June 16th, 2009



So, this was a little while ago but I thought I'd share. Nothing super-duper terrible, but more a few  little things that in the end made me annoyed. Maybe it's more wtf!service.

Anyway, I arranged a going away dinner get together for a friend who was heading off to Africa for a school trip. We decided to try out a local Chili's restaurant for the meal. The lucky girl and I were the first to arrive, and we were seated after a short wait at a booth that would be big enough for the rest of the group. We made it clear to the server that we were waiting for others to trickle in and might be a while in ordering. She assured us it was no problem.

We get to talking and the server stops by every so often to see if we'd like anything. At first we hold off, expecting the rest of our party to show up soon, but eventually we find out that there's been a delay and they'll be late. So my friend and I order an appetizer, get refills, and life is good. Once we get the food, the server reappears once to make sure it's tasting okay and then disappears. We finish our food and decide we want to get some dessert - some cake that sounds amazing - once our friends show up, which they do. We also know we're taking up a booth for a long time (maybe two hours by this point), but we've got plenty of time before they close, the restaurant isn't full, and we intend to leave a good tip to make up for it. Or we would have...

Friends show up, no one comes to our table. No one comes to take away the appetizer plate, refill our drinks, get water for the 4 extra people that have suddenly shown up, nothing. We try several times to flag another server (since we haven't seen ours), but they ignore all hand waving, "excuse me"s and the like. My friend and I make everyone wait for another 20 minutes, hoping to get our cake but eventually give up. We can't even get our bill, so I pull out my trusty cell phone calculator and add up our appetizer, drinks, tax and after some discussion, standard tip. We leave our money and get up to go.

Just as we're leaving, our server finally reappears, shouting "EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME!" loud enough for everyone at the front to hear and turn to look. I stop and look at her expectantly, and she demands that we pay for our food. I calmly explain that there's money on the table, and leave.

It's really this last part that gets me, I think. Showing up just to be rude about us paying when you haven't even looked to see if we left money or not? I can understand her knowing we didn't have a check, but that's not really our fault when she hadn't been by our table in the last hour and a half.

Tl;dr - Service starts out great and eventually dwindles into nothing, ending with a loud demand that we pay when we've left money on the table. No cake is had )=
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The Teal Deers are running RAMPANT in this entry- Time Warner Promised $99 a month bill for a year, but I was paying $119 a month for 10 months before realizing it (yes this was stupid, I get it). I realize it, ask them to refund it. They agree, then try to sign me up for a new contract instead of crediting my account as promised.
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I'm moving next month and have budgeted for movers because, frankly I'm sick of moving and I need help getting up the stairs with all my sh-stuff in tow.

So I requested quotes from several local companies and left contact information. They also ask you what's your preferred method of contact and time to contact. I put Email/Afternoons so that I don't have too much conflict with this at work.

To the person who called at 6am yesterday morning: That's right. I ignored your call all three times, and when you finally left a message, I deleted it because that was far too annoying to be dealt with that early in the am (they were also wayyy over priced).

To the person who called at 10pm: Thanks for calling from a blocked number, asking I call you back, and not leaving a call back number. Ur new, rite?

Then there was this email...so much wrong with this but it's entertaining on a Tuesday afternoon. (Copy pasted from my hotmail inbox)

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Also, if you're calling someone to give them a quote, please please please for the love of Pete, his brother Bob and their cousin Joe, call them by the name they put on the request. My name is not Paul, Jordan, Eric or Steve. It is actually Cate. KTHX.


So It's my bf's birthday and I wanted to take him to a HOOKAH bar to top off the night (we went out for dinner and other mild stuff during the day) and found this once Hookah bar that was really well reviewed online. If you live in new york like I do, you already know that the East Village is littered with Hookah bars. I wanted to find the right one. So I find this one called Sultana which is supposed to have like the best red velvet cake, nice decor, and great service.

So we get there, and go in, now my name is not fly maintenance for no reason, I was well dressed and so was he (my boo is fly, lol) and we carried ourselves really well (not like some vagabonds from off the street [and if ur from ny you know the East Village are littered with those too haha]) so the fact that no one came to greet us at the door was kinda weird. So we're standing there awakwardly for a few mins before this little bald jerk comes over and looks at us like wth are you doing here black people?? And I'm like uh yeaa... he basically was just staring at us sooo long I didn't know if he was the host or not. And he was. And he basically jsut pointed us to a seat wordlessly and told us if anyone else came we'd have to leave. I said even if we finish paying and are smoking, and he basically said yes. I was ready to get really loud and argue my ass off, but my boyfriend pulled me out of there. After which he slammed the door on his back. What the hellll man??? Anyway we ended up going to another one 2 blox down and they were totally nice and cool and the owner was really sweet so it ended ok. But still....in 2009... and in a HOOKAH bar nonetheless to be treat in such a way... sucks a$$! grr

First post!!! BTW...Hope Idid it right lol c.ya

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Annoying - ideas on how to fix?

There's a new Golden Corral (buffet restaurant) in my area. My aunt and uncle like to go there with me a couple times a month. If you haven't been to one, you get your drinks up front, pay for your meal, grab a table and start (over)eating. The "get your drinks" keeps getting screwed up. You see, they serve both sweet tea and regular ice tea. If I'm there by myself, I order ice tea and that's what I get. If I'm there with my uncle, he orders sweet tea, and I _cannot_ get unsweetened. I _order_ it, but the waitperson pours two sweet teas instead.

So I've finally gotten unsweetened tea, we're eating, and someone comes around to see if we need drink refills. Usually I do. Then we go through another round or two of "no, this is sweet tea, I ordered unsweetened tea" for each and every refill.

I like eating there, it's convenient -- but I'm getting really frustrated with trying to get my ice tea. It's not that I'm diabetic or have some health issue; believe me, if that were the case, I would have had a chat with management long ago. I just can't stand the taste of sweet tea.

Any ideas on how to get it through their heads that if a customer asks for a drink, they might want to serve the correct one?