June 12th, 2009

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This incident happened a few years ago to my dad when he decided to upgrade to a big fancy tricked out truck with all the bells and whistles. (extended cab, full bed, seat warmers, running boards ect.) After going through the usual car dealer nonsense and settling on the price and everything, the dealer informed my father that it would take a few days for the truck to be fitted with some of the extras that my father wanted. And that's when the BS starts...

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Hi I'm new here.

Got a couple doozies to share, one that happened to my mom and then to me.

Granted, my mother can be sensitive but after the eleventy-seven-hundreth time, yes..this was getting old. At a particular grocery store we usually frequent, whenever and wherever this cashier would see my mom she would say obnoxiously loud, "OHHH YOU'RE BACK -AGAIN- ??????" or "BOY YOU COME IN HERE A LOOOT!!!" It got to the point she started hating going in there because she dreaded the announcement of her arrival. Kinda made her paranoid too, she asked me if we really did shop there too often. Finally, the final time that girl said that I replied with an unhappy look in her direction, "And it is no one's business either, where or how often she shops." I think she got it. She didn't seem to last long as an employee there.. it wasn't long after that she either quit or was let go.

Next up, the million plate waiter:
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web hosting fail

I will start off by saying I am not a web designer by any shape of the imagination. I am a lady with a website to help promote my little dachshund rescue. Someone gave me a copy of Microsoft FrontPage years ago and I managed to figure out how to muddle a series of pages out of it. I know Microsoft has discontinued the program because it really wasn't very good but it is what I have. I have looked a new programs and the ones that are really good and easy for a novice to use are expensive...like many vet visits or a months worth of dog food expensive (I feed very expensive food). So I continue to use it since my hosting service still claimed to support it.

Now to this weeks adventure. Monday I update my site. Have new dogs in and some adopted so it needs changing. Go to upload to the website...sorry your frontpage extensions (what it needs to upload from the program) are not installed...huh. Ok so I go the website and reinstall them. (It lets me reinstall them - repeatedly - and says they work - this is important later). Still no go. No go on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday. In the past it has taken a day or so to reset properly if for some reason this setting got shut off. I am reinstalling the settings numerous times each day hoping it will take. So today I finally have time to go to live support. "hey folks why wont this work right?" their answer...they got hacked a ways back (not thru my site but via holes in frontpage security stuff) and moved my site to a server that did not support frontpage. Did they bother to tell me...NO! Did they turn off the setting so when I went to the website I would know something was wrong....NO! Would the control panel used to access my account set up not have removed the button that says "use frontpage extensions" or have it disabled...NO! Would it maybe not say "extensions successfully installed" if they were no longer supported them...NO! And when I called them on it I got a "lecture" on why frontpage was bad and Microsoft was evil and I should know better than to use an outdated program...etc etc. When I told them I couldn't just drop and change software they said well they could move me to another crappy old ready to die unsecured server in a few days... a few days not even today. But I would have to find a new program because when that server died I would be out of luck.

UM guys in a few days I will be loaded on a secure web server with a different hosting company that has told me I can continue to use and be supported using FrontPage until I can change to a better program. We talked about it on the phone this morning when they called to welcome me to their company. They wanted to make sure that any questions I might have were answered before I had a problem. Its their belief that customer service matters. Oh and to boot they are about 50% cheaper per year than my old hosting company.

Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ FAIL.

I love amusement parks. I love love love roller coasters. I also love my bf to death and we decided to spend our two year anniversary at the Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. We drove over 4 hours to get there when gates opened, on no sleep, and the majority of our day went well. We got the passes that allowed you to schedule a reservation in line basically.

This option was GREAT to get on Kingda Ka . It was our last ride of the day ( i really needed to work my way up to it. I mean i LOVE roller coasters, but going from 0-128 MPH in less than 3 secs terrified the crap out of me, not to mention the mind numbing 45 story vertical drop.....)and for as scared and worked up as i got myself it was a great bonding experience with the love of my life. We both screamed like we've never screamed before and as soon as we got back in the station we decided to get one of those photos you can purchase at the end of the ride. Kingda Ka is cool in that i believe it take 3 photos of you, 1 after take off, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

We get in the "line" that had collected around the kiosk and tried to locate our photos. We couldnt , but stayed in the line as it moved forward, finally when i reached the window the lady looks at me and tells me i need to go to the back of the line! What?! No, i was in line behind this person . To which she proceeds to tell me that i was not and i cut all these people in line ( complete lie... btw). Not only did this lady tell me to move in line, but every other person i went to said the same thing. At this point ( about 1/2 an hour after our ride) I'm bawling my eyes out in a mass of people. People are pushing me all over the place and calling me a liar and all i wanted were my pictures to remember my 2nd anniversary. By the time i was FINALLY able to get someone to help me ( after they helped NUMEROUS people who rode LONG after us) they couldnt find our photos.Needless to say i was devastated,I was ready to drop some bucks but the chicks at the kiosk were too busy flirting/ being bitchy to help me out.

My bf took me home after that. It was a horrible way to end our anniversary.I've never been to an amusement park where customer service was THAT bad as well. Telling your customers that they are lying and making them step out of line so you can flirt with the hot dude behind them is not cool. They had the opportunity to make that day one of the happiest days of my life, and instead i'm stuck with the memory of shitty service given by extremely rude people....

( And just to say this before people get snarky i wanted these pictures because they'd be a reminder of a beautiful day with my love, and riding Kingda Ka. The roller coaster is seriously a life changing ride. It was the most terrifying experience i've ever had, but it was really one of the most liberating thing i could have done by over coming my fear or heights and and vertical drops.... if you ever go to Six flags in NJ you should really try riding it....)
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tech support

I own an imac g5, its pretty cool, I like it.

However, I also own an ipod touch, I reformatted my windows machine a few days ago and I had a bunch of stuff I was working on, the trouble of backing my stuff up was a thing of the past when I realized I had an ipod touch with a hefty ammount of space, "I could just back up my stuff to that!" I said with much enthusiasm. I looked on the internet and saw I needed to enable disk usage mode in itunes, having trouble trying to do this is what led me to call apple support.

I'm on the phone for like 30 minutes waiting for a represenitive, I finally get on and talk with him, for some reason he thinks my name is derrick, I'll run with it because I just want to get the stuff backed up.

Finally we get to talking and  he tells me "well the ipod touch and iphone dont have this feature" which is fucking lame in itself because you would think the brand new ipods and stuff with all the features, they would at least have this.

I'm pretty bummed out about it on the phone, finally he asks me "do you have windows or mac?"

since my mac is being fixed I say "Windows"

"well you should have gotten a mac"

I flip shit

"Well you see I actually do have a mac but the harddrive on it is busted, so I sent it to you guys, I would have replaced the harddrive myself but it's a tour de force of bullshit so I figured it would be easier if you guys did it for me"

"why didnt you take it to an apple store?"

"because I dont feel like driving an hour to GO to the nearest apple store, then having to drive another hour back, and when its eventually fixed, driving two more hours to pick it up".

honestly, is it that big of a deal that I use windows? its an ipod, he could have just told me that they aren't able to do that and just had that be the end of the conversation, but I get the feeling that he wanted to be the smarmy jackass and throw in that extra "WELL IF YOU GOT A MAC I BET I COULD HELP YOU MORE CAUSE YOU SEE MACS ARE AMAZING"

I dont care about that, I just wanted my 300 dollar piece of hardware to do the same thing that a 50 dollar piece would.
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Dentist and Wisdom Teeth

Hello everyone! I just barely came across this community and just had to share my own experience with bad service. It was so horrific to me that to this day my mind still tries to block the whole experience out. For most of my life, I've always had bad luck with dentists and getting all of my wisdom teeth out was no exception. I had to get all four of them removed. I went in and laid down in the chair, expecting to be out like a light once they gave me the sedatives or whatever drug it was they planned on using. Everyone I talked to beforehand about getting their wisdom teeth out told me that all they remembered was laying down and then waking up later with their teeth out, so I was expecting the something along the same line to happen.

The dentist injected the drug and it felt like fire was traveling up my veins, so I pointed that out to him, just in case that wasn't normal. There was a pause, and then the dentist asked how I felt. The burning had gone away, so I said I was fine, and the dentist and his assistant continued on with the procedure. As they got to work, I lay their thinking, 'Any minute now I'll be falling asleep. Or getting drowzy, or incoherent or whatever it is that's supposed to happen. Any minute now. Any minute now.'

But nothing happened. My mouth was held open by some sort of device and they started tearing my teeth out. The drugs only made my mind fuzzy enough were I didn't have enough sense to tell them to stop, that they were hurting me. I could feel every little thing they did to me and I was crying hysterically the whole time. Instead of stopping what they were doing because I was crying, they just kept telling me: Stop crying. You're just having a negative reaction to the drugs. Stop crying, you're going to upset the other patients.
Once they finished ripping out my teeth, (because 'removing' is too nice of a word for what they did), they brought me into another room, sat me down on a bed that looked like something you'd see in a high school nurse's office, and after telling me a couple more times to stop crying, they went to go get my mom who was sitting in the waiting room. Mom came in and at first tried to help me out of the office (because usually after this procedure, you're too drugged up to walk straight), but I just pushed past her and raced out of the office and to the car out in the parking lot. On the ride home, because my mouth was too stuffed up with gauze to talk, I wrote down on a notepad just how horrible my experience was and ranted about how everyone lied and that you could feel it and that it did hurt.
Later on, my mom called the dentist up, but they refused to admit that they did anything wrong. They were probably worried that we were going to sue them. At the time, all I wanted was a apology, but looking back on it now, I probably should have sued them.

computer station woes

Dear A & S,
When hubby took our computers to you, you didn't have anything, or anyone to do anything for. We were your first customers for the day, so, since you BUILT hubby's computer in the first darn place, you could have gotten right on it, found out which game we had both installed had messed his up, and thrown my elderly computer into the reboot loop.

These are casino games...I had installed them, to check and see if one could be installed, since he had taken his up there to, well, clear his up, and reinstall the games. They claimed this one game could not be installed...huh, I had no problem.

Ok, so they tell him, call back at four, your computer should be done, and we should have looked at the other tower. He calls, 'oh...well, we just had some other computers dropped off, so we are checking them'

This is not the first time this has happened. Now, I can understand if the FBI brings over computers and tells you 'get the memory off these, so we can get a printout of what they have' Six towers, all with FBI stickers on them. Yeah, ok, no problem. I also understand that it could take some time to get memory stuff for an elderly computer.

This time...ever heard the phrase first in first out? Just because hubby and I have used your services since you opened your tiny, stinky, smelly filthy shop (and you were going to vacuum when?)(oh yes, and stop smoking when you're peering into the guts of my computer, kthanx)

Yeah, if my computer isn't done by monday night...think I'll just take it and go to the other place that charges a few bucks more, but has more people to take care of things.

Worst Restaurant service in the world??

I don't remember the name or location of this restaurant but I will NEVER forget the experience. My husband and I were in London, England and having just arrived we were starving. It was supper time and the only place near our hotel was a little pizzeria. So the choice was easy, and in we went.

I suppose we should have taken a hint when a large group of asian tourists were fuming off and one was in a shouting match with one of the staff. Something about smoking but we figured we're non-smokers anyways so it didn't concern us.

Just so you know, we are both quiet, shy, passive people. Im sure things would have gone very differently if we were more assertive..

Anyways, the group left and were standing there waiting at the 'wait to be seated sign' and the waitress turns around and sits at a table and pulls out her book.. completly ignoring us.
Giving her the benefit of a doubt (maybe she was stressed about the argument and didn't notice us), we waited a minute, Discussed how hungry we were, coughed...etc. Eventually She gave us the must disgusted look and then kept reading her book. Finally, my husband asked if we should seat ourselves. She let out a huge sigh/grunt and grudgingly pointed at a table and said "just sit there" without getting up.

So we go and sit there, and wait a couple minutes. The waitress still hasn't moved. I ask this time if she is the only waitress on duty (Maybe she was just on break?). She gave me a nasty look and finally got up. She comes over and said "What do you want?". We still hadn't gotten menus, so I asked if we could see them to decide. She stomps away and then litterally throws them down on the table saying "Here! What do you want?". We ask if we can look through them for a minute and then let here know. She responds with "Fine, whatever." and goes to the back kitchen area.

So we look through the menus, choose something out and wait..and wait..and wait. Half an hour passes and she still hasn't come back. At this point were FINALLY thinking about going and catching a tube to some other area and finding a different restaurant when she comes back.
"do you know what you want yet?" We order and she leaves.
Another 20 minutes and she comes back with the food. Not exactly what we ordered but we don't think it would be worth adding more to the situation. As she's leaving we ask for some water too. SHe ignores us and walks back to the kitchen.

She comes back abouit 3 minutes later (We hadn't even finished half our meals) and says. "You need to pay now". We ask if we can finish our food first and she says that no, we need to pay right away. My husband gets up and goes to pay as I keep eating.

When he comes back to sit down, she runs over and grabs our plates. We were obviously still eating it, I was poking another piece with my fork! And she takes them away. I told her we were still eating and she ignored us. She just pushed on through to the back and closed the door.

She actually added on her own tip to the bill..We didn't notice this until after.

It was BY FAR the worst experience Ive ever had with any service. Brutal!
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Bah to Cell Phone companies


I really am beginning to detest you. We are loyal to you, and you do nothing but treat us like the imbeciles you obviously think we are.
Loyalty to the very end, we would never think of switching cell phone companies, and you were my first and only cell phone company! What happened to calling in and expressing concern or a problem and it being handled professionally and as quickly as possible? Now we have to deal with 8,000 dollars in charges that are certainly not my fault. You would think that changing your number would let you know that no, no one was going to in fact use that number again in the family. To not have one call, or outgoing texts on that number for more than three years, would you not think that in fact no.. we are not using that number? Instead you send premium texts that charge us an steep fee for each one we did not get and not let us know that something was wrong? I understand that your CEO died unexpectedly, but that does not mean you can ignore the injustice in not refunding anything. I cannot believe this! I still can't. Does it not concern you that the number of people abandoning your company due to their issues? I don't think you get it, that customer service is just a little bit more important than having the latest in cell phones, and being the cold company you are. I do know that one more issues, and I mean it, One more issue and I will walk away. Telus is just as good, has the same phones, and frankly their commercials are cuter than yours. Think of the meercats Rogers! I will hate it, but I will do it, and I will not look back.

An extremely disappointed customer.

Edit: Due to the confusion.. I changed my number through the proper chanels. I called in to suspend the number until I went to an actual store and changed the number. They switched it to it's own account but billed it to my mom. Rogers says that it doesn't make sense which is why it can't do anything unless we go higher up the chain.

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I haven't posted anything here in a while because I haven't really had anything bad enough that I thought about it for longer than 10 minutes. But this has pissed me off beyond belief.

Fun with T-mobile

Background : I am on a family cell phone plan with my mom, step dad, brother, and sister. Our contract is expiring, and all except 2 out of the 5 lines are done with as of this month due to people getting new phones and automatically extending the contracts for their line. Well the main reason my mom is leaving t-mobile is she doesn't get good service where she lives. Me and my brother do fine, so we decided that we would just take over the still active lines until they expire as well.

To do so, t-mobile had to convert my phone number to my moms line (since my line was already was one of the ones expiring). Basically they needed to assign my sim card and phone number to her line. My mom called me Wednesday and let me know that while they did this I wouldn't be able to use my phone for 24 hours. I wasn't too happy about it, but I figured I would deal.

Well they messed it up. Instead of just transferring my line to my moms...they canceled my service and changed her phone number to my number. Long story short, only way I can use my phone now is with my moms old sims card.

Now this wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't live in Michigan and my mom didn't live in friggin Arizona. She ended up having to overnight her sims card to me via ups, which cost her $30. But that was pretty much pointless because UPS won't deliver packages to my house unless someone is there to sign because I live in the city. And I wasn't able to be there because I leave for work at 8:30am and don't get home till 6:30pm. They left a slip for me to sign so they can just leave it when they re-deliver, but that won't be till Monday. So I'm looking at possibly going until Monday without a phone all because T-mobile screwed up in the first place. I live by myself, I don't have a land line. So no one can get in touch with me. I'm so mad I could spit. I want to call T-mobile and give them an earful but I can't because I don't have a phone!! UGH!!!
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The God Forsaken Friendly’s

My family (my mother and my three older sisters) and I used to frequent Friendly’s quite often when I was younger, maybe about six years ago. It seems like every time we went there, something went wrong and I honestly wonder why we kept on going there.
Now, all of the problems we faced were at numerous different Friendly’s in different towns with different workers but there was still almost always something wrong. Since I remember numerous stories, I’ll just go over a few:

The one that sticks out in my mind the most was when I went to a Friendly’s in my town (which has since closed due to quite a few hepatitis outbreaks there over the years). I was there with my mom and two of my sisters and the way I was sitting, I could see into the kitchen area. I was about 8 at the time, so this was about 8 years ago. I saw the “chef” making a sandwich without any gloves on and then proceeding to touch uncooked chicken without gloves on. Even at 8 years old, I knew this was wrong and I alerted my mom to this. She looked, saw the gloveless woman, shudder and told me that if that was our food, she’ll send it back.

Similarly, my eldest sister was out with friends a few years back, probably when I was around 13 or 14 and she actually saw the food preparer sneeze into her/his hands and then continue to make a salad. The salad was for my sister’s friend and the friend ended up not even touching the salad after my sister warned her.

One of the worst times I remember at Friendly’s was when my mom, my sisters (the two middle ones) and I went out to get ice cream at the one in our town. We got in the place and it was completely insane inside: kids running around and screaming, parents not paying attention and servers just off gabbing in the corner. We waited at the front, waiting to be seated, for about 15 minutes even though we could literally see about five empty tables and the servers obviously ignoring us. A line had formed behind us and as one of the waitresses finally started her way our, this overweight woman shoved my mother out of the way, yelled at me to stop being bratty (WTF? I had been standing there quietly) and waddled over to meet the waitress to be seated. My mom was pissed and took us to another ice cream parlor in town. I’m pretty sure that was the last time we ever went there as a family.

Typing all this now, I remember yet another town: I was at a local mall with my sister and we went to go get ice cream from Friendly’s. Now, I’m allergic to tree nuts so I have to be careful, especially with ice cream sundaes. I ordered something, I forget what, and I remember specifically asking for it without the walnuts and saying that I was allergic. The waiter took our orders, left and returned about 15 minutes later with our ice cream. Surprise, surprise, mine had walnuts on it but they were under the whipped cream and I actually didn’t notice at first. It was only because my sister screamed and knocked my spoon out of my hand that I realized there were walnuts and that I was about to eat a spoonful of them. My sister waved the waiter over and asked for a new sundae for me. He groaned, took the sundae back and brought me a new one. Only this time, it was the wrong kind of sundae. My sister made him take it back, talked to the manager and I got free ice cream and some coupons for a free cone.

Luckily, all of the Friendly’s mentioned in this post have all since closed, mostly due to health code violations.