June 26th, 2009

Ode to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ugh. The DMV. I'm surprised not to have seen more posts about the incredibly bad service everyone working there is notorious for.

Sooo, I had to get my driver's license yesterday, and was surprised at how little trouble I had while I was there (Not once have I spent less than three hours at the DMV, only to leave irritated and feeling largely unaccomplished).

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TL;DR: Two snappy, inconsiderate photo machine operators insist that I tilt my head to intentionally hold up the rest of the DMV, resulting in what I'm sure is going to come out to be an angry mugshot photo on my Driver's License. Will update when it comes in the mail. =D

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A few years ago, I was living in San Francisco, and I was taking the bus home- I took the 38 twice a day or more. It wasn't unheard-of to wait more than half an hour, and there were several occasions when I waited over an hour, only to have two buses running the exact same route arrive simultaneously. But that happens pretty much everywhere there are buses, and hey, you budget time for it. One day, the signal broke, and it was flashing "Stop requested - Masonic" for at least six stops after I got off. Every stop up until mine had people waiting, so the driver stopped anyway. After he missed mine, I made my way to the front of the bus to let him know that the signal was broken. He screamed at me to sit down, that he couldn't go back or stop before the next stop. I was planning on getting off at Van Ness instead, it only meant an extra three or four blocks, but I thought maybe if there was no-one waiting at subsequent stops, he'd ask if anyone needed to get off. I went back and sat, but he kept yelling that he wasn't allowed to stop and that I should just deal with it. Then, when we got to Van Ness, my grocery bag handles broke and things fell out in the buss and down the steps and started rolling down the hill (it is San Francisco, after all). I scrambled around to try to grab things so that people wouldn't fall over them, and he just got madder and madder that I was bugging him and now I was making a mess.
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Winco Fail

So, my mom went to Winco today. For those who may not know, Winco is a huge grocery store. She spent over an hour shopping and then went to pay. After everything was rung up my mom handed the woman her credit card. The cashier promptly told her, in a very snotty tone, that they don't take credit cards and that there was a sign on the door to that effect. My mom apologized and told the lady that she didn't have any other way to pay for the groceries.

The bad service comes in now...there was no sign on or near the door. My mom went back and checked. Credit cards are a pretty basic thing. Most people I know will assume that if a place takes bank cards (which this place does) then they also take regular credit cards. It is possible that the sign fell down, but I would expect someone to check on it.At the very least, use a polite tone of voice. My mom wasn't rude or snippy so there was no need for her to be that way!

Sometimes I think I should shut up and keep the two bucks.

Went out today with hubby to get a few necessities to last till payday, and some yarn to start a blanket for my expecting friend (I had to wait to learn the gender before picking it and just learned a few days ago). We went to an express check out at our closest Walmart, which is always hit or miss on the service. The greeters are amazingly sweet people, the cashiers can sometimes be really nice, or completely devoid of emotion or thought. I got the latter today. After barely spitting out a hi, looking rather put out to have another person in her line, even though her queue was empty when we walked up and her light was on, she started scanning and bagging roughly. I was pretty sure our eggs were gonna get busted. She also kept shoving the bagged items back on the side we needed to stack on to clear out our cart.

I usually watch the credit card swiper box (does it have a specific name? ) to see the total building up so I know which card to use, and noticed only two yarns went through, but she had bagged three. I brought this up to her. She sighed, printed out a tiny receipt that showed what had been scanned thus far. "There is one marked yarn, one marked super saver." "Oh I rang up this fifty cent item twice." She fixed it, and started really dropping our items hard into the bag carousel. I don't think she even announced the total. I had some scanning trouble for some  reason, but she just stood there like a statue. I got my receipt and left. On the way out (after getting "Have a good night! Thanks for shopping with us!" from one the really sweet greeters), I told my husband "I think I shoulda just pocketed the two dollars, jeez."

What one gets for being helpful, I guess. It's sorta sad I can't get hours at my job to save my life (luckily we don't need the extra income too badly), but folks with this kind of attitude are employed just fine.

Probably a minor suck, but I felt like writing it up. =P

Inspired by the other DMV post

Last spring I lost my ID card and went to the DOL to get a new one. I had just gotten a new hair cut with bangs, which were obviously covering the top couple inches of my forehead. I got lucky and had a pretty short wait to get my ID and after confirming my address and whatever else they needed from me, I stepped up to get my picture taken. I stood in front of the camera, put my toes on the line on the floor with a smile, and immediately the woman taking the picture snapped at me to push my bangs up. I thought it was kind of a weird request since my bangs were in no way hiding my face, but I did it anyway. Apparently I did it wrong, because the woman kept yelling at me to push them up over and over again. I pushed them to the left side, the right side, straight up, and tried to smooth them over the top of my head as best I could but it wasn't good enough, so she ended up coming over and pushing them back herself. I was a little freaked out about this woman touching my face, but I really just wanted to get out of there and I didn't understand what the hell she wanted.

She went back to take the picture, looked through the viewfinder, and whaddyaknow? My bangs were still not how she wanted them. She started yelling at me to push them back more, this time saying that state law requires eyebrows to be visible in all state-issued ID photos (which was news to me). The problem is I am naturally blond and my eyebrows are so fine and blond that you can barely even see them up close unless I fill them in with eyebrow pencil, something I had not done that day since I had gone kayaking in the morning. I tried to explain the situation to the woman because there was just no way my pretty much non-existent eyebrows were going to show up in a picture taken from 10 feet away, and her response was "I don't make the laws." She told me she was not going to take my picture until I went to the store to buy a headband(?) and waited in line again. Instead I walked straight up to the camera, leaned across the counter, and pointed at my wimpy eyebrows. She looked surprised but agreed with me, and I finally got my picture taken.