June 6th, 2009

the wheels of justice turn slowly...

...but they do turn.

Here is an update to this post in which I described how the world's laziest mailman felt it was just too much to ask for him to actually step up on my porch and push my mail through the letter slot, and instead decided to hurl it at my front door as he walked by.

This may be one of the most satisfying endings ever to a bad service story.

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tl;dr: Postal service branch manager rips lazy employee a new ass while customer listens in stunned amazement.

EDIT: Okay, okay. I'm glad that the guy got a talking to, because he absolutely deserved it (and I think the problem would have continued if I hadn't called and complained) but the branch manager was 100% wrong for blessing him out while he still had me on the phone. I never wanted him to do that and I was as gobsmacked as anybody when he did it. Just to clarify, I'm not reveling in the fact that the guy got humiliated, if he in fact felt that way. It's just so rare that we ever have proof of a manager actually DOING something about sucky service, you know?

Bad bus driver?

Here is the letter I wrote to the bus company.
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For people that do not want to read:
Bus driver would not leave until stroller was folded even though they were in the back and the baby was sleeping. (This could have been his rules or because of the couples race, this I do not know)
In the mean time he would also not let people off who asked.
Then on the route he didn't stop at the stops but instead the middle of the road.

EDIT: I understand that the race card is not always right. In this case I wrote it JUST IN CASE. If the driver follows this rule for everyone then it is not the case but if he doesn't then it be better to bring it up than not. Because they can get in trouble for that. If he is just following the rules then good. If not then bad.