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A friend of mine and I went to McDonald's to take advantage of the $1 Lg drink special.  Considering the time, it wasn't surprising that no one was in line.  We were asked to wait a moment at the order speaker, but just a short time.  We pulled through to the 1st window and waited.  A couple of minutes go by and we begin to wonder if we have misunderstood somehow and went to the wrong window.  As my friend switches gears to pull forward, the money girl shows up from around the corner, cell phone in hand.  My friend looks at me in disbelief and asks "Did she just make us wait while she finished her call?"  The girl opened the window and took our money.  Her phone range again, and she managed a "Have a nice night." while she answered her phone with us still sitting there.  We pulled up to the next window, a bit flabbergasted.  Now, I hate when people talk on their cells in movies, restaurants and especially at work.  The man at the 2nd window came to hand us our drinks.  Just as I was contemplating asking for a manager, I noticed his white shirt.  Still a bit taken aback, I look at him from the passenger seat and ask "Are you aware your employee is answering her phone in front of customers?" 

Now, I have a son so I understand kids.  I understand emergencies.  I also understand bosses usually letting you use the work phone for important family issues.  Please do not be talking on your phone at work.  Just no.
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I am not a thief....

(This happened last year. It's late, but I need to get it off my chest.)

So, a little back story, because ya know- it adds to my anger.

I used to work at Torrid. The exact store in fact, in which this event all occured. I was one of the first employee's, and helped to 'set-up' the store before it even opened it's doors. Well, this was about three years ago.

So, I wasn't surprised when I walked into Torrid last summer, to not see any of my previous co-workers. I went with my mother, who is in her 50's, and I in my early 20's. I needed to buy bras, so we went straight to that section, but were not able to, because the manager and a worker were gossiping and talking all about the 'fun' they had te night before. They finally move out of our way, we get the bras, and head to the dressing rooms.

Torrid has this thing that as soon as you are holding one item, they start a dressing room for you.... well they didn't do this for us, and we had to wait for one of the girls to open the dressing room for us. Of course, after she complained to us that she was technically on break. Well, if you could get your manager and friend to stop chit chatting.....

Well, we did not find a bra that worked, so we put them on the hangers and hung them on the go back rack, and go to leave the store. The manager then decides to stop talking, and give us funny looks, and watch us as we leave the store- acting as if we were shop lifting. You know the look. She also seems to be waiing to see if we send of the alarms, with a disgusted face. So then my mother and I are standing a little out of the store down the hall a little, trying to figure out which way sears was. Well, guess who walks out of the store, and stares us down, in middle of the mall? Yup- the manager. Mind you, she hasn't said a single word to us the entire time.

So after our trip to sears my mother is still furious. So she goes in and gets the number for her district manager, and the manager refused to give it to her. Well, being an ex-employee, I had the number.

The DM apologized multiple times, and even called my mother back twice so she could get the full story and document it against the manager, because she couldn't believe she would do that. She also told us she would send us gift cards to apologize, and how she wasn't surprised we were livid. Well, I was pretty happy, and my mother as well, who was in shock that my old store would practically accuse her of stealing.  She didn't have to send my gift cards, but it was still a nice gesture.

Well, one year later- and I never recieved those gift cards. I guess it was a nice attempt to make up for the sm, but still......

Like, seriously?

I work at an educational institute that is right near a pastry shop that our students and staff often frequent. Several times per semester we put in large orders for miscellaneous pastries from them. In my department, personally, we do a humongous (600+) pastry order at the beginning of every semester, plus at least a couple of smaller (30ish) pastry orders maybe once or twice a month. It goes the exact same way every time. In fact, my institute even has an order sheet we fill out with an account number so that they can invoice us at the end of the month instead of us paying with cash. I usually order with the same employee every time. And every single time she acts as if she's never seen me before and has no idea what I want. It generally goes like this:

Me: Hi, I'd like to order 670 miscellaneous pastries for Monday at 8 a.m. (I usually order the Wednesday or Thursday before I need them) and I'm ordering it for (company name).

Her: (gets a scared look on her face, asks her supervisor if it's "possible" for them to do this. The answer is always "yes").

Then I fill out the sheet and go away. When I come back to pick them up she usually looks at me like she has no idea what I'm in for. Then I have to count how many boxes they've put the pastries into and then order extra boxes in order to divy them up correctly.

Also sometimes the teachers phone in individual orders during the semester and then when I come in to pick up the orders and ask to charge it to my company she again does not recognize me and claims I have to pay with cash until her supervisor tells her it's okay to let me put it on my company's invoice. Seriously? I come in several times per semester and I ALWAYS put my order on the same form and yet you never have any idea who I am?

So this is mildly annoying, but then we get our invoice in for the $450.00 worth of pastries we ordered. And right underneath the charge for the pastries is an additional charge for $450.00...for the seven empty pastry boxes I ordered when I picked up the pastries. She had had me sign the sheet and said she would fill in the cost of the boxes after I left, but instead of filling in the correct price she just wrote " underneath the cost of the 670 pastries.

I know people make mistakes but wow, that's a reaaaaalllllly big mistake to make, especially since on the invoice it even says under merchandise that the product is "boxes". On top of the feigning ignorance every single time I go in there, it's just annoying.

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With all of these false accusations posts, I figure I toss in a story of my own.

I had been going to the same Albertson’s for about four years now, every other day, at least. I worked at a rival grocery store, and before this incident I actually shopped more that that place. The prices were better, it was a lot bigger, and had more variety. That, and it was sort of the halfway point to my bank, so I often stopped there to pick up something to eat and/or drink before heading home.

I had gotten the first of a series of nasty colds during the winter, to the point that I had called in sick. However, I still had bills to pay, so I had gone to the bank that day, looking like I had just rolled out of bed (so, I pretty much looked like crap), while wearing a large sweatshirt. Anyway, I do some business and decide to look around, to see if any cold medicine was on sale, or if anything stroked my fancy. The whole time I’m there, I’m listening to my ipod, aimlessly wandering the aisles, killing time, pretty much. It’s during this time I see the same short-haired employee nearly everywhere I go, and at one point I thought to ask her where something was, but other than that, I don’t think much of it.

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Two weeks ago I was part of a group of 8 friends who went out to dinner at a local IHOP. It was a mistake.

We get together for knitting and dinner every week, and used to go to that IHOP quite a lot. But after our regular server, Ashley, left them, the service deteriorated terribly and we stopped going. How happy we were to hear that Ashley was back there again!

Alas, the rumor was false. And the service was even worse than before.

The tables were sticky, the rug was dirty. The server brought half our drinks in styrofoam cups because "the kitchen was out of clean dishes". (WTF?) Then she disappeared for 20 minutes. We were finally able to place our orders, only to wait another half an hour with no food and our server nowhere in sight.

I finally got up and told a different server how long we had been waiting, was there a problem? He checked with the kitchen, came back, and said, "It takes a long time to make all those hamburgers". Only two people in our group had ordered hamburgers, and how long does it take to grill a hamburger anyway?

I should add that the place was almost empty, with only three other tables occupied.

After this complaint, though, our food came very quickly. Some of it was wrong, but we were hungry and decided to just deal. (No seasonings on the "seasoned fries", for example, no ketchup brought to the table, and my bacon was so cold it had little bits of congealed grease on it...)

Unfortunately, our server now started to hover. She dropped by much too often, interrupting our conversations to ask if everything was OK and refill the water. She started clearing plates while people were still eating off them! My friend was holding her sandwich in her hand when the server swooped in and took her plate out from under her, plopping another dirty plate down on top of the onion rings my friend had still wanted to eat.

We were then brought a bill for the entire table (no one had asked if we wanted separate checks, so we let that pass), and with the items listed on it in no particular order. It was a bit difficult to figure out which drinks and main dishes went with which person. We walked up to the cashier as a group, still figuring out who had to pay how much.

As one of my friends did her mental arithmetic, I was shocked to hear the cashier laugh at her, saying, "Do you always make your fingers dance like that when you think?"

In the parking lot, my husband and I decided that we should have responded, "If you'd ever try thinking, you might do it too."

They've lost regular service from us and from everyone we speak to.
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Old rant, but it still annoys me. Mostly because of the assumption that being young and female means I obviously must just be an attention-seeking hypochondriac instead of someone with legitimate medical problems.

Dear presumptuous and rude neurologist,

My doctor referred me to you because I was fainting multiple times per week at the point that she referred me. Telling me that you couldn't see why my doctor referred a "perfectly healthy young woman" to you without even looking at my medical charts before you made that statement was the first sign of suck to come.

However, when you told me that all my problems were all in my head, and "young girls get it into their head that something's wrong with them when they're actually fine", that was obnoxious. I suppose I imagined all of the minor injuries I sustained from falling all the time, hm? Telling me that endometriosis isn't a "real" medical problem, and that "everybody gets migraines" when we eventually discussed my medical history...no. I corrected you on the latter and mentioned that I'd had it formally diagnosed and had a migraine prescription.

Thanks so much for assuming that I was a hypochondriac. For the record, I later went on to be diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia and vasovagal syncope, both of which can cause fainting spells. "There's nothing neurologically wrong with you" would have sufficed, you jerk.

No love,



x__wicked__x's recent post inspired me to tell a slightly wtf_service tale that happened around Easter.

Around Easter my boyfriend began developing an ear infection. We headed over to our local pharmacy to pick up some ear drops. My boyfriend picked up a couple of other things, paid and as we left, we began beeping. The cashier asked us both to pass through individually and lo and behold, t'was I that beeped. The cashier continues to pass customers as she interrogates me. She asks me to pass my purse through, and it doesn't beep. I walk through, and it beeps. She asks me about what I could possibly have on me that would beep. By this time, she has stopped serving customers, and they have either piled up (all the while glaring at me) or left to go to another line. I get that it's their job, but by this point it was clearly obvious that a) I had nothing on me (I showed her inside my purse, inside my jacket, etc) and b) that she should have called someone to take me aside and settle it, I could do without the other customers gawking at me.

She repeats the question over and over again, as if the answer will magically change. I had a small jacket on and there was nothing in the pockets. Moments later, a woman flutters past us and ends up beeping, when she glances at the cashier, the cashier tells her it's okay to leave. The cashier turns to her co-worker and says, "what do you we do about this?" The cashier replies with, "I guess we have to let her go. Okay, you can go." And I refuse to go back. I wasn't traumatized, just a little embarrassed.


Few weeks ago, me and two of my friends went to shopping centre. There is this coffe bar/restaurant. We sat down and waited for the waitress or waiter to come. Nobody did. I mean - the wole restaurant was empty except two couples. After like 15 minutes we´ve had enough.My friend even said Excuse me few times as the waitress was passing us. No reaction.  They´ve must seen us because the room wasn´t that big. Another couple came and sat just behind us. We got up and were walking away, really angry and annoyed and THEN we saw a waitress coming to them saying Hello can i take your order down? I was like WTF was that?
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Minor rant about having blood taken

Dear Local Surgery,

So far in this life I have had blood taken only twice (excluding the numerous obligatory blood tests that I was subjected to as a prem baby). I thus realise that I may not be the most able to judge what is and is not correct policy on this matter.

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TL;DR: Delicate girl faints during blood test, nurse gets shirty when girl decides not to have any more blood taken that day. Next phlebotomist completely unaware of this, due to lack of any note made.

It's not nearly as bad as some of the things posted here, but I felt quite irritated about it at the time, and I'm glad to get it off my chest.
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a few friends and i have been going to the same denny's routinely for years. we always go in the wee hours of the morning so at one point all of the night waitresses knew us, until one night when we were greeted by a waitress we'd never seen before. it was about 2 or 3am and maybe one other table was occupied. our drink order came within a relatively reasonable amount of time but we weren't ready to order yet and asked her to come back. she disappears, returning at least twenty minutes later. fast forward to just after we get our food (a very long time later): the waitress is now sitting a few tables away from us talking to a waiter. while we're eating she doesn't bother refiling our drinks and another thirty minutes after we've finished she finally brings the check without asking if it needed to be separated. mind you, she's rude and short with us all throughout this experience, as if she's offended that we're forcing her to do her job. we're all extremely irritated and itching to speak to a supervisor, but of course there isn't one available, so we decide not to tip her.

the real kicker is what comes a week or so later. i unfortunately wasn't there for this incident, but my friends had her as a waitress again on their next visit. apparently she was still pretty pissed, and wasted no time with her revenge: when delivering the drink order, she tipped the entire tray of beverages onto the table without so much as an apology.

WTF service @ Subway

Dear Mr. Subway Boy Making My Sandwich,

While I really appreciate the fact that you wore gloves while you made my sandwich today, I don't think it was exactly smart of you to have reloaded the banana pepper container and then touched my sandwich with your banana pepper juice covered gloves. While personally I'm not bothered by banana peppers and I'm glad to say I couldn't taste anything on my sandwich, there are people out there who have allergies to certain things and cross contamination like that is probably not a good idea.

Just for your consideration,

PS. (Bonus WTF) I was about to open my mouth and say something when the sandwich maker's coworker came out from behind the back wall and lent his own WTF to the situation.

So, Subway Boy #2 comes out from the back with a phone in his hand and the following conversation ensued (and thus made me forget about the banana pepper juiced gloves until I got out of the store):

SB2: Yo, bro, why is [insert name I couldn't hear] calling me an idiot?!
SB1: Dude, is that MY phone?! Why are you looking at my phone?
SB2: They're talking about me! I can look at it cause they're talking about me!
SB1: The phone was locked. You had to unlock it to read it and you didn't know they were talking about you before you read my text!
SB2: It was totally unlocked, dude!
SB1: No, it wasn't. The screen was black. You had to have touched something to light the screen back up.
SB2: *guffawing laugh* Well, yeah, I opened it! But it wasn't locked! Why is this girl calling me an idiot?!
SB1: Because you are an idiot. How about you worry about yourself and stop touching my shit? Go put my phone away!

SB1 then proceeded to roll his eyes as he handed me my sandwich, muttering something about being stuck working the same shift as his coworker all the time.

Bad Service at a Diner

haha, I was wondering why there were SO many new posts lately and I finally just realized it's because bad_service made it to the front page

OK. Anyway, I love reading this community but I rarely post to it. But I have been reminded of some bad service (or weird service?) I received at our local diner last week.

It was kind of late, I'm guessing around 11PM. This is one of the few places open all night (or past 9PM even). I would hate to work there because a lot of the customer base is drunk/high college students. So I can understand that being a server at this restaurant probably sucks.

I had worked an 8 hour shift, from 1-9. I came home and was getting hungry, so at about 11 me and my friend decided to go to the diner to get some onion rings and a sundae. We get in, get seated, all seems well.

The waiter we had comes up and stands by our table and doesn't say anything. We kind of pause and hesitate, since him not saying anything to us is weird. We finally order after him just standing there speechless and I also ask for two waters. He runs off without a word.

He comes back in a reasonable amount of time with our onion rings but without water. He puts the onion rings on the table and bolts before I can remind him about the water. So we get through the onion rings and I am SO THIRSTY. The waiter comes back, but the to table next to us. He asks them if they need anything, they order. As he's leaving their table I try to get his attention to ask for water. But he ignores me and walks away.

He comes back to the table next to me and gives them whatever it was they ordered. He asks if they need anything else. The girl sitting at the table says, "No, but they (pointing at us) wanted water." He looks confused and darts off.

He comes back with our ice cream sundae but no water. He still doesn't say anything to us. I more forcefully tell him I would like water.

He returns shortly later with the bill.

He never spoke one word to us while we were there nor did he bring us the water I wanted. We rounded the tab up to the nearest dollar and left him a 30 cent tip.
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Follow up to this post.

I spoke to the manager at Hair Cuttery the other day. She assured me she would speak to the woman, and offered me a free haircut the next time I came in, but I politely declined. She was very, very nice and apologetic.  :)  

Current, front view: link
Current, side view: link

The side view is not exactly a side view, haha, though I think it's pretty easy to see how short it is. If it's not, do tell me, I don't mind taking a couple more pictures. Also, bad skin/eyebrows is bad.

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She said WHAT?!

This happened a while ago (about 6 months) but still angers me when I think about it!  And I wasn't there when it happened, otherwise the manager would have heard about it.

So, my fiance and I were and looked in different jewelery stores for wedding rings to see what styles we liked.  He went into Hannoush Jewelers while I was shopping elsewhere and looked around.  Keep in mind that we are super low-key people and my fiance is generally dressed in cargo shorts and whatever random t-shirt he decided to throw on that morning.  This does not, however, reflect our financial position.  Anyway, he found a ring he thought I would like and asked the woman working if he could see it.  She told him no.  When he asked why he couldn't look at it she told him that he couldn't see it because it was out of his price range.

Ummmmm, WHAT?????  I don't think so lady.  Lucky for her my fiance decided to just laugh at her, turn around, and leave.  I just couldn't believe she would assume what a customer could or could not afford.  It still disgusts me to think she insulted him in that way and risked losing business because she assumed he couldn't afford it.
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Deadly Sandwich and Rude Employee

This didn't happen to me but I was there to witness it. My mom and I were at our local grocery store one day and she ordered a toasted turkey sub from their deli counter. While she was waiting for her sub to go through the toaster, the woman behind her ordered a container of seafood salad that had lobster. She's allergic to shellfish and even the tiniest bit of contact could send her into anaphylactic shock.  Well, my mother was given her sandwich but noticed that the whole time, the girl had been wearing the same pair of gloves and my mother insisted that a new sandwich be made and explained to the woman that, if she ate the sandwich the woman had initially made, it could kill her.
The woman behind the counter was extremely rude and insisted that my mother would be fine because she was wearing gloves and didn't actually touch the salad, just the handle of the scoop. I then told the woman that any contact at all, even transfer could put my mother in the hospital. What does she do? SHE ROLLS HER EYES AT ME.
I had not ordered my sub yet and offered to take the turkey instead even though I wanted something else. While my mother's new sandwich was being made, I kept an eye on the woman and then after everything was made as best as it could have possibly been (what with the ignoramas behind the counter and all), my mother and I looked for the manager of the store. I explained to them that we had been shopping there for years and had never been treated that way before, especially since most of the staff there knew us because of the fact.
The manager explained that the girl was new (of course), but then tried to excuse her behavior by saying that maybe she just forgot to change gloves between orders. I don't know if all places are trained to do that or not, but most of the places I've worked where you have to handle food teach you to change gloves when you're handling different products because of possible allergy issues. Unfortunately, the place isn't a chain, it's an independent local store so there's no corporate office I could have written to. With the manager not being helpful at all, we simply told him we would be taking our business elsewhere and we'd make sure that our friends and relatives knew about the situation and how it was inefficiently handled.
I just needed to vent because the whole situation could have been terrible had we not seen what the girl was doing. So just a warning to everyone; watch who handles your food if you're in a situation where you can watch.