June 5th, 2009


Witnessed bad service at the zoo

Short and sweet: Boyfriend and I went to the zoo yesterday. We decided to stop in "Safari Plaza", the little food court in the middle of the zoo, for lunch. It was a cafeteria-type place-- there's a line that winds around and then you get a tray, go through the line and pick off what you want, then pay for it at a register at the end.

Now the zoo was fairly busy, as it usually is. It was loud in the restaurant from the noise of yapping adults and shouting tots. However. The lady a row in front of me was standing at the register... and standing at the register... and standing at the register. And lo, it's because the worker has her BACK to the register and is chatting with her co-worker! Even though the place is packed! The woman has been saying "hellooooo? HELLOOOOOO?" and finally after a minute or so reaches over and taps the girl on the shoulder. Girl turns around and is like "Oh, hi." No apologies, just rings her up with a bored look on her face and then sticks her hand out for the money. UGH. Fortunately she had gone to the back before I went up to the cash.


Poor Form at Italian Restaurant

There's a nice little Italian place down the road from where I'm currently residing - Enzo's. Decent food at a good price. Service has usually been good. Until a group of us went out on Wednesday night.

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In summary: a man has an epileptic fit and staff stand around open-mouthed, then try to serve us food, and finally screw up the bill.

EDIT: My problem wasn't with staff not knowing what to do in the situation - obviously not everyone has first-aid training and it was a scary situation; it was with them bringing over the food with no regard for the man, obviously walking over with the sole purpose of staring, and the manager asking the woman to get her partner to "calm down and be quiet" when she was already trying her hardest.