June 25th, 2009



Today before work I stopped at PDQ (gas station). I only had $10 cash - I've been trying to stop with the card usage - so I pumped a little over $8 to have enough leftover for a bottle of water because it's been hot as hell here lately.

When I go to pay the cashier asks if I want to donate to charity. I tell her no, sorry, I don't have enough cash for that today, handing her my ten.

As she goes to put it in the till, she rolls her eyes(!) and mutters to the other cashier, "It's ONLY a dollar."
"I know right?" is the reply.

She turns back with my handful of change and I say, "I know it's only a dollar, but I'm short on cash right now."

She gets the deer-in-the-headlights look, but half-sneers, looking down at my wallet (still open so I can stick the change right in the coin pocket right away) and replies, "Why not just use your credit card? THEN you can donate."

"No thanks." I took my change and left. Not epic failure, but still pretty rude. I understand you have to ask everybody and it sucks, I used to do it, but don't try to guilt me into it.

Update to Apartment Woes

I called again today and got more information. First, I was wrong about the amount- it's about $300, not $800 I was thinking. But still, that's a good chunk of money!

The apartment complex was owned by a company called Bethany Group. Apparently, Bethany Group went away and took all the security deposits with them. I guess there's been a big controversy about it, with a number of people who have had their money stolen. So what I have to do is go to the Chandler court and file a complaint and hopefully the courts will get me my money back.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on what happens. Thank you to everyone for all your help! :)

reminded by the charity gas station post...

I'm not sure this counts so much as "service," since I didn't stand to get anything from this woman - not sure where else I'd post this, though.

A little info, I'm transgendered [FtM] and at this point had been on testosterone long enough to be passing as male some of the time, and not others. This is a pretty sensitive time for many trans people, so I didn't have the same reaction that I might, now - which would be to go back and get her name, and organization.

A number of months back I was walking with a friend in NYC when we were approached by one of those people that asks folks on the street to donate to X charity. She addresses us, "Ladies, ladies!" as we walk by, I shake my head no [it's pretty standard to dismiss these people in this manner, from my own experiences and observation. A lot of people don't even give them that 'luxury'.] but she repeats herself again, to which I finally respond, "I'm not a 'lady'." Flatly, not angrily, just a sort of "I indicated 'no' what else do you want?" reaction. To which she yells, "Well you SURE ain't no man!" quite... loudly.

Needless to say, I didn't donate. I wish I'd gotten her name from her tag, but I was pretty shaken up and not a little embarrassed at being singled out in the crowd in that manner so I was more concerned with just walking away.