June 14th, 2009

Psychologist troubles

Reading through this community unearthed one of my worst service encounters in my memory. I still can barely believe it happened. The second encounter was not nearly as bad, but was still a bit 'unprofessional' (maybe to some) and embarrassing at the time.

1) My first encounter was from when I was seeing a psychologist for the first time about my medication which I take for severe anxiety. He was asking basic questions about my anxiety and life, and my mother was in the room with me. On one of the questions-- I can't for the life of me remember what it was about-- my mother and I began to answer at the same time, and she was way off on it. I smiled and 'shh'-ed her playfully.

I realize to others it may be disrespectful, but my mother and I have a very playful and no-hard-feelings relationship when it's a good day. It's common for us to act in such a way to each other. I suppose it may have come off as rude and disrespectful to my psychologist, who was not from my country and may have had a stricter upbringing than I have.

He began yelling at me, and though I was far too horrified to remember the extent of what he said, he was basically lecturing me by calling me disrespectful, and how I should never, ever speak to my mother in such away. I tried defending myself by saying that I wasn't disrespectful, and I glanced to my mother for support, but she just kind of sat there, looking at me. She said later that she didn't really know what to do; I think she was enjoying playing the 'poor mother' routine, but for those who don't know her, you wouldn't understand. Perhaps your mothers are the same? Either way, her silence just broke the dam. I started to cry right there in front of him, despite my will not to, and he said something along the lines of, "You're crying because you /know/ you're disrespectful to her! I would never be disrespectful to my mother," before writing my prescription and sending me out. I couldn't even respond because I was scared of sobbing in front of him.

The building is only one floor and very small, and the doors have the sound machines but he was yelling so loudly I had no doubt that others heard. It was humiliating. Needless to say, I refused to EVER go back to him again. Later we learned he's used to dealing with alcoholics/druggies, but that didn't really change how mortified I was.

2) My second psychologist was far nicer than my first, let me just say that right now. But when I went in for my first session, he had a little misunderstanding about who I was. I walked into the back hall and waited for him to lead me to his office while he looked over some papers. After a while he lifted his head and-- as this wasn't nearly as mortifying or pushed out of my memory, I can remember the gist of what was said-- said, "What are you waiting for? You know where my office is!" This wasn't said in a mean way at all, more playful than anything.

Now, I was very timid at that age, so I didn't say anything. I just turned and looked around and slowly began walking down the hall, desperately waiting for him to come along so he could lead me. Eventually he did and it was only after we sat down in his office and he looked over his papers more thoroughly that he said, "Oh. You're not who I thought you were. Why didn't you say anything?!" We laughed over it, and it was only a minor bump in the road, but I suppose it's a sort of WTF moment.

And, off topic, if I did anything wrong in my post or settings, please let me know. I'm glad to become part of this community (not so glad that there are people to drive one to become part of this community, however).
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Hi, I'm new...but when I saw this community on spotlight I knew I had to join.

Anyways. This happened awhile back. A group of four of us went out to TGI-Friday's for dinner at about 7:00. First, we were almost completely ignored by the hostess...but, whatever...it happens. So we sit down for our meal and start trying to decide what we want.

Our waitress comes up, no smile or anything...doesn't greet us at all...and says "do you need a minute?" We all say yes since we just sat down...so she leaves. We all decide on what we want and then chat amongst ourselves. 10 minutes pass...20 minutes pass...finally she comes back (please note, they weren't busy at all), with no apology for the delay), and we order our meals as well as an appetizer.

30 minutes pass and we still haven't gotten our even our appetizer. So my fiance (who is a server at another restaurant) decides to go and ask about it at the server station that's pretty close to our table. He explains the situation politely and asks if they know how much longer it will be. They seem appalled and say they'll have it right out. We then hear them screaming the waitress's name and asking about why our table hasn't received the appetizer. Shortly thereafter, she comes out with the appetizer...no apology, nothing...and walks off quickly before we can say anything to her.

Since we've been there for almost an hour now, our drinks are completely empty, which she ignored as she dropped off the appetizer. We start on the appetizer and it's cold...but we decide not to push the issue (mostly because my fiance was like 'i know how it is...i know how it is...lets just cut her some slack').

Finally, our food arrives and we have the chance to ask for refills on the drinks that have been empty for an hour. The food was awful. My burger was cold, as were the fries. My friend's soup was warm, but had a skin on the top like it had been sitting for quite awhile. So, at this point...we're all pretty fed up and ask another waiter (because our waitress had not returned for awhile) if we could speak with the manager.

The manager comes over...and we explain the situation...trying to be nice, but feeling like we've really just been gipped. He cuts me off in the middle of speaking and says "well, you know we're really busy and I'm sure she's doing the best she can...but I'll comp. part of your meal." Okay? You're going to make part of our meal complimentary, but defend your waitress and basically act like we're making it up or just making a big deal out of nothing.

So we wait and wait for the check, when FINALLY the waitress comes by and says (while walking away) that our check has been taken care of and we can leave. This is seriously after waiting for 30 minutes. We were under the impression that we were still going to have to pay for part of the meal...but apparently not. And apparently, they were "too busy" to let us know about that.

My fiance, who is wayyyy too nice, decides to go up to the manager and apologize if the manager felt that we were being unfair towards the waitress. My fiance explained that he is a server and he understands that things get hectic in a restaurant. But, all the manger had to say to my fiance was that if he's a server then he should "get it" and know not to complain. ????

This was one of the worst restaurant experiences of my life...I refuse to go back.
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Ebay seller is made of fail

So I buy a DVD set on Ebay. The description of the set says it's coming from Colorado. I live in Montana, so honestly it's not that far, shipping-wise. The description says "ships in 7-10 days", so I assume, naturally, that it will ship in 7 to 10 days.

So, I wait for 10 days, and the package doesn't show up. I wait for 3 weeks, the package doesn't show up. I wait for two months, and the package still hasn't shown up. I email the seller asking what's going on, and the seller sends me a rude reply which basically says in a nutshell "I didn't get around to sending it, and how dare you assume I did!?!" No apology, no REASON. Just bitchiness.

I don't know why I would assume they sent it. Maybe because they have my MONEY and are supposed to be responsible for sending me the merchandise I PAID THEM FOR? Maybe because 7-10 days does not equal 2 months? It would make sense to me if I'd been rude to them, but I basically just said "Hey, I didn't get those DVD's yet. Was there a problem?", but in more words.

I finally did get the DVDs 2 weeks later, but I also got negative buyer feedback from the seller with the reason: "this buyer does not read the product description! Beware of this buyer!" I did read the description, and it said nothing about "It might take me 2 months to get around to sending the package". It gave payment directions and a synopsis of the anime series the DVDs were for.

If I had gotten a reason for the delay or if it had been a delay in shipping rather than a delay in the seller sending it out, it probably wouldn't have bothered me. I also would have appreciated if they hadn't basically accused me of being a bad buyer because they failed to send the package on time and I wanted answers about it. Some people just baffle me.

In contrast, I ordered the Ouran High School Host Club DVDs from a seller in MALAYSIA last Monday and got them this Friday. Wow. <3
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no toast for you!

a couple years back the local diner near my parents place in philadelphia had just changed hands, and we decided to visit it for breakfast one day to if anything had changed...and it had.

the part that relates to this community was my order of wheat toast that i ordered to go with my egg white omelet. you know, the toast that comes complimentary with any omelet, including the way the menu read at this diner. and...it never came...after asking for it FOUR times. during request two or three the server told us that the toaster was really "busy" and he had to wait a moment. but then...nothing. finally, the meal was over. without clearing the table, the server brought the check. "why didn't you bring the toast i requested multiple times?," i said. "did the toaster break?" "well, no it didn't," he answered, "i saw you were finished with your eggs and so i thought you wouldn't want it anymore."

this was sad, because, generally, when a customer orders something repeatedly in a restaurant, it does, in fact, mean they want it. it is not a mind trick. the manager was running the cash register, and when we told him what had happened he offered us rice pudding to take home.

still, for this and general quality of food, we've never gone back....and my family had been going there for 20 years before it changed owners.


This happened to my family a few year ago, and now it's just an amusing story. At the time it was definitely a "what the hell?" type situation.

Every June my family goes to Wisconsin. We typically stop in Tomah, WI as it's about half way to our destination for lunch. We usually do McDs or Culvers, but as we'd gotten an early start we went to Perkins instead.

The first thing that made us raise our eyebrows: Waitress mentions she's the head waitress...and she's only been working there for a week.

The 2nd: Our waitress quits and walks out.

The 3rd: Our NEXT waitress mentions the reason the waitress quit was because the manager screamed/cussed at her. Which explains why the couple a few tables away were commenting about someone shouting in the kitchen.

The 4th: We have to wait almost 2 hours for our food.

In hindsight we should have just left, but at that point the whole thing was just so weird, and we got to joking and laughing with folks around us in the same boat we wanted to see it through to the end. Needless to say we have never gone back to that Perkins.

Needless to say we haven't been back.

The b!tch at KFC

Last night a friend and I were at KFC to pick up some food for a fatty sleepover dinner. While we were deciding what to get, an old man comes in and slowly walks (the way elderly people do) to the counter and this is what happens...

Elderly man: Can I please use the bathroom? (most people don't ask, but he obviously didn't know where it was)
Cashier: What?
Elderly man: Can I please use the bathroom?
Cashier: *rolls eyes* No! You have to be a customer to use it.
Elderly man: Oh okay. I'll have some small chips.
Cashier: Okay that's $0.00 (how ever much the chips were. Can't remember)
Elderly man: May I please use the bathroom now?
Cashier: What?!
Elderly man: Can I use the bathroom now?
Cashier: Well you could have just said "Can I use the bathroom now?" in a clear voice! Y' know I can't hear you when you talk like that!
My friend: The bathroom is over there *points the man in the direction of the bathroom*
Elderly man: Thank you!

The girl was a f*cking bitch! He was an elderly man, so it's not like he was purposely trying to talk quiet! We could hear what he was saying at least! We felt so bad for the man, especially because it seemed as though he was really busting to go to the toilet.


I cannot believe this~

So, I went to my new doctor, after my old doctor unexpectedly quit the clinic I went to, and they let me sit for 3 hours before telling me. Anyway, after covering the basics, and telling her my issues (insomnia, high blood pressure, stress related headaches) I got scripts and left.
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TL,DR- when I asked my MD for birth control pills, instead of believing what I wanted them for, accused me of betraying my religion. WTF indeed.

"Youre gonna hate your job"Now

Now, this wasnt so much a bad service as much as a "WTF?" moment.

So, i recently got hired at the new target they are building in my town (i will be starting tomorrow). I've been having trouble finding red polos ANYWHERE (i literally searched the ENTIRE mall and didnt find any). So, i decided to go to another target store. I find the shirt i need, and go to pay for it.

The girl behind the counter rings out the few other purchases i had made, and then lifts the shirt, smirks, rings it through and says "you just get a job at target?

me: yea
cashier: *nods* where at?
me: the new one in [town its being built in].
cashier: *nods* as what?
me: a cashier (i was smiling, being pleasant and excited at the prospect of a new job)
cashier: *smirks* you're gonna hate your job.


me: *laughs unsure* what??
cashier: you're gonna hate your job. it sucks
me: weeell....i just got out of dunkin donuts so, i doubt i could hate ANY job more than that.
cashier: no...your gonna hate your job.

She then proceeds to tell me all the things wrong with the job, and why i'm going to hate it. Which really just sound like complaints she making because she doesnt like working, and doesnt do things the way she should and gets into trouble for them. So i just laugh nervously, swipe my debit card and walk out.

Mind you, I didnt listen to a word she said, but it was definately a WTF moment. You shouldnt be telling someone how much your job sucks and how much they will hate going into it, WHILE ON THE JOB!

Gateway customer service is EVIL!

Gateway is full of evil. I just thought I would start off my rant with that. Here's what happened:

I bought a Gateway computer about a week ago. However, I had to re-install Vista on my laptop because the Geek Squad man who installed it failed. As I was going through the box of stuff they gave me, I noticed there was no disk in it with a copy of the operating system. I figured this was no problem because my warranty wasn't up and I still had my receipts and all that good stuff. So, I called Gateway customer service and told them about my situation. Some horrible girl started cackling at me and told me that I wasn't allowed to have a new disk because it wasn't covered in my warranty. The fuck is that?! It wasn't covered because some person forgot to put it in my box of stuff. I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor, but he said the same thing. It wasn't like I was asking for a new computer. I just wanted a copy of Vista and its drivers. Seriously...FML. I took my laptop back to Best Buy and told them to refund my money, which they did. I'm not exactly sure they were supposed to, but  whatever. I bought a Macbook instead. I love it. What now Gateway?!