June 24th, 2009

Ultrasound bad service

I'm having a rough pregnancy and am a touch hormonal and emotional.
I spent 7 hours in labor and delivery tonight monitoring contractions.

They sent an ultrasound tech to measure my cervix (which is done vaginally AUGH). She said when she came in "I'm here to measure your cervix, I'll also take a couple pictures of the baby so I can prove he WAS (emphasis hers) alive when I did it." Excuse me? I'm in the hospital for threatened preterm labor and your going to come insinuate that my baby is going to die?

She also left the door wide open while doing said vaginal ultrasound and the ala cart food chick walked in with my tray. (Why hallo thar, would you like to see my hooha?)

I was just so shocked at how callous she was.
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Car Side to Go?....How bout no.....

So...my boyfriend and I both worked late yesterday so he gallantly offered to pick up take out for dinner. I was craving Applebees' Spinach Artichoke Dip so he called in the order. After he hung up he said "Odd. They didn;t ask for the make/model of my car"...i thought that was strange but know that they sometimes don't run the food out late at night. It was about 9:30 and told him he should probably go inside to pick it up.

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I can have it all!

12 months, 13 months...it's all the same thing, right?

I'm extremely frustrated with the leasing office of my apartment complex right now. We signed on our last lease renewal on 6/1/08, for a one-year term. And we haven't even received the paperwork to renew again. Last year we had to go in and ask about it, but it did eventually show up. I've now called the office twice and the extremely flaky woman who runs it has "taken messages" to show to the property manager. I strongly suspect that the manager never sees them. I am going to visit them in person on Friday, but the property manager is rarely there and whoever runs the office dodges my questions about how I can reach the manager.

Can someone with more renting experience help me understand what's going on here? (I am located in NYS, if that matters.) If I understand correctly, my old lease expired on either May 31st or June 1st of this year. Either way, I already paid for June's rent (this was before I pulled out my paperwork and saw the exact date of signing) and July's rent will be due soon. Legally, what position am I in? As far as I understand, there's no written agreement covering this time. Or have I automatically defaulted to a month-to-month somehow?

I tried to look up regulations for lease renewals, but all I can find is laws regarding rent-controlled properties, which this is not. I have no idea if they are obligated to offer us a renewal or how to handle this in-between time. The only hint I found in their paperwork is a line on the old renewal that states we must give 30 days notice if we don't wish to renew our lease. So would my failure to do so constitute an implicit agreement to stay, even if they haven't offered us a renewal?

Thanks in advance for the venting space/advice. :)

Former Apartment Woes

About a month ago, my husband and I moved from our apartment to our new house. I turned in the keys and they said they would contact me about the security deposit.

Fast forward to today, when I realize that it's been nearly a month and no security deposit back. I call the office, and the woman tells me that a former employee ran off with a bunch of security deposits.

She took my number and said a manager would call me back- it's nearly 5pm and no call. I honestly doubt the manager will call. I have the feeling that they were hoping that I would forget about it. It sounds as if the employee ran off a while ago. Sorry, but I'm not going to just forget about $800.

We'll see what happens. Any advice on what to do if they try to get out of giving me my money back?

*Apartment complex is in Chandler, AZ.

Post Office Suck.

This is my first post, so if I've done anything wrong, please tell me.

Backstory: This happened a few months ago, around the first of March. I live in TN and my fiancee is in WV, training to become a police officer. His tax refund check came to my house, so I mailed it to him to get cashed since we don't have a joint checking account yet. He sent me two postal money orders for myself and our daughter. One was for $1,000, the other was for $800 (because the most you can get for a postal money order is 1k). There are two semi-close post offices where I live. One they've just built, and is rather small. The other is huge, and has been there for years. I went to the smaller one first to see if they had enough money yet to cash my money orders (it was around 11 am). They didn't, so off I go to the huge one.

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Beneficial mortgage: Actually pretty harmful.

A little over a year ago, my dad got a second mortgage through Beneficial. He added the mortgage life insurance (which any smart fella with Stage IV cancer would do..) and happily made his payment each month.

He died last Thanksgiving, leaving me with his earthly belongings. I dutifully go to the Beneficial office the day after the funeral with a copy of his death cert, and am assured that everything is squared away.

The middle of December: I get a bill. I call the office, and am assured everything's taken care of.
January: "Hey, you're past due!" letter. I call, same thing - It's just processing.
February: "WTF! Pay now!" letter. I call, same thing. But wait, the claim was just approved! So everything's -really- done now.
A few weeks later: I get a letter stating everything is closed, and get a check for a portion of the insurance premium, 'cause it was prorated to the day he died.

Today, I get a frantic call from my roommate. We got a letter from some lawyer threatening to foreclose on the house, reposess my cats, and sue us for everything we've got. So I called them up.

First rep says it'll take a week, she'll e-mail her manager to contact the insurance, but that I should call the insurance company anyway just to make sure. So I do.
Second call, the guy asks to speak to my dad (after hearing my story and looking up the account) before telling me that I have the wrong department.
Third call, the insurance rep tells me it's all on Beneficial - They don't have account info - They pay what Beneficial asks for.
Fourth call: Beneficial rep tells me I've got the wrong department, and transfers me to Care. The call drops.
Fifth call: Beneficial rep tells me to wait the week like the first lady says. She transfers me to Care. The call drops.
Sixth call: Dropped after pressing 1 for English.
Seventh call: Dropped again.
Eighth call: Decided to oprima el numero dos for Espanol.

In the end, I spoke to a fabulous rep who was able to find out the problem, based on my crappy Spanglish storytelling. Nobody ever zeroed out the December or January bills. She applies an adjustment, and I'm good to go.

I hope.

I'd recommend you shy away from Beneficial... But they're no longer initiating loans. Go figure.
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I pulled into my local gas station to fill up on gas. As usual, I slid my card. I punched in my pin. And then it tells me....out of order? Well, ok, so I pull around to another pump, slide my card, put in my pin and...transaction declined?

So I go into the store and explain what happened. One fellow ran outside to check out what was going on, and another told me:

"You know, you should probably learn how to pump gas before you start driving a car"

And me, thinking he was kidding, laughed. That is, until I saw how the guy was staring at me, like I didn't have a single thing going on in my head.

But I brushed it off, while the first guy is running around trying to cancel all the pumps. He has me slide my card inside, but it tells him that my card is already active on the pumps.

"Somebody has your card!" the second guy tells me, "someone has it and is using it!"

I told him that it was impossible for someone to have my card when I was: a. holding it and b. their own computer was telling him it was active on THEIR pumps, but he insisted. In exasperation, I told him thank you and walked out, and on my way out heard him yell after me "thanks for wasting our time!"