapbooking stuff. I looked around a few aisles because I figured maybe they were new but I couldn't find anything. So I found her again and asked her again. She copped at attitude and said "Didn't you just ask me?" and walked away. I said "Excuse me I still need help over here," and she shrugged and said "Well I don't know what you're looking for, so ask someone else."

I was so angry. I found someone else to help me out and eventually got the rest of what I needed except for one thing that wasn't on the shelf. I asked the same person as before if she could find out if there was more in the back and she looked at the spot and then looked at the top of the shelves at boxes and just said "No that's all we have." She never went to the back or asked anyone else. I went to the front and didn't see anyone at the register that had a light on. So I took my time and looked around the bins they had at the front while I waited for someone to come up and help me. Finally I just gave up and set my basket down on the register and waited, FINALLY someone came up and started cashing me out.

The cashier was really dismissive with me. She just rang my things up, didn't ask me if I found everything or anything. I had a bunch of coupons I wanted to use and I pulled them all out. She immediately said "What coupons do you have?" and I told her I had 3 40% off coupons and a 50% off I wanted to use. She lied and said that she couldn't take more than one of the 40% off ones, just a 50% and one 40%. I told her she could just ring the other orders separately then and she told me no, she couldn't, and she could only take one. I said I'd go out of the store and come back in and she said she'd still only take the one. So I was getting really irritated with her, they've done it for me before.

And when my basket was empty she said "The baskets are by the door if you want to drop it before you leave," and I know I had a funny look on my face but I said, "Um, I'm going to leave that here, that's your job, not mine." She rolled her eyes at me and gave me my total. I put my money down on the counter and slid it over to her and she just stared at it, then look at me and held out her hand. I just slid it over to her some more. She had the audacity to actually put my change on the counter instead of handing it to me.

As I was walking out I noticed that the cashier hadn't even put my canvas in a bag so I asked her if I could have a bag for it. She said she didn't have a bag big enough for it and just stared at me. I just left the store, there was no point.

The Eyes Have It

You know how you'll read Reader's Digest and see all those heartwarming stories of doctors who really care about their patients and do everything in their power to treat them?

Why can't I find a doctor like that?

Because of my poor eyesight (-12.25 left eye, -10.50 right before we get into any "who is more blind" fights) and family history of eye problems, my optition suggested I see an opthamologist just to establish a baseline. Picked one who took my insurance, made an appointment, etc.

It started off really nicely. The young receptionist was very nice to me, and I was taken back for the tech to work with me very quickly. The tech was nice and she did her thing. Then they put the dialating eyedrops in my eyes and took me to the "Dialating Room" to wait 15, 20 minutes before the doctor would see me.

Almost two hours later I get to see the doctor. I can be gracious about long waits, but I like people to check in with me, esp. when I'm the only person sitting in a room -- it's nice to know that the office hasn't closed and they forgot me. But anyways, I see the doctor. The highlights:

* Contact battles. I'm 27, yes I've tried them, multiple brands, multiple times, and I hate them. For most of them, my eyes just water so much they slip out of my eyes and down my cheeks. I don't care if you think thatcould never happen, it did to me. Jesus, it's not like I'm refusing a pacemaker -- I just do not like contacts and you will never ever change my mind.

* Lasik
"So, you really want Lasik?"
"Um, no. I'm not a good canidate for Lasik."
*pause* "Actually, that's right. You are not a good Lasik candidate."
It's difficult to describe the tone/ facial expression, but it's really like he was hoping that I really wanted Lasik and then he could just burst my bubble over it. Did I mention that he doesn't do Lasik, but he does do the eye operation where they put a new lens in?

*Eye surgery
Dude, I'm not getting eye surgery right now. Why? Because some day insurance might cover it -- "No, insurance will never cover it." Well, it didn't used to cover Lasik either and now some plans do. I want to see if the price will go down. "No, the price will never go down because you have to have an operating room, etc". Well, a lot of non-essential surgeries have come down in price over the years as more and more doctors learn the procedure. I want to wait and see more data about long term effects ad have them perfect the procedure even more -- "We've been doing it since the mid 90's, so it's safe." Jesus Christ guy, I'm 27. This isn't like grabbing a pack of gum at the check-out counter; eye surgery is not an impulse buy. I'M NOT GETTING IT NOW!

*Retinal tears
As he's walking out the room (after a whole, what, 3 minutes with me) he says "Oh, and watch out for retinal tears. You're at an increased risk." YOU THINK? My optition, every time I even walk *near* the store reminds me about retinal tears. That should be the first thing you talk to me about, not an after thought.

On top of allll of that, when I go to check out the older (mean) receptionist says I owe 40 for the copay (expected) and 39 for a refractional test. Because it was short, this is pretty much verbatim what was said:
Me: "What's a refractional test?"
Her: "It's a test for your eyes"
(Thinking -- well DUH) "Which test?"
"The one that tests your vision."
"I'm sorry, which one?"
"Where you look through the lenses and read the lines. To find out your glasses script."
"I just had my eyes tested at my optition--"
"If we had known that-"
"I brought a copy of it to put in my file" (in fact, I could SEE it with the papers she was holding).
"Oh --"
"I don't mind paying, but I really wish someone had told me it cost extra because I would have refused since I just had my eyes tested."
"How long ago was it?"
(Your hand is on the damn paper!!) "June 12th. Again, I don't mind paying but--"
"I'll see what I can do" and she huffs off

I turn to the nice receptionist and ask "Did I sound mad? I'm not trying to be rude."
"No. I put it in your file."

So then mean receptionist comes back and nice receptionist leaves. Mean receptionist says it will be 40 dollars, just holds her hand out for my credit card, and when I get the slip and look for a pen just says in a rude tone "The pen is right THERE!"

So fricking finally I'm about to leave, and then I ask if I can have one of those slip on shades for when you get your eyes dialated.
"No," she snaps.
Great, thanks lady! I'll just go get macular degeneration and crash my car cause I can't see! It's been real. Peace out.
Trinity Knot

Car Service - Going our way.

So no secret here I live in NYC. Ive had bronchitis for just over three weeks and its not been fun. The first couple weeks I was back and forth to my doctors office a lot, and since I was having a bad time with the whole coughing vs breathing thing, I took a lot of car service. (Rule of thumb: If there is a high probability of coughing so hard you double over, do not rely on public transportation because you might fall and hurt yourself/someone else.)

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