June 9th, 2009


I'd like real spaghetti please.

Last summer my parents and I went to a local coney island chain. We've been there plenty of times before so we thought everything was ok; in reality, it made my parents against going there ever again (don't ask me why).

I order a plate of spaghetti for dinner which comes with the traditional tomato sauce and hamburger meat. I recieve my food and as soon as the waitress sets it down, I look at it in a disgusted sort of way.

First off, no tomato sauce? Unless I was in Italy getting real spaghetti, hell, I'd at least expect even a little sauce, but no sauce to be found. Instead all I see is a pile of weird looking hamburger meat on top of spaghetti. It doesn't look like regular hamburger. I taste it and it tastes like taco meat. Since when do people put taco flavored meat on pasta?

I'm not one to complain about food ever but we ask the waitress if I can get a new plate with tomato sauce and the regular hamburger meat on it. She leaves to ask the cooks in the back and informs us they don't have any. Uh...you don't carry a basic ingredient such as tomato sauce? I've been to another coney island in the same chain and ordered the exact same meal and it was completely fine, sauce and regular meat included.

I didn't mean to be so picky but I would just like a regular spaghetti meal please. Since I couldn't get one, I had to order something else. Luckily it was fine.

why do I always end up with crappy neurologists?

This problem was settled already (got a new neurologist) but I figured I'd just share. TWO SHITTY STORIES IN ONE!
I get migraines. I went to see my normal doctor about this but she hastily told me to start keeping a headache journal and come back later, and basically shooed me out of the office after I spent half an hour waiting to see her.
I brought this up with my mom, and at first she did nothing about it but since my migraines were getting more frequent and causing me to miss school due to holysonofafish awfulness, she called up my doctor and got the number of a neurologist.
Eventually an appointment was made with this neurologist. My dad brought me, and we talked to her. She prescribed Excedrin, and throughout the whole appointment emphasized the fact that I CANNOT MISS SCHOOL due to migraines. [Even though sometimes I can't really so much as roll out of bed in the morning without my vision going white and falling over.] She decided that my headaches were completely due to a lack of sleep (anybody with knowledge in this field would know that migraines are caused by MULTIPLE TRIGGERS, not just one) and prescribed some medication to help me sleep since I'm a bit of an insomniac. I figured, "fair enough; I'll try sleeping on a decent schedule and see what happens."
[NOTE: Excedrin includes caffeine. This is bad, because it means that once the caffeine wears off my headache will be worse than the headache I took excedrin to cure. My dad found this out by reading a book about migraines.]

A few months go by. I'm getting a lot of sleep now but my headaches are becoming more and more frequent and yes, I'm missing school for it.
So my mom goes with me to see this doctor this time. We get into the doctor's office and she asks me what's going on. I tell her the migraines are becoming increasingly frequent. She asks, "you're not missing school for this, are you?" and I say yes.
She then flies into a rage. "How are your grades in school?" I guesstimate my grades. She follows up with a rant something along the lines of:
"School is sacred! You canNOT miss school! I have two children your age, and there are two reasons they are allowed to miss school: a severed limb, and DEATH. YOU CANNOT MISS SCHOOL. PROMISE ME YOU WILL NOT MISS SCHOOL!"
My mom and I protest by pointing out that I'm not even physically ABLE to leave the house due to the pain and dizziness my migraines cause. She ignores us and demands I promise that I'm not going to miss school, which I do because I just want to get the hell out of her office since telling her I'm GOING to miss school since she's not helping me won't get me anywhere.
So my mom manages to get a note from her to send to my school.
My school district is awful.
After missing 10 days of school, every absence must be accompanied by a doctor's written excuse. So after I missed 10 days my parents would get doctor's notes written by my normal doctor, since she knows what's going on.
School stopped BELIEVING these notes. !?!?! Vp of my school dragged my parents into a meeting. I had missed maybe 14 days at this point?
I don't know what happened beyond then tbh, but I know it's been resolved. I got a new neurologist who has been very helpful and have tried several things (often to no avail, but still) to ease my headaches. Just in time for the end of the year, my parents straightened things out with my school, and my counselor is going to find me time to meet with the school psychologist, who went through the same thing in high school that I'm experiencing now.

TL;DR: normal doctor brushes me off. I see a neurologist recommended by my doctor, who flat-out insists that my headaches are related to a lack of sleep. Nothing she did for me helped so I go for a second appointment, where she yells at me for missing school and doesn't really help at all. Still sticks to her 'not enough sleep' theory even though that problem was solved.

EDIT :: thank you all so much for your concern. <3 I deal with a lot of crap at school because people don't understand why I'm absent so much so I get accused of skipping school, and it's really nice to know that not everyone's ignorant like that.
I have gotten the question "have you gotten an MRI?" repeatedly and figured I'd answer here that I have indeed, and no abnormalities were found with the scan.
Making Biscuits!

Bad Service... in buying a car.

I know that a lot of people will say, 'well, salesmen are sharks sometimes to get the sale, so... a lot of this should be expected', but... I've never bought a car before. I had a lot of information from my parents to help me along, but I guess I just didn't know what questions to ask? Edit: hard lesson learned. x_x

The car we were offered was a 2009 GMC Envoy, which we liked, and the one she had that fit our price range was their courtesy car, which was ok with me, but I had questions. I asked our saleswoman, Izabela, if it was showing signs of wear. 'No, it's pristine!'; 'Has there been any major repairs on it?' 'No, it was only lightly driven.'; 'How many miles are on it?' 'between 2,000 and 2,500.'; 'Is there any interior damage or wear?' 'Oh, no, it looks brand new.' I asked her also, 'Does it include an auxiliary audio in jack?' 'No,' she replies, 'but I will have one installed for you. It is easy to do. We do it all the time.' She also assured us we were to get a free year of onstar.

I wrote a huge entry about this but it was very TL;DR.

-She lied about the mileage.
-She lied about the exterior and interior damages and wear (there was quite a bit- stains on the floor, interior scratching and scuffing, exterior scratching not discovered until post-wash).
-She lied about the whole year of on-star service.
-Most importantly, the thing she had installed was not an audio-in jack, which we expected would have been installed on, or in, or next to the stereo-- it was an I-pod cable, specifically only for the Ipod, and wasn't just a jack- it was a massive cable installed into my CENTER CONSOLE and she INSTRUCTED THE CAR PEOPLE TO DRILL A HOLE IN THE INTERIOR OF MY DAMN CAR, without my knowledge. Needless to say, none of this was what we had been believing would be installed.
-When I emailed her about the onstar and the damages to the vehicle, she immediately changed faces and became mega-bitch. She said her onstar rep could only get us 9 months and not a year, even though she promised a full year. She said, and I quote: 'Customer is top dog, but I am not a fire hydrant'-- great, so now she's insinuating we're pissing on her. More like the other way around. I understand that we did not buy a spanky new car, getting her a bigger commission, but it doesn't warrant treating us the way she did.

I spoke with the owner of the dealership and explained our concerns with the vehicle, the on-star service, the aftermarket install, and of course, Izabela herself. I forwarded her nasty emails to him.

He called me back and told me they will be PAYING for the remaining time on the onstar to ensure I get my free year of service since it was promised. He offered for us to bring the vehicle in to have it cleaned professionally (we declined and said we would try cleaning it ourselves and if it didn't work, then we would have him do that). He also said that we can take the car back to the aftermarket-install place (Auto Accents, in Warren-- don't go there.) to have them relocate the cables if we so wished.

After getting in touch with the aftermarket-install place (whose owner is so stupid), we determined that the cables we needed installed would be okay to do and set up a time to do it. That was yesterday.

I was so angry at the result that I left work early-- he drilled MORE HOLES in my DAMN VEHICLE without permission (and knowing we did not want him to do so), installed the cables totally half-assed, and made it so I can't even use my center console (which we use a lot, thank you very much).

After fixing it ourselves it's at least semi-useable now, but the point is, we should not have had to fix it ourselves. We should not have had to waste $53 in gas running all across hell's half-acre to get this shit fixed and worked out, it should have been, from the get go. The dealership and auto place were like 45 and 50 miles from us respectively-- we WOULD have chosen a closer place, but ironically enough this dealership and salesperson were recommended (by my parents who had bought a brand spanky new car).

Moral of the story: Don't buy a car from Ed Rinke Pontiac/Chevrolet/GMC/Buick in Centerline/Warren, Michigan. Don't have your salesperson be Izabela Ziemer.

And for the love of god don't take your car to Auto Accents.


We did view the car. We did know the mileage was more when we signed the papers. However, the damages and wear to the car were not noticed until a few days later. Why? For these reasons. Where we viewed the car was in their 'workshop' thing, where there were no overhead lights on, just the daylight poking through. The garbage left by the porters was found that same night (and promptly disposed of- we did not think to check the DOOR POCKETS for garbage), and some of the exterior scratches were found when we took it to get washed (I live in like, pollen city).

The damages and wear to the inside weren't fully noticed until driving the next day or two-- there were huge, heavy, dark stains on the floorboards in pretty much the entire vehicle, and we didn't notice them until we went to replace the new factory mats they'd installed (I don't like to use factory mats- they get ruined too fast). The stains looked like oil and stuff, who knows what it was. We just didn't think to look under the mats when you get a car, and I guess that's our folly. Same with the interior scratching and scuffing- they really became evident after armor-alling it and driving it and noticing-- but again, I suppose it's our fault for not going over it with a fine-toothed comb.

So to clear up, we DID *see* the car, just not under optimal conditions.

We still chose the vehicle due to the huge amounts of rebates (putting it in our price range) and the fact that those rebates ended that day; when we were signing the papers we weren't fully aware of all the... I guess, 'hidden' damages.

All in all it was a good PRICE, it's just that our salesperson's service was ridiculous and two-faced. As soon as we signed the papers, she turned into a completely different person and didn't want to give us the time of day. The manager made right on all that he could, which redeems them slightly, but the things that had to be rectified should have just been right from the start.

So we're idiots for not inspecting the car perfectly-- we learned a hard lesson for the next purchase. As first time buyers, we definitely learned what NOT to do.

I would have taken the car back, but we traded in a lease and to return the Envoy we would have owed like $2500 on the lease (rolled in payments and repairs, I'd been rear-ended, etc.), which was already paid off and closed out, and then would have had no car to boot since GMAC could not have reinstated the lease. >_<;
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My Mother's Day

This story actually happened to my mom but I figured it still deserved to be heard. Or read, in our case!
My mother is a very odd person. Her personality is quite scary and intimidating at times and I DO NOT tend to upset her. Heck! I'm 20 and I still watch what I say around her. She's been known to throw frying pans at people's head. Yeah, I know. Knowing all of this, I CAN'T even begin to fathom why this happened to her.

She starts off by saying she went into a chain Automotive place to get her oil changed. She's always gone to this particular place and has always had very little problems. And she has always had Castrol Oil in her car. She is very knit picky about that but hey, to each their own. (I could say that about anyone, basically. I dislike carrots. Onward!) She's sitting in the waiting room paying somewhat attention to the guys working on her car. One of them comes into the waiting room and says he needs to state a few things.

Her = Her. Mom. Mama. Madre. You get the picture.
Guy = The guy.
M = Manager.

Guy: Mrs. _______ (her last name of course), I'd like to point out a few things about your car.
Her: Alright
Guy: Well, first, you don't change your oil very often do you?
Her: I change it every 7,500 miles. Not the preferred 3,000.
Guy: Ok. That's more than fine. Second, your air filter needs to be changed.
Her: No, the last time I was here someone mentioned it needed to be changed. It has been.
Guy: Well, that's not our company's filter..
Her: Yes, I know. I bought one and did it myself.
Guy: OOO.. Your fuel injectors need to be cleaned as well.. ( and something needed to be replaced but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. It was around $12 so she just said yes)
Her: Ok..
Guy: We also used *name for a generic oil that I can't remember* Oil instead of Castrol.
Her: ...Why? (I'm sure her horns have sprouted by now. Yikes!) I only use Castrol Oil. It's stated on my receipt and in your computer.
Guy: Uh..I'll get my Manager.
M= Hi Mrs. ______, what seems to be the problem?
Her: I was informed that your guys put *generic* Oil in my car instead of Castrol. I don't use *generic* Oil, I use Castrol.
M: We stopped using Castrol the first of this year. We now use *generic* Oil.
Her: I came in January..you put Castrol in my car. I watched you.
M: No ma'am. We stopped at the beginning of the year..
Her: Well, no you didn't. It is on my receipt (she's shoving it in his face. ..I wonder if she cut her cla..nails?!)
M: (he's taking her receipt and looking up information on the computer)
Her: (I'm betting she is foaming from the mouth. Like a rapid dog!)
M: It does say that Castrol was used but I assure you, it wasn't.
Her: So what do you do? Put other oil in Castrol cans? Because I saw your guys with Castrol cans.
M: ......... (I'm sure his thought process is going *ajdbhdbsshs@#!$* because mine would if I looked into the firey pits of hell that are her eyes)

My mom states that at this point she's pretty pissed off and refrains from chewing this guy's ass out and embarrassing herself. She becomes quiet and waits on her ticket. About 15 minutes pass and her name is called to pay for service.

M: Your total is $70(and some change).
Her: WHAT! $70? Why is it so high? ______(whatever needed to be replaced) was only $12 and the oil change should be no more than $35. WHY THE FUCK is it so high?!
M: We have a different service for cars exceeding the preferred amount of miles for every oil change. It costs $51.
Her: And why did you fail to mention this to me before servicing my car?
M: I don't believe it would have mattered. You need your oil changed, and that's our job to service your car.
Her: I can buy my own goddamned oil somewhere and change it myself if I really wanted to ( And she could, her father was a auto mechanic and she used to help him work on cars)
M: ...*snickers* Yeah, that douche proceeds to LAUGH. LAUGH!
I am not saying he's sexist but seriously, if you told me how to change oil and explained it to me, I'd do it myself.

So my mom said she paid the money and told the manager "Have a nice fucking day!" (She so said the F word twice! +2 for Mom). The manager didn't even apologize.
AND while walking out the first guy that conversed with her yelled "YOU ALSO HAVE SEVERAL OIL LEAKS"! Ok, thank you for telling me WHILST I'm walking out swearing at your company and mentioning I am never coming back!
So, she has no idea if she has leaks and if so, how bad they are.

So, bad, bad, bad WTF on this Manager. Really.
And after Mom gets done telling my dad this story he's like "Why didn't you call me? You would have gotten everything for free." Tahaha, Dad is such a passive creature..free..lawl.
Party Time

"no drinks, tonight. we're just gonna sit"

a few days ago i was out with some friends and we decided to go to ~the~ pub. this is a pub that we've been going to for years and the staff doesn't change very often. the only time servers don't know us is if they're new... which, like i said isn't very often. point being - they know us there, they know that we usually order a lot, have never left a bill and we tip very well.

we sit down in the "big center booth" and within a minute or so a server arrives. she says "hey! haven't seen you guys in a while. it's nice to see all of you tonight" and we exchange our greetings and salutations. she asks us for our drink orders but we weren't quite sure who was getting what yet (pitcher wise), so we asked her to come back in a few minutes. she also asked us if we wanted menus but it was about 10:30ish so we declined.

we figure out what everyone wants and we're just waiting for her to come back when this big guy (that i don't think i've ever seen before) comes up to us and says "so, what's the deal ladies? are you ordering or what?" we were kind of surprised, so we say "huh?" and he says "are you ordering something or are you just gonna sit here?"

we explained to him that we asked her to come back in a few minutes and he asks why (wtf!) and we tell him and he says "okay. that's fine. but you can't just sit here. just make sure you order something"


clearly, our plans to just sit in a booth all night without getting anything were foiled. we probably would have gotten away with it for most of the night if he hadn't said anything... but instead we had to spend our money. that wasn't the plan! i guess that's just the price you have to pay to want to sit on those oh so comfy pub seat cushions.

tbh, we didn't let it ruin our night and more or less forgot about it by the time the server did come back to take our order but it definitely made us go "WTF! do you know who we are!" (that was in a haha/sarcastic way... we're never serious about that)

Steak N' Shake

A few months ago I went shopping with my father to find some birthday gifts for my older brother Aaron. After a couple hours of shopping, we decided to head to Steak N’ Shake for a bite to eat.

At first everything was going smooth. Our waitress was polite and had an all around pleasant attitude. I ordered a Turkey Sandwich with fries, a cup of cheese on the side. My Dad ordered some form of a burger, I can’t remember what, also with fries and cheese on the side.

As we’re waiting, a few moments later a couple walks in and are seated behind us. Seeing as how we are so close, I can hear their order. Which, just so you know, was nothing like my fathers order or mine.

Around 10 minutes go by and I see our waitress heading in our direction with what appears to be our order. Moving my cup so that she has room to sit our plates, I feel a little silly when she instead walks to the couple behind us.
She placed the plates down in front of them.

Waitress: Oh, wait, I’m sorry. This isn’t your order.
Man: Well uh, we’ll take it any way.
Waitress: But it belongs to someone else.
Woman: That’s alright. We don’t feel like waiting any more.
Man: You can take the fries though, we won’t eat them.

The waitress then picks up the fries, and puts them on our table.

Waitress: Uhm, they’re going to take your order.
Dad: Who is? We already gave you our order.
Waitress: No, I mean, those people took your order. I gave the food to them.
Me: Why would you do that? It’s ours, not theirs.
Waitress: Well, they didn’t want the fries-
Dad: Go back to that table, pick up the plates of food, and sit them in front of us.
Waitress: But they’ve already started eating. I can bring you some more.

My Dad stares blankly at her. Obviously feeling uneasy, she quickly walks away. We don’t see her again the rest of our time there. A cook brings us our food 15 minutes later.

I’m disgusted. I’m also more than willing to throw out the, ‘she was new, had no idea how to handle the situation bit. But, last week I went to that same Steak N’ Shake with some friends, and she was our waitress.

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not so enthusiastic bus driver

A few years back in Sydney, I was riding the bus home. I was the only passenger. I knew the bus was going my way, but when we reached the stop that split into two roads (one towards my house and another going in a different direction), the driver stopped the bus, looked at me and said I had to get out. I was like "huh??? This isn't the last stop, is it?" to which he snarled, "It's the last stop today because I feel like going home!"

no lie. I didn't have far to walk home so I wasn't that upset, but I've always wondered what kind of complicated life issues that man must have been going through that day.
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Very short, but here's the thing:

Woke up this morning to buy a scale because I knew I hadn't weighed myself since I moved up here to Brooklyn from Florida. I walk over to the Rite Aid on the corner. Walked around a bit, looking for one. Picked up some toiletries.
Finally, I couldn't find where the scales were, so I asked an associate who was stocking shelves with his co-worker.
"They're over there on the back wall" he said with a smile.
Oh good - someone who smiles here. Nobody smiles at this Rite Aid because nobody seems to remember what good customer service is like.
Oh, but wait. I walk no more than three feet away, within CLEAR earshot of him and hear...
"Try not to break it, fatass" from the same guy who had just been nice enough to me to answer my question.
To which I turned around and saw him and his buddy giggling, bumping fists.

Now, I'm the furthest thing from insecure about my weight, but COME ON. At least make fatty jokes when I'm not within earshot. I mean, really?

By the way, I've lost 15 pounds.

Ugh, just...ugh!

I was shopping at a clothing store near my house, and I was running on a schedule. I figured I had about a half hour to spare.
I ended up finding some things I wanted to try on.
As most stores I've encountered, the fitting rooms are locked, and only the people who work in that section can unlock it for you.
When I got to the fitting rooms, there was a line-up of about 3-4 people already.
I was in line for about 10 minutes, and no one came to open the door.
So me, being the nice person I am, I go in search for the people to unlock the doors. I asked a girl who worked there, and she points at a group of 3 guys, who were standing just out of the view of the lineup in front of hte fitting room, their backs to the door. So I go over to them and just as I was about to ask them to unlock the door, I overhear this:
Guy #1: Yo, there's still a lineup
Guy#2: Well, maybe they'll get fed up and leave. I don't want to unlock the door for some high school brats.

So I go over, and politely ask them to unlock the door. The Guys let out the biggest sigh I had ever heard in my life and went "Fine" in such an angry tone.

Um, excuse me, but isn't this what you're paid to do, to actually work, instead of socializing and being rude?

What is that? ...OH MY GOD.

About a month ago I was literally starving, hadn't eaten in at least a day because I seem incapable of eating and studying at the same time. Anyway, I was really hungry. So I went into a subway (somewhere I never really go) and was waiting impatiently for the clerk to come. It looked like there was only one person working so I didn't get upset or anything. (I work in a coffee shop and know how it is being the only one scheduled)

Once she finally resurfaced from the back, she looked at me for a second, then just turned away and got some gloves on and fiddled with some things that seemed relatively unimportant for another minute or two. The whole time she didn't say a word to either me or my friend. At this point I wasn't even upset or anything - just baffled.

She finally comes up to the counter and looks at us completely bored expression, "What do you want?"

And then, something awful happened.

Both my friend and I watched while a cockroach skittered up on top of the counter and stared at us with its little feelers wiggling happily.

This was my first time seeing a cockroach. I'd recently done a lot of research on them because I had found out the lease we signed a month previous had a slight infestation. I was mortified looking at this thing, but then it got worse.

The person over the counter in one swift movement just goes "BAM" and crushes the thing with her gloved hand, and then looked toward me and my friend without saying a word or looking the slightest bit embarrassed for our order.

Never found out if she changed the glove for the next people because we just walked out without saying a word. I personally, was too busy thinking that cockroach eggies were just sprayed all over me when she crushed that thing.

Bad Service, but hopefully has a good ending

This one has bothered me for months, and since I'm still tired and cranky and sick, here goes.

So, my place of work does a lot of business with a company that makes classroom amplification systems. When I started in July 2006 there was already a lot of systems in place, but December of 2006 I started doing an overhaul and ordering and putting in a ton of their newer systems. At that point I worked with their local rep, who I'll call Bob. Bob was very responsive, nice, came out, did a demo, etc. So we did the 30k order, everything is lovely.

Over the past two years we've replaced more systems and done more orders. At first I tried to do everything through Bob, but as he got less and less responsive I started getting my quotes and orders through their general sales team. Still, I always gave Bob the first shot so he could get commission or whatever.

4 months ago this company started a recycling program for their old parts. Fantastic, as I have about 100 of their old speakers sitting in a store room. So I email Bob for details (I had gotten a general email from the company with the instructions to "ask your local rep for details."). Email is ignored. Two weeks later, email him again. No response. Then I forget for about two months, then I email him. Wait a week, call him. He calls me about a week later, says that he's seen my email, he doesn't know the specifics, he'll get back to me. A month goes by. Email him, wait, email, wait, call, etc.  Why didn't I call up the company directly? Because it was getting to be the end of the school year and things were hectic and he kept promising to get back to me and I'm a sucker.

So finally today he returns my call and says he'll look into it (every time he forgets what I'm talking about). And that's it. I'm tired of being blown off, and he has an attitude every time I talk to him on the phone. I call the company and leave a message with the person in charge of the recycling program and I look up his regional manager and talk to him as well. Now, I think it's bad service to ignore any customer, no matter how big or how small, but when I told his manager where I worked he said he knew it well, knew (and named) some of my co-workers, and said that we're the company's best customer (which I actually believe because most schools might have 4 or 5 systems and we have over 40 that we upgrade a lot).

So after I got off the phone with him, I got about 4 phone calls back to back from various people in the company wanting to give me info on the recycling program.

So good service to the company
Bad service from Bob! I don't even want to think how much cash he lost on commissions by not responding to my emails and such.

Insider Scoop from a Craft/Jewelry Store

This is a story from when I just started working at a high-end, family owned, craft/jewelry store in a vacation resort area. The owners seemed very friendly and most of the customers were very nice, or so it seemed my first week working there. Then one day in my second week a very harried looking lady came in. "Where is my necklace?" she demanded, "I WANT MY NECKLACE OR MY MONEY BACK NOW." Unfortunately, the owners of the store had gone out for the day (it turns out that they are almost never in the store and always outshopping or at the beach or eating at expensive restaurants) and I had no idea what she was talking about. When I told the lady I was unable to help her until she explained further she began screaming about being robbed and calling the police and having me arrested. Finally, I got the story from her.

It turns out that two years prior to her coming into the shop, she had paid the owners $3,000 to have a necklace custom made for her. They gave her a waiting period of six months. Since she was only in the area one month out of the year, when she didn't have the necklace sent to her after six months she tried calling the shop and leaving messages, but they never got back to her. The next year she came in and confronted them on it, and they very sweetly and apologetically told her that the artist was taking longer then expected, but should be finished within the month. Uncomfortably, the woman decided that since the artist was almost finished she might as well wait. Another year passed and once again none of her messages had been returned. It was completely understandable how she was more than a little flustered to come into the shop and have me tell her I didn't know anything about it.

I promised her that I would confront the owners on it. I could tell she wasn't satisfied, but unfortunately it was the only thing I could do. When they came in at the end of the day I mentioned the incident to them, "Oh yes!" the wife said, a little upset, "we MUST remember to send that money and order in to the artist so he can get started!" "Yes!" replied her husband, looking only slightly uncomfortable, "Tell her that it will take him six months to make the necklace!"

I should have quit then and there, but I ended up lasting the whole summer. The incident repeated itself with customer after customer. It got so bad that I eventually started turning down requests people made for custom work from artists, having them buy premade work instead. It was easier to say, "The artist is too busy at this time!" rather than explain to each and every person that the owners of the shop would take their money and then not consider the order important enough to actually place. It was obvious they didn't care about their business or their customers at all.
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This is a story from about a year ago but it still annoys me.

I was at Zellers (Not sure if they have that in the US but if not its like Target or Walmart) and was in a lane waiting to pay for my stuff. When I get to the front of the line the cashier closes the lane and says 'Its my break sorry'. I was ok with that and go to the next lane. The cashier comes back five minutes later and then re opens her lane. I was behind two people in line but decided to wait instead of going back to her lane. When the customer at who was currently at the cash leaves the cashier from before closes her lane, comes over and shuts off the lane I'm currently in. She then just stands there and starts babbling with her friend. So now there is one lane open with some poor middle aged woman trying to serve a line of ten or so customers. This is when I gave up and decided to just leave.
This is one of the reasons why I dislike Department stores.

Librarians Aren't Always Nice.

One time I was about 13, I went to my local library to find a nice novel to read. Now keep in mind that for a 13 year old girl, 5 foot 6 is kinda uncommon. I walk up to the front desk and ask, due to the horrendous layout of the library, "excuse me, where are the fiction books?" The guy points to the section for five year olds and says "right over there, miss." I gave him a WTF look and said "Um, no, I mean for my reading level..." The guy points back over to the kids section and says again, "that's what I said, they're over there."

That is the first and only time in my life I have ever been tempted to murder a librarian.

I've never been back there. For many reasons, including the facts that the layout sucks and the people are mean.

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Edit: There have been a lot of comments about the locations of the sections...the kids section is a section by itself, a room. Across the room are the research books. Come to find out, the "grown up" fiction books were upstairs. In this crappy little room. All the books there were from 1980 or before, I swear to God. I stopped going to this library after that. All I wanted was a nice novel to read, I think I was looking for one by a specific author but couldn't figure out the computer system. Needless to say I left without any books.

And I'm now 5 foot 8. I inherited the tallness from my dad's side of the family. My father is a full foot taller than me.

Oh by the way, question. Why do some commenters think that the guy would tell me I'm at a 2nd grade reading level when I'm obviously adult-sized? Honestly guys. WTF.
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This isn't a specific post about a specific thing and it isn't even about me, but it makes me crazy... My cousin (seven months younger than I am) has always had an assortment of health problems. She had weak ankles growing up and migraines ( it's genetic). Her bizarre health problems began when she was 18. Thus begins my yarn..
She spent a summer in Vladai, Russia and unfortunately developed appendicitis. I think she went to Moscow for surgery ,( it could have been St. Petersburg ).  She was fine but then developed a lot of stomach problems. When she was 20 ( after years of doctor check ups, etc), she was diagnosed with ciliac disease. Things seemed to get better and she had a very easy pregnancy with her daughter.
About a year ago, she started having a lot of problems with her nerves. Some days she could not see and other days her limbs on one side of her body hurt so much she could barely move. Some days were better than others, but she was not feeling good. She went to her doctor immediately and the result? Stress, he said.
She tried to make her life less stressed, but the symptoms got worse and worse. She tried seeing neurologists and even tried to get an appointment with the Mayo clinic. She had a spinal tap done and all anyone could say was that it was stress. My cousin has a toddler and works at a property management company with my aunt and was taking classes online, but she would feel bad no matter what.
A few weeks ago, she began developing tremors in her speech and could not drive anymore. A few days after the tremors started, she went into a Grad Mal seizure. Tests were taken, she was taken to a University hospital with a Physician's assistant for an examination. Diagnosis? Post-traumatic stress disorder.  The PA with my cousin begged the doctors to prescribe medication for MS to see if it would elevate some of her symptoms. It has helped.
Now, to today. My cousin got results back from a mineral blood test she had gotten from my uncle's wife. The results? HUGE amounts of uranium. (she lives in a town with a uranium processing plant near by) .
How come none of the doctors thought of testing that before? And why is it always stress for young women under 25?

PS: Do you think some of the ciliac could have come from the uranium?