June 17th, 2009

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Not sure if this is bad service but it really just weirded me the heck out.

I'm a graphic designer and I get paid hourly or by the project, depending on how much its going to end up being. I had just finished a large, back-breaking project that gave me a nice 4 digit sum and went to go deposit my check at the bank.

The teller looks at my check, her eyes go all buggy, she looks back at me (I'm...in my pajamas and kinda shabby looking admittedly....it had been snowing at the time and I live in a small town, who really cares, also I'm 24 but look really young) and goes "WOW.....what do /you/ do?" I tell her I'm a graphic designer. She goes "So are you in school too or do you do this full time?" "I'm in school". "Wow I'm in the wrong job" and then just goes on to talk about how much money I apparently make for someone so young and who's a student to boot.

Now, I live in a small town. People are really really conversational here and I know she didn't mean anything by it and so I just shrugged it off. I told this to my boyfriend who used to work at a bank and he told me it was really unprofessional and that you're never supposed to comment on how much someone is making or how much is in their account.

Now, I'm freelance, so I don't always get paid that much. I've had several skinny months, in fact the last 6 months have been incredibly skinny, that was my last big project. When I deposited that check I received utmost courtesy and a "Yes Miss (Lastname) right away miss (lastname)" but now that I'm essentially not making that kind of money for now, I'm treated like a kid with a piggy bank, which is really irritating.

I think next project I'm just going to deposit it at the ATM so I don't have to be asked any questions. I like the bank otherwise, but I feel weird about being asked about my income :/
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Softbank...Verizon....US Government Frugality *deep sigh*

This is very very long because it's almost 3 years worth of frustration and then another 4 months of horribleness. Please be patient! D:

Now most of you probably don't know much about what goes on in the US military community. So I'll have to preface my complaint with some history. I hope it makes sense. (Because it's hard to explain unless you're living in it.)

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Fun with snotty receptionist, misunderstanding of the word "fraud", scare tactics.

Hello, I'm new. Please do not judge me for posting with my *cough* Sims journal.

On to the fun:

I made an appointment on Monday to see the optometrist who I've been going to since I was seven. I'll be twenty-six this year, and I've never had an eye exam from anyone else. I have some odd issues with my eyes, so I've thought that it was a good idea to stick with the person who has been monitoring me all these years. I went through a long period from 2005 to last summer where I had no health coverage, and happily paid for an exam and new glasses in '07. When I discovered that my (very cheap) eye insurance did not cover this particular office, I never considered going elsewhere - I saved up about eight hundred dollars and made the appointment. I was told that the appointment would be 200.00 plus another 158.00 for a certain test that I need. (Eye dilation to check various marks and oddities behind my eyes.)

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Dear Photo processing manager..

Dear  Assistant Manager of  Iris, a local photography store that processes film in store....  This particular location has an open area processor, and a small waiting area to the side, which is the only reason I hard this little gem.

Perhaps you do not care, but I consider it bad service, and complete and utter dishonesty, when your processor ruins 3 rolls of my black+white film, by simply not paying attention to his job.   If it had been a mistake I would've understood, but texting and talking on a cell while processing film is not smart.   The  dishonesty?  That part came when  I heard your employee talking to another about it, and the second employee telling the first to just. "toss it, and tell em you lost the film".  

I especially did not appreciate your telling me that my film did not matter, and that I should be able to just take em again.   

Thanks a fucking lot.  Now I have to tell my client that her film is ruined, and now I get to do the reshoot on my dime.

For the record, I do use digital, but this particular client requested old school.  I need my old studio/processor  back...sighs 
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