June 11th, 2009

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Taco Bell and Macy's WTF

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Everyone seems to be up on the fact that it's so wrong that I told the guy off. Here is a reply I finally made to someone:

I told him off and left. I tried working a job as a waiter once. I was really bad at it. A couple customers told me off. I understood why they did that, because I wasn't able to memorise the menu and options on items quickly enough (which yes is part of the job) or keep track of the multiple tables needing food and drink refills at different times, etc. I understood why they were irate, took their replies as justified, and also I took that as an indication that I wasn't a very good waiter. I found another job. That's it.

Seriously, who cares?

Another fat related horror story

I went out to dinner with a friend of mine. I am overweight, she's underweight bordering on skeletal at times. We decided to share a large dish of food rather than order our own food and she proceeded to eat 90% of it. But she's also painfully shy, so couldn't ask the waiter for more food. So I called the waiter over and told her what we would like to order next. Her jaw DROPPED, stared directly at me and said in a disgusted tone of voice, "YOU want MORE food?!?!?!?"

And yes, I did complain, and no, I didn't tip her.

Burger King

I actually still want to cry, thinking about this again. But I think I'll get some sympathy from you guys, let's hope!

I'll preface this with I'm overweight. It's mostly in the stomach and hips area. Since this incident I've started going to the gym to lose weight for my wedding.

It was late one night and I was taking the 2 hour drive to my now fiance's house but I was hungry. I stopped at my local Burger King because that night I was actually craving it. I walk in and place my order with another overweight woman. After I order she kind if whispers "Are you pregnant". I was taken aback so I said "What?" So she asks again and I say "No, I'm just chubby" trying to laugh off the humiliation. If that had been the end of our conversation I would have been happy. She continues with "Are you sure?" Ummm. I'm pretty sure I would know if I were pregnant! Then she hits me with this diddy "It could be a stomach tumor, you should go to the doctor." I assured her I was fine. At this point I don't even want to eat but I'd already paid. So I got my food and held in my tears while I sat down at a booth. When I was done I immediately called my Grandma and cried.

I called Burger King corporate to report her. I didn't want her to get fired, I just wanted her to know that you cannot talk to people that way. It's completely rude and humiliating. I'm pretty sure she didn't get fired but I don't go there much anymore and if I do it's through the drive-thru.

ETA: The other overweight woman was the cashier.

Let's make dental surgery even MORE horrific...

So, this happened about eight or nine years ago, when I was just a wee girl. I had a crown on my back molar, which at the time it had been crowned was still a baby tooth. My dentist noticed that it was not falling out as a normal baby tooth should, and it would require surgery and stitches to get the poor thing out. Now, I had never been a child that was afraid of the dentist, so none of this bothered me. I think I just figured big dental work = big toy out of the toybox! How wrong I was.

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Harvey Norman Customer Service

Love the idea for this community. Finally we all have the chance to rant properly about the terrible customer service experiences we've had!

Store: Harvey Norman

Sells: Electrical, Computerware, Software etc

My Complaint: Returning a graphics tablet that would not work at all

So after about two hours of kicking and screaming and yelling at my computer because I could not get my new graphics tablet to work, I decided it was time to return to Harvey Norman and get my money back, or at least exchange it for one of the better brands.

First of all, I had to wait at least 20 minutes to even get served. I think I pressed the service bell four or five times and no one would come up and help me. Then the person who dealt with me could not understand WHY I didn't want the product anymore. I said 'It doesn't install, it doesn't work as it says it does on the box'. So he goes off into the back room to test out the product for himself.

Half an hour later he comes back out and says there is nothing wrong with it, hands me back the box, and walks away. Quite literally, he said something along the lines of 'It's fine. I can't help you.' and walks off. So I press the bell again and he comes back out and I say:
"It doesn't work. I cannot get the pen to work. I've installed it four or five times, there is no connection to the pen, and it doesn't work with any of the software that came with it". He then has the nerve to ask me if I had installed it. I argued the fact that why the hell would I bother returning it and saying it doesn't work if I hadn't installed it?

Eventually my mother came in, as she was waiting outside in the car, and he was being just as rude to her as he was to me. But everyone who's dealt with my mother knows NOT to mess with her :) In the end he was fuming, I was almost in tears because he wasn't listening and calling me stupid for not installing the product, when of course, I had.

In the end I won. I chose another (better) product and paid the difference. That was all I wanted. I didn't want a refund, I simply wanted an exchange. Isn't it true that if a product does not work, and doesn't do what it is advertised to do on the box, that you have the right to an exchange?

Thought so!

Many times now we have learnt to NEVER buy from Harvey Norman. Over the least four or five years, it has been much the same story with Mp3 players, Cameras, etc.

the black

BJ's Brewery

I'll keep this short.
Picture this:
Group of friends, Friday night, busy restaurant. I tend to make allowances for service when it's busy, and don't have too high expectations. We order, the foods comes, for everybody else but me. It's okay, it'll be out shortly. Wait. Wait. Wait. Okay, I'm starting to get irritated, server approaches, asks if everything is okay, I'm sorta pissed so I say, "well no, I haven't gotten my meal", she goes away, comes back with my meal and...get this...says "Happy now?"
OMG I wanted to cut a bitch.

It was years before I went back. And when I did (just for drinks, it's by the theater) the bartender so TOTALLY won me over. And I ended up mentioning my experience to her and she had the manager come by and he chatted with me and gave me his card.

So, all's well that ends well. But still.
Chef Ramsey


I was at Wendy's about a month ago and I always got their Spicy Chicken Wrap. Well I got my wrap and noticed it looked at bit funny. My husband said it was probably just a lettuce stain, so I took a bite and it tasted weird. After looking at it, I noticed there were quite a few of these lettuce "spots" and went up to the counter. I told the lady that I believe there is mold on my wrap, and she proceeded to basically call me a liar and went into the back. Wendy's is a pretty open concept store, so I could see what they were doing, and they looked at the bag of wraps and threw the whole bag out. The lady came over and apologized, but still wouldn't admit that there was mold on it, even when I asked what was wrong with it, until I straight out said "I saw you throw out the bag, was there mold on it?" Then she finally admitted there was.

She gave me some free food and tried to basically get my away from the counter as quickly as possible. I was so grossed out and upset I didn't really do anything about it.

The worst part is that she called me a liar, when I was right, and then wouldn't admit she was wrong until I pulled it out of her, and just the fact that the person who made my wrap obviously didn't take the time to look it over (which would have taken a whole three seconds). I've worked with wraps before, and being in a moist environment, they tend to go bad a lot quicker than the date, so you are expected to check them. Heck, you are really expected to check any food you are serving.

I haven't been back to that Wendy's and I am never getting a wrap from any fast food store again.

Mod Note

Hey y'all -

So... we've made it to Thursday of our LJ Spotlighted week! Yay us!

I wanted to officially welcome all the n00bs and offer a couple notes for new and old members:

1) Direct attacks and name-calling - CUT IT OUT! If you want to disagree, disagree all you want, but do it without personally attacking others. (this is a rule and has been for quite some time)

2) Posting in weird/bolded/colorful formats - CUT IT OUT! Please. (this is not a rule, but a suggestion or guideline - if you absolutely have to post your entire post in a weird and/or colorful format, you're welcome to - but be prepared to get comments about it, lots of comments)

3) Posting stories that are obviously embellished and/or made up - CUT IT OUT. Please. If your bad service is bad service-y enough, it shouldn't require the extra fanfic touches. (this is not a rule, but a suggestion or guideline - if you absolutely have to post your NaNoWriMo practice here, you're welcome to - but be prepared to get comments about it, lots of comments)

4) Posting stories that veer from bad_service to a customer_suck - please keep in mind that if you post something like this, the community will be honest in their opinions and the mods will let you dig yourself out. (this is not a rule, but a suggestion or guideline)

5) Remember, in addition to ranting about your bad service, it's helpful to state the name of the business (as opposed to "a restaurant" or "a store") in order to help others avoid the same kind of service. (this is not a rule, but a suggestion or guideline)

At this point, submissions are still being moderated, but we're being fairly lenient in letting things through. If anyone has any questions, concerns or compliments (riiiiight), please feel free to message a mod.

I think that's it for now - carry on with your day and GO LAKERS!!!!! (and GO PENS!!!)


Fun with rental cars!

I travel quite a bit for business, but usually stay in my state. This requires renting a lot of cars. I use Enterprise, because they have a 50% off Weekend Special, which suits my business needs perfectly. In fact, in the past year and a half, I have rented from them about 16 times. Loyal customer? You betcha.

I go to the same branch for my rental needs everytime, and everyone there knows me. They know I need a car with an aux input, they know I travel within the state for business, they say hi when I come in. I've seen employees come and go. Part of the family, you would say.

The service at the branch started going downhill when one girl was promoted to another branch. This left their branch manager, we'll call him "Ed", completely in charge, without a scapegoat. I always book in advance, but I would go in, and there would be no cars available, so they would have to send me to another branch. OR they would find a car, but it would be DIRTY. Mud on the outside, sticky stuff on the center console, dirt on the floors, funny smells. I commented once, because I'm not one to raise a stink, and the guy went in, wiped the dash with a cloth, smiled at me, and said, "OK, there you go! Completely spotless!" Not so much, dude.

Which leads me to the part that I think would be considered "bad service" as the rest is just plain laziness. On my way to the southern part of the state (I live in the southwest, lots of dirt and desert and...rocks), a rock flew up and hit the windshield of the rental car. DING! Ugh. But it's ok, I've got insurance through my company, and the guys at Enterprise know me well, so it shouldn't be a huge issue, right?


When I took it back, I showed them the windshield, gave them paperwork on who to contact at my company, and said a few different times "Please DO NOT charge my credit card. It's a company card and a completely different department. This is the contact number for who to call for our insurance. If you have a problem, call me, I'm always available. But PLEASE do not charge my card."

You know where this is going, yes?

The next time I went in to rent a car, I asked about the ding, as I hadn't heard anything. Ed said it must have been taken care of, if they hadn't contacted me yet. Well that's great! Just remember, Ed, don't charge my card, especially without telling me. No problem.

Three weeks ago, while I was reconciling my company credit card charges, low and behold, a $250 charge from Enterprise. So not in my budget. Now, I just had to replace my windshield on my own car, and it cost a whopping $130, so not only was I confused about the amount, but that they charged my card without notifying me, without authorization, and after I told them at LEAST 5 times not to do so. Yes, they needed to be paid for the windshield, and I did not dispute that, but that particular card could not be used for that purpose, and all they had to do was call me. They didn't.

SO I call up Ed. We're buddies, right? "Hey Ed, it's me. How are you? Awesome, but hey...remember that ding in the windshield? Yeah, my card was charged..." He said that he would look into it and call me RIGHT BACK. I was clear I needed it handled right away. Company card and all. Deadlines. "Oh yeah of course, I'll call you right back." He never called me back. I left messages. No phone call. Still hasn't. Yesterday, there was a random credit on my card for $65. No one called to tell me they were doing it, no one called to explain why the card was charged that I told them not to charge. Nothing.

And the cars I get from said branch are STILL dirty.

I'm switching branches, starting tomorrow. I've already told my new branch what happened at the old, and he was shocked that someone who rented so much wouldn't be treated better. Common sense.

SUPER taco!

OK, I had to share. My wife and I were at a Mexican chain restaurant in the Atlanta area. She ordered the Super Taco. We were happily eating away when she got a funny look on her face, and then spit out the used butt of a marijuana cigarette.


We called the manager over who looked at it, then went into the back room. He came out a few minutes later and did pretty much just the right thing - he said he had no idea what happened or what to tell us, but he was REALLY sorry. He said something to the effect of "I got nothing."

Which honestly made for pretty good service on his part and one HELL of a Super Taco.

I.T. Help Desk not so helpful actually

I was a coworker rather than a customer of this unhelpful IT dude, but the customer's experience was so cruddy I had to write about it.

We were both working at a university's IT department as your basic go-to people for teachers and students.  He seemed to rate everyone's intelligence and general competence at life by how much they know about computers, and didn't bother to hide it with customers.  I overheard his side of a couple phone conversations with one teacher who was new to computers and needed a lot of help, and I could just hear the contempt dripping from his voice when he spoke with her.  When she complained about him, he proceeded to let the other workers in our office know that she was a troublemaker, stubborn, etc.  Eventually when she called the IT desk and got him she would ask to be transferred to another person, and he would refuse.  Other people started avoiding helping her based on how much he complained about her.

One slow day at work the phone rang and I saw it was her (we had caller ID for teachers' offices) so I picked up quickly before he could, and ended up walking her through a fairly complex installation process over the phone.  It took about thirty minutes and she was very patient and good-humored, an ideal customer.  When I was done the other guy directed his contempt at *me*, I guess for not treating her like an idiot.  The help desk was really dead at that time of day and there were no other customers I could have been helping, so the long phone time was really no problem.

As a former IT worker, I have to say the biggest problem IT workers tend to have is looking down on customers for not being computer-savvy.  You don't expect auto mechanics to sigh and roll their eyes if you don't know basic car stuff, so get off your high horse, folks.
double niggs


So my friend wanted to go to an Absinthe bar in houston. We get there, and see that it's small and in a rather unsavory part of the neighborhood. Since there was alot of us, we had to be seated outside. We sat there for a good 10 minutes, flipping through our sticky menus, when suddenly one of the girls lets out a yelp. Apparently she had seen a rat running alongside the adjacent building. At this same time, the waitress comes out and asks us what's wrong, and we tell her, and she says she'll give us awhile to think about what we plan on doing.

Not 3 minutes later, the lights are shut off on us and a bitchy chef bursts out the side door. He starts going off on this tangent about how RATS ARE EVERYWHERE and IT WAS PROBABLY A POSSUM and WHERE ARE YOU FROM, YOU MUST NOT BE FROM AROUND HERE BECAUSE THERE ARE RATS EVERYWHERE

Needless to say, we didn't stick around after that.

edit: to clarify, this is not about RATS

as funny as the comments are about how you guys ASSUMED that we threw a fit... we didnt. :/

Why is your uncle still employing you?

Just what I needed - a place to rant about the crap service I got yesterday! Hooray for features!

Quick background: A local Italian restaurant's primary location is right down the street from my 11th/12th grade school. We've off-campus lunch, and it's very popular amongst the student body.

Yesterday was the final day of the band's start-of-summer marching camp. In between music rehearsal and marching rehearsal, we had time to go eat something so we wouldn't pass out during marching rehearsal. My best friend, Jessica, and I decided to eat there yesterday. After Jessica and I had seated ourselves, the band kids started flooding in: a group of 3 girls came in, which was followed by a group of roughly 8 people, which was followed by 2 guys.

Now, this restaurant is family owned, and someone I believe is the owner's nephew was on duty yesterday. The restaurant is walled off in such a way that there are three general eating areas. Jessica and I had seated ourselves right next to 2 friends of ours that were already there, and the new guy, who was in charge of our section and the section next to it, came over to give our friends their checks, who promptly went to the counter to pay and then left. He then went over to the OTHER section he was in charge of to give menus to and get drink orders for the group of 3 girls that had come in a few minutes after us... And then he went back behind the counter. Jessica and I were like... "Uhh, excuse me?" and waved him over. He came over, looking VERY annoyed with us, and asked if there was something he could help us with. We told him we needed menus and could he please take our drink orders?

After rolling his eyes at us, he went and got our menus and got our drink orders, which were both just waters. After taking our drink orders, he went and refilled the drinks of the 3 girls. By this time, the group of 8 had arrived and seated themselves in the back section, which was being manned the owner's oldest daughter. She promptly took all their drink orders, and then our server decided to help her fill them and take them to the group's table before bringing Jessica and I our waters.

He finally brings us our waters and takes our orders after sorting out a mistake at the girl's table. The group of 2 guys has arrived now, and they sat at the table directly next to us. Our waiter, very promptly, brought them menus and took their drink orders. He then brought out the food for the table of 3 girls, who had arrived after Jessica and I, and again refilled their drinks. About 20 minutes later, Jessica and I finally get our food - which, thankfully, was correct - and then about 5 minutes later, the group of 8 starts getting their food, closely followed by the 2 guys getting their food.

Oh, and we'd only had those single glasses of waters this whole time, by the way. He never refilled them. We waved down the girl in charge of the back section and asked her for refills, which she promptly brought us, along with profuse apologies for us not having refills sooner.

So to simplify - Jessica and I waited for nearly an hour for 2 waters and 3 slices of pizza between the two of us. The group of 3 girls got their sodas and food in about 20 minutes. The group of 8 got their drinks right away and started getting food within 15 minutes, 20 max. The two guys next to us got their food and drinks within 15 minutes. All three groups came in after us.

WTF. I'll not eat there when he's on duty again. Only his extraordinarily helpful cousin that works the back section for me. <3

The bill is where?...

So, once upon a time...last June to be precise...I was on a vacation with my boyfriend and some close friends (basically family, so lets just call it that.) We had gone to Orlando to spend 10 days in Disney.

We were staying in a family friend's condo for the week to save money. So, the people we were with have been to Disney LITERALLY 33 times (my friend Kim is only 24 mind you (we were with her, her fiance and her parents))

So, they kept talking about this awesome restaurant {insert name here} which is a cute 50's themed burger/shake/malt joint.

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Damn Victoria's Secret

I've been reading through the archives and came across some Victoria's Secret bad service and recalled some of my own.

Let me start that I am built very small. 5'3", like a size 0 in pants, and no boobs. Shopping for a bra for me was hell and I didn't even bother wearing one for years. I pop by Victoria's Secret because of sudden girly urges.

I go in and talk to a sales person.

"Hey! I'm looking for some bras that'll fit me."

The woman looks me up and down, "You're like a 30AA [That's smaller than an A], and the smallest size we carry is 32A. If you want those, you need to special order online."

"Oh... thanks."

She didn't bother measuring me or anything, just gave me a once over. I ended up leaving the store feeling pretty shitty and unwomanly. I didn't bother to try looking for bras for months after that.

Then I came upon Soma's, actually got measured (32A! HAH, take that!) and found some bras that fit me. But damn, that woman at Victoria's Secret made me feel bad, she could have at least measured me before sending me away.

Keep your attitude away from customers.

Alright some background info:
So I work at Market Basket (a New England based grocery store chain) in the customer service desk. So we basically handle any problems that the front end assistants make, and assist the customers. Obviously we hear constant complaints that the customers have about their service   they recieved, which being only 18 myself, know can be quite rude, the store is full with 16 year old snobby chicks, and teenage "gangsters", who find it quite difficult to bag groceries appropriatly.

Anyways! On to my story.

So there was one day my friend/co-worker were in the booth (Customer service desk) when the assistent, (we'll call her "Bitch" just to be blunt) comes over with a rather obviously upset women in tow and says something along the lines of..

Bitch: This woman's card isn't working, and I don't have the groceries because her daughter decided to take the cart out before the order was paid for.
Woman: Well...I didn't know I wasn't allowed to...
Bitch: Well there supposed to stay in the store so we KNOW they get paid for.

So I cut in and say I'll take care of the problem, the lady who is upset doesnt understand why her Market Basket card (you need one of these to write checks) isn't working. We used to be able to just type the customers social into the computer for the card number and it would go through. Recently for some reason corperate decided this is a dumb idea, and wants people to have their card with them for ANY purchase they make. The lady is now in tears because while bitch was explaining the issue to me, she's pretty much yelling it. She doesn't know how to talk in that "Inside voice" we're all taught in like what? Kindergarden? Anyways the woman is horribly embarressed because it makes her seem like she has no money in her account. 

So the store manager comes down and helps calm the woman down, and mean while, Bitch decides that she is going to come over like every 15 minutes and in a very bitchy tone asks whats being done, my co-worker kindly tells her that once the transaction was brought here it isn't her buisness anymore and she can go back to doing her job. We get the lady all sorted out and her things paid for, while she stands there embarressed and in tears. She finally leaves and then thats when the daughter comes in.

I didn't see the daughter until i hear screaming. She's about an inch or so away from Bitchs face screaming at her telling her she's a cunt, and a fucking bitch because she had no right to make her mother cry and she better learn some customer service techniques because she's essantially a nosey, loud mouth bitch and needs to be fired and die. 

I'm listening to this, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! Along with my co-worker because pretty much everyone in that store can't stand her. She eventually got talked to by the store manager after he recieved an extremely angry call from corprate about how they got a compaint about her. He tells her that this is her last chance and if she gets one more complaint she's gone, and she better keep her attitude in check...blah blah blah

The worst part? She got corperate called on her again because of her attitude apperently she still has "One more chance" Ugh.

I personally was appauled at the way she spoke to this woman. The woman was nice and she didn't have any snide remarks, which you would expect after being treated like that. But I'm still pissed that Bitch still has a job. We could deff. do without the hoe.

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