June 3rd, 2009


Who's on First, What's on second

This is WTF service instead of Bad service, since the girl was nice, but she either was having a brain blitz kinda day or she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

At Kroger, picking up one of those massive 50lb bags of dog food for my hungry mutts, when I notice a DVD (Memoirs of a Geisha, by the by has been wedged under the bag of food. Being naive, I'm thinking someone accidentally left it there, but when I reach down and grab it I realize the box has been slashed and the actual DVD is missing. I decide to bring it to the front because I figure someone, loss prevention people, would want it, and also -- if I was on camera -- it looks rather shishty for me to bend down, pick up a DVD box, open it, and then stash it back.

So I take it to the cashier. Keep in mind this box is clearly slashed open, plastic wrapping in tatters. Script format now

Me: "I found this under the dog food."
Cashier: "Do you want to buy it?"
M: "No . . . I found it."
C: "Ok, so you don't wish to buy it?"
M: "No, the DVD is missing."
C: "Do you want me to find you one with the DVD?"
M: "No, I don't want it. The DVD was taken out."
C: "I'm sorry, but you can't return it if the DVD is missing."
M: "I'm not returning it! I found it in the store and someone stole the DVD from it. I'm giving it to you."
C: "So you don't want to buy it?"
M: "No . . . here's my  plus card."

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Update from cultural center b_s.

After a couple of days of difficulty with getting ahold of the center, I received exactly the response I was hoping to get. I received a letter of apology from the man who would not let us in, and I didn't have to ask for it. Here's what he had to say:


I would like to present my apologies for my actions on Saturday May 30 2009. My actions where done out of selfishness and to please myself and again I am very sorry.

I conducted myself very unprofessionally and was very impolite to the party involved. And I hope that they can raise above this and not act as selfish as I did, by making the Center suffer by them not renting again because I known that we appreciate their business.

So again please accept my apologies I was selfish and unprofessional.


He was spoken to and told that he was not to handle the situation like that, but rather to, next time, contact someone on the chair to figure out what should be done.

Furthermore, the director of the center called me this afternoon and we had a little chat. He told me how unhappy he was that this had happened and that they are working on new policies so that it does not happen again. In addition, they want us to give them a second chance and are going to let us use the room at no charge! Funnily, this was EXACTLY what I wanted to be done about it, and they were responsible (and smart) enough to take the initiative and do it rather than wait for me to ask for it. In addition I'm glad they owned up to what was genuinely bad_service, rather than defend an employee who was certainly in the wrong.
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So a girl walks into a Wal-mart...

So, this week Wal-Mart has jello pudding cups on sale, for 66 cents. Yay! Cheap! So, I head in to look for them, but can't find them. However, I see a young blonde kid stocking the freezer, so I decided to ask for help! All should be well, right? Wrong!

I ask if he knows where I can find aforementioned pudding. He says he isn't sure, that isn't really his department. Then he informs me that I should 'Just keep looking'. Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Miffed, I head on up to the checkout, find another employee, they help me with minimal problems (even leaving their station to do such), and I pay, and go on my merry way.

I did mention this to a manager, but her response was 'It's his first day'. Uh, and?

I know. Not the OMG WORST SERVICE ever, but it was still pretty damned rude.

Perhaps I over reacted a bit. -Shrugs- :) Ah well.
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Not awful, but irritating nonetheless...

I went to Kroger this evening for a couple of essentials. At this Kroger, there isn't an express lane with a cashier. Small orders can either go to regular lanes or use self-checkout lanes. I don't usually mind self-checkout, except when the machine does weird things.

Well, tonight the machine did a weird thing. It randomly stopped me from being able to scan and the screen said that a cashier had been notified to assist me. I know that the machines have sensors and stuff designed to prevent cheating, but I had just been scanning as normal and putting stuff in the bag carousel. I didn't have anything requiring ID, no produce, nothing tricky. So this holdup was a bit annoying.

Once this screen popped up, I looked toward the cashier station. No cashier in sight. No other employees in sight. This Kroger is chronically understaffed, so I prepared to wait. After a couple of minutes, the cashier came back and cleared the hold. Yay! On my way out, I noticed that she was holding scratch-off lotto tickets in her hand. As I walked out, I saw the scratch-off vending machine and realized that that's where she must have been.

I find it hard to believe that this chick couldn't wait until the end of her shift to buy her tickets. It's a vending machine and a 24-hour Kroger...the tickets aren't going anywhere! Way to have priorities, huh?