June 10th, 2009

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Worst Sushi Bar E V E R.

I went out on a regular night with the friends. As usual we go to Dessert Lady- our favorite dessert spot and I highly recommend it. They were pretty busy at the time and the boys didn't feel like waiting. Next door was a sushi bar and they were playing reggae- my two favorite thing so we decide to check it out.
It was a pretty big place and it looked nice but it was dead. First of all can you say suffocating smell? As soon as I got my water I gulped it down. I asked the waitress what she recommend was good and she just shrugged and said, "Everything."
We finally all decided what we wanted and told her and she said, "You're only getting sushi? Then why are you sitting here?" How the hell was I to know? She's the one that seated us! So she had us pick up our drinks and go to the complete opposite side of where we were sitting. I was so ma she had us do that, that I just want to get out of there.
I picked a random sushi selection and ordered one. You could obviously tell by her face that she was pissed that, that was all we ordered but idgaf. When we finished I ask for the check and she gave me a horrible look and when walking off she pounded her fist on the table!!
I was enraged by now. Instead of getting our check she went to the other side of the restaurant and was complaining about us to the other employees. More than five minutes pass, still no check and she's just standing there so I go up to her and she said, "Oh, did you want your check?" I gave her a are-you-kidding-me look and she just turned around and went to get it. The tab was $8.51 and that was exactly what I left. I digged  through my change to make sure it was .51 exact and I put in my long term memory to never go there again.
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AT&Fail, you have disappointed me.

Thank you, Livejournal, for having the innate ability to know exactly when I need a certain community brought to my attention!
My bad_service experience happened just yesterday. I guess I've calmed down from it now, but seeing as it's still continuing, I'm not my happiest.

Some back story: I have AT&T. My phone, which I've had for a year next month, has completely fallen to pieces. It's absolutely unusable. While I do blame the shoddy craftsmanship for the majority of the breakage, I do realize that I'm the liable one here and I don't expect AT&T to really bend over backwards for me.
I /thought/ that I would have a simple trip-- I would walk in, explain the situation, they would realize that I've been with them a year in early July, and maybe replace my phone with the same model ((which was FREE when I got it... so it's not like they'd be losing a ton of money)). At the very least, they might offer me a discounted price on another phone.
....not so much.

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TL;DR-- AT&T doesn't give a crap about their customers ((There's a whole spiel I could go on about how they lock you into contracts and then completely abandon you up **** creek without a popsicle stick..... but moving on!)) and their CSRs are creepy and inconsistent at best. Gah.

I don't even know what to do now. I have NO phone, and I have to go to work tonight. I work in not-the-greatest of neighborhoods and leave work at about midnight... I don't really want to be stuck somewhere with a flat tire, muggers on the corner, and no phone! :\
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Too familiar

I am the kind of person that believes people I am doing business with should be interacted with not treated like machines. So I joke around and have conversations with them. One time this guy working a sandwich shop apparently mistook my friendliness for wanting to be the best friends ever and asked me to run next door to buy him cigarettes. Needless to say I said no but I like eating my sandwich in the store it felt a little awkward.

Why I never tip the post man

At one point I was doing a lot of ebay stuff and regularly having packages delivered. I would be standing out on my balcony from where you can see the mail man drive up and I would wave hello. I would watch him put the mail in my box and shrug figuring darn okay my package isn't here yet. Mind you he has not gotten out of his truck come up to the door to give me a package so obviously there isn't one right? I get down to the mail box open it up and there is a card saying, "Sorry knocked on your door but you weren't home".

Uhm WTF? So because your too lazy to come give me my mail I have to hop the bus to get to the post office to get my package? Oh and because it won't be there until your done for the day I have to wait an extra day to get stuff I have already been waiting a week for.
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 My cousin has been trying to get pregnant for years. She has had 14 miscarriages to date. She has seen a bunch of doctors and have had every possible test done. Nobody has any clue why she can't carry to term. Recently, she decided that her new husband (she has been married twice before) wasn't really ready for kids since he refuses to get a job. With this decided, she went to her doctor (who she has been with for years) to see about getting her tubes tied. 

The idiot refused to do the procedure. He said that "no doctor will do a tubal unless you have at least 3 kids already." (She's found this to be true and is still looking for one who will do the procedure.) Now, maybe it's just me, but I would think 14 miscarriages might equal 3 kids. Especially since she has gotten pregnant quite a few times while on birth control. Instead, he's saying that she just has to continue having miscarriages...something that is not good for either her mental or physical health! 
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Donut Fail

So... I sent my SO to dunkin donuts on sunday, since we were having people over that night for the wrestling pay per view, and they were bringing the food, and we were supplying the dessert. He decided to walk there since it was a lovely day out, and walking down there takes 20 minutes, 30 at the most. He gets there, and has to wait for 10 minutes to be served even though he was the only one in there. He gives them the order of 12 donuts (*insert variety here*) and 50 munchkins (*insert variety here*). It wasn't that complicated. 6 boston cream donuts, 6 vanilla sprinkle donuts, and assorted munchkins. They pack up the donuts, and sticker the box shut, and then shove all 50 munchkins into ONE 25 count box, so they arrive back at home all squished (this did not fare well for the jelly filled munchkins), not to mention there were only 2 flavors of them in the box! Then when we opened the box of donuts, there were none of the ones we requested in it. I guess this is partially his dumb for not chekcing before he paid and left, but he was rather irritated as it took him an HOUR in there, because they were so slow. Not to mention the manager. Dear god, the manager. My husband has been looking for a job, so he asks the manager if they're hiring. The manager says yes, so my SO asks for an application. The manager then looks him up and down, and asks "For you, or a friend?" My SO replies "For me". the manager in all his jerk glory says "Oh, we're not hiring then...." wtf? So you'd hire anyone other than my SO? What the hell is wrong with you?

I was so pissed about the interaction with the manager, that I almost had forgotten about the donuts not being what we asked for, but the whole situation has me still considering calling the 800 number on the website... But I dunno... what could they do about it?

Pizza Hut WTF

Monday night, my bf and I order delivery from Pizza Hut. We've only had 1 problem with them (we somehow got jalapeno poppers instead of chicken pasta one time). Usually decent service and food. We were given an estimation of 45 minutes til delivery.
An hour passes. An hour and a half. An hour fourty-five. Hmmmm.
My bf calls and asks about our order. They tell him that no one answered the door. BWUH?? We've been home the whole time and never heard the doorbell ring.
They then tell him that the delivery guy said he only knocked on the door. I'm sorry, what? You're telling me that he came by, and didn't ring the doorbell? It's not hidden behind a potted plant or anything, it's right next to the door!
Seriously, who does that??

Edit to include ending of the story (Sorry!):
We finally got our pizza and chicken alfredo a total of 2 hours after we ordered it. They rang the doorbell this time and lo and behold, we answered! Novel concept.
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Chicken DX

Reading through this community brought back a memory of when I was younger. My family and I were on the road, and we stopped at what I think was Popeye's for dinner. I ordered popcorn chicken, and when I got it, the breading was cooked, but the chicken inside was raw.
Not only that, said chicken was also still FROZEN.
At least the waitress was nice, which made up for the cook acting like it the whole thing was my fault when he was asked about it.

When you find creepy things in the toilet....

 First time poster, blah blah.

This happened around three years ago, when I was on holiday in Greece.

Me, mom and dad went into this restaurant that looked really cool and got a table on the roof, with a view of most of the small town we were in. The waitress came pretty quickly, spoke very well english and smiled at us, giving us the menus and whatnot.

That's when things went downhill.

We found out pretty quickly what we wanted and waited thirty minutes for the waitress to come back. She was up there a lot, we waved at her and even tried to call her over, and when she finally did notice us the first thing she said was "oh! I forgot you guys!" WTF?

I ordered some pasta without the chili that was in it since I don't handle spicy food, and then we waited. For 45 minutes. When the food finally came it looked okay, and we started eating. After a short while I started feeling really sick and we called the waitress over and asked if she could take the food away since I got a really bad stomachache. She asked if I wanted her to take my temperature and mom and dad firmly told her no while I sat trying not to throw up. The waitress asked again and again if I wanted her to take my temperature, until I finally had to run to the bathroom.

The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of ants on the floor, but that wasn't the biggest problem at the moment, so I kneeled slightly and pushed up the toilet lid. And you wouldn't guess what I saw.

A rat.

That's right. A rat. Dead by the looks of it, covered in ants and half eaten by them too. I threw up right there. I went back to my parents, asked if we could leave and they said they'd already asked for the check. Apparently, mom found ants in her food, too.

The rest of the holiday I spent with food poisoning.
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Pediatricians suck

Before my daughter was even born, her father and I chose a pediatrician for her. We went to an introductory meeting, had heard great reviews about this doctor, etc.

My child was born healthy and fine. I started taking her in for her check-ups, measurements, vaccinations, what have you. Here's a rundown:

Me, two weeks after birth: Doc, I'm having problems breastfeeding. She just won't latch and when she does, she falls asleep after about two minutes.
Doc:  Just keep trying.

Me, at her three-month checkup:  Doc, shouldn't she be holding her head up a bit?
Doc:  She will by next visit.
Me:  She hates being on her belly.
Doc:  Some babies do, keep trying.  Are you still breastfeeding, btw?
Me:  No, formula.  We never did get that down.

Me, at her six-month checkup:  Doc, she doesn't hold her head up very often or for very long.  She won't put any weight on her legs either.
Doc:  She's holding her head fine.  She's just not ready to put weight on her legs yet.

Her father, at her nine-month visit:  Doc, she's still not putting any weight on her legs.
Doc:  Well, some babies are just a little...how should I put it?
Father:  You're saying she's lazy?
Doc:  Pretty much!

Me, at her one-year visit:  Doc, she's STILL not putting any weight on her legs.
Doc:  WHAT?!  She should've been starting that around six months or so!  We need to draw some blood, she might have muscular dystrophy.


My daughter was fine, just needed some physical therapy.  However, she had textbook signs of hypotonia, or low muscle tone.  WebMD could've caught it better.  Plus if she would've had MD, wouldn't it have been more advantageous to have it caught and started treatment when she was younger?!

For some reason, me, an idiot, keeps taking her to this doctor, until she's about two and a half.  At that visit, I tell the doctor that our family pet, a cat my child loves, will have to be put down soon because she has cancer. 

Me:  How do I deal with that, given her age and all?
Doc:  She won't even notice the cat's gone.
Me (looking at this woman like she's on crack):  Um, yes, she will.  She loves the cat.
Doc:  In two weeks, she'll forget she even had the cat.
Me:  Um, no, she won't.  She really, really adores the cat.  Her first word was "kitty" and she used it to refer to anything that she loved.
Doc (giving me a condescending grin and speaking to me in a voice like I am the two-year-old):  Look, I've seen plenty of kids her age and I know that within two weeks, she'll forget all about that cat.  So don't worry about it, OK?

That's when I switched pediatric practices.

Oh, and my daughter is now six, walks fine but is still physically weak in things like swimming...and still tells me, from time to time, how much she misses that cat. 

Pride & Prejudice

And another example of how my local NHS fails epically

After reading a vaguely similar post in customers_suck, I was reminded of this.

Ever since I was legally old enough to babysit, my parents have made use of it whenever they need to go somewhere at short notice. A few weeks ago, they were invited to a work party and when the normal babysitter fell sick, the job went to me.

Of course, it had to be the night when my 7-year-old sister cracked open a glostick and got the stuff in her eye, didn't it? I called a neighbour as I'm still a little young to drive, and we headed up to the local A&E pronto. It was late, we were all shattered and my sister was crying from the pain of still having some of the glostick fluid in her eye, a situation which wasn't helped by the sarcastic attitude of the receptionist when I gave some of the information she asked for wrong. The first doctor we came to was lovely though, efficient, thorough and generally very helpful. The neighbour was sent home to find the glostick (finding which meant my other sister, who was sick, had to wake up and search through the whole upper floor of the house to find it) so they could test to see if it was acidic or alkaline.

So my sister and I sat and waited. And waited. And waited. We'd been promised to be seen within five minutes, but that came and went. The place was hot and stuffy and my sister was restless and in pain. Over the next four hours, we saw several other families in a similar situation to ours- one particular girl was brought in a little while after we arrived. I gave up our seat for her as she looked somewhat peaky, but none of the nurses bothered to even look at her for about half an hour. Five minutes after that, she was in bed on a piece of breathing apparatus and her mother was being called as they were worried she might not get through the night (I think she had meningitis).

The neighbour returned, and we waited some more. At just past midnight (we arrived at eight), my parents arrived- I hadn't been able to get through to them as I had the numbers for their old phones, and the neighbour and I left to find that in the wake of lax parking lot security, his car window had been smashed in.

The icing on the cake? I woke up later that day to find that a. the four-hour wait was caused by someone misplacing my sister's paperwork, so that by the time they saw her, any damage done by the glostick stuff if there had been any (thankfully, there wasn't) would have been irreversible and b. they didn't have any litmus paper to test the acidity/alkalinity of the glostick fluid in the first place.

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banks and major online stores

i'm glad this community was featured this week, because i had a bad hour and a half this morning stuck on the phone that i will never get back..

...so, i have two back accounts, bank 1 is with me here at school and bank 2 is states away near my parents house. the later is generally used once a year when i am in said state, and, because of that, i pretty much keep no money in it.

today i get a phone call from bank 2 saying i am overdrawn, from a purchase i made last week from a major online store that i shop at all the time, but not for months and certainly not with this account. this leads me to believe my identity has been stolen. bank 2 is reluctant to give me any info on purchase, except to say the amount and to impress upon me the need to pay off what is in the overdraft, because they will probably shut my account down to punish ME for this horrible indiscretion. manages to wheedle the overdraft fee out of me, which i now regret - because of course the first thing i should feel during a potential identify theft is guilt.

then i get on phone with major online store. turns out a year ago i signed up for a membership which allowed for free shipping. apparently, said purchase was made during this month last year when i was in state with bank 2, and therefore used this card. and when i purchased this membership, it apparently included an email receipt that was tantamount to a contract authorizing them to renew a year later and to save all my personal financial info.

although the email could have contained this info, i can't find it in my records. also, i love this company and the ALWAYS confirm purchased and things like that with emails...and yet...when they charged me $70 last week, didn't bother to ask or let me know. this makes me sad and makes me want to boycott the company.

my conversation with their customer service included the following:
ME: so you're saying that i received an email a year ago that was actually a contract and there was some really fine print that i somehow missed authorizing you to automatically keep all my financial info and charge me again a year later?

HIM: yes.

ME: and, even though every single purchase and interaction with your company over the years has included confirmation emails and receipts, you never sent a single email detailing this charge when it went through when it went through last week? because even if i was ok with it, how would i know about my benefits?

HIM: we can refund your money (said with sheepish tone).

this is not necessarily bad customer service, although it is an immoral business practice.

what makes me sad is that this is quite literally the only purchase i've made (or didn't make) on this account in an entire year, and my bank handled it poorly. i spent an hour and a half with them, and had to call them back SEVEN times because they hung up on me trying to transfer me to someone who could help get the info i needed from them to send to major online company in order for their refund to go through. and, of course, the info is supposed to be faxed directly from the bank, but bank 2 "doesn't do that" and so i had to do it myself. figuring out how to set up an online account alone took two different calls.

and every. time. you. call. back. they ask you for the same ten pieces of information before you can talk to a person, and then you have to repeat at least five of those identifiers with a person when they pick up. its a system designed to piss me off, and i hate them.

Apparently, I'm fat

Ok, this was about 7 years ago and it still comes to mind all the time and makes me want to throw things.  This is my first post so please let me know how to fix anything I might do wrong.  I have no idea how to do a cut so if this should be cut, please tell me how to do it.

Several years ago, I met my now husband and as we were (are) wont to do, we began dating and *aheming*.  He was the first person I had been intimate with after being celibate for about 6 or 7 years.  I was on the pill for other health reasons.  We decided that we would like to go forth au natural and we each went to our respective doctors to get full workups to ensure that there was no danger in doing so.

So I see my doctor.  I explain that I'm active for the first time in several years and the reason for my visit.

Yes doctor, I'm overweight.  I've been aware of that since I was in kindergarten but I appreciate your concern.  Why yes, I am on some medications, primarily for bipolar disorder.  Oh I quit smoking about 9 months ago and it's going very well thank you.

And it's time to get down to business.  So there I am, legs in stirrups, breathing deep so as not to tense up and staring at the ceiling.  And the doctor let's out this frustrated sigh and spews out this gem - "Ugh, there's so much fat in the way I can't get the swab where it belongs!" in an absolutely disgusted voice.

W. T. F!

I'm in the most physically vulnerable position a woman can be in and I've just told you that I'm in a pretty emotionally vulnerable state as well (depression issues often involve major self esteem issues and I'm almost brand new again to this whole getting naked with a man thing).  And you're telling me that I'm so fat that you, a trained professional, can't navigate my genitals?!?!  How the *blankety blank blank* am I supposed to feel the next time I try to get naked with that new man I was just telling you about?

I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!

Just when you thought the day would be over soon..!

Hi guys, here's another rant about restaurants and this time it wasn't only the service! 

So after my best friend finished work late one friday night, we decided to go have dinner(a late one) in the city with her boyfriend and mine and by the time we got there parked, it was already almost 11pm and non of our favourite restaurants had vacant seats for us, so we went to a Korean restaurant we've been to once a LONG time ago.

Before I go on please keep in mind we were all very very HUNGRY and it was a very very cold night. We sat down and got our menu, quickly ordered something for everyone and waited -at this stage we were hungry and cold but happy and chatty.

First something was wrong with the orders, the guy who served us was a newbie, it was his first day and he spoke very little English but we just pointed at the dish we wanted but that wasn't good enough the manager ended up coming to confirm the orders twice. That took about 15 minutes in total, so 15 minutes after we ordered, the order just went through, we waited some more.

Then food arrived, mine came second and as soon as it was set onto the table, I knew something wasn't right, it looked DEAD. The dish looked.. like it had all the life sucked out of it. It was beef, the dish is supposed to be sizzling hot served on a hotplate, the wtfthing I had in front of me was a hotplate that was cold with dry dead looking beef and brown lifeless bean sprouts on top. I looked at the waiter with a bewildered look and he just smiled so I'm like erh. Okay. Gave it a go and it was barely warm, I was really annoyed thinking what the fuck? How could my food be cold? I called him back and before I could ask him why it was cold my friend told him to heat it up, which I was not exactly happy with because I really wanted to know why it was cold? It shouldn't have been cold!? But whatever, that was that, I was starving to the point I'd eat shitty cold food.

After my dish was screwed up, my friend's pork tasted like rubber and her boyfriend never got his dish, they simply forgot about it so he had to eat off our stuff because we just can't be fucked to ask them again, besides we felt bad for unloading it all on the newbie guy, we all know how it feels on your first day!

As we couldn't wait to get out of there, we asked for the bill and to be sure they didn't make another stupid mistake I went through it just to be safe and there it was. A surplus charge for heating my COLD FUCKING BEEF. They charge for heating the cold, left over looking food they served me?? Does that even make sense?

I was annoyed before but by now I was fucking pissed out of this world. My face tend to go pink when I'm mad and this is actually the first time I got extremely mad in public, my friend later recalled the whole thing in a humourous way which sounded quite funny but at the time I called the waiter over and asked them what the hell is this charge for? They replied simply that it was for heating up my food, in a way that sounded like it made perfect sense? So I had to ask them the most obvious questions 'Why the hell was my food cold in the first place? Where did you get it from? If you cooked it after I ordered, how can it be COLD!?' GEES. You wouldn't have to heat the bloody thing up if it was served to me like a normal dish, it wouldn't have been cold. I wasn't even planning on complaining about the cold food or the dish that never came, but this was too much they're asking for it! And it wasn't about the money, it was just unbelievable customer service, I've never ever seen or heard of it and I have to say they should be ashamed of themselves, ARGH I'd rather die than going back there again!!!

Oh yeaah. They cancelled that charge because my friend said it looked like I was going to flip a table. But thank goodness the waiter wasn't an arse. He was apologizing but I mean who was responsible for serving that plate of food? The cook? Argh I don't know but haha I totally don't remember going into a table flipping stance. XD

Edit 12/06/09 - I'm a little tired from replying to every negative 'You deserve it' comments, so I'm adding  this as a general note and won't be returning to reply to any more comments, positive or negative. Also sometimes it's possible to skim through things too fast and get the wrong idea, so please try to read it properly before commenting, it really helps. Things such as I threatened to flip a table and implying a non English speaking waiter is stupid are both false. I have no idea how anyone could get that impression from my post. :/

So please. Read, not assume.

If you ran a restaurant would you like having your customers constantly reminding you that you're late on orders, forgotten orders, lacked English staff, served left overs and charged inadequately? I wouldn't.

That is a restaurant with alof of problems, if my customers were the ones complaining every step along the way of a 45 minutes meal, my restaurant = epic fail.

I'm posting this to relate with other people whose had bad restaurant experiences, if it seems exaggerated well, try to understand this isn't the most pleasant memory. IF there was one thing I regret not doing that would be walking out after their poor solution to the cold dish they served me.

And no, I shouldn't have to tell them to serve freshly cooked food, that is not the customer's responsibility. If it tasted weird, sure I should speak up, but not when they don't even serve you fresh food to begin with.