May 30th, 2009


Motel suck

I rolled into Northern Georgia the day before yesterday. I'm staying at a "motor inn", i.e. a cheap motel where there's no lobby, just open air hallways and stairs. I left yesterday morning to do some exploring and came back around noon. The door to my room was wide open. Someone from management told me that the doors were being painted, but I could still be in my room. I didn't want to sit in my room with the door propped open, so I asked how long it would take for the paint job to be finished. He told me half an hour.

I left to grab lunch, gas up, etc. I came back and the door was still propped open. The same guy followed me into my room, asking that I bear with them. I only stayed because I had nowhere else to go. I was exasperated, but tried to get him to leave me alone. He kept asking if I was tired and if I wanted to sleep. I said I did, but he didn't consider that his cue to leave, although he did after a few minutes. I still had to keep the door propped open for 2-3 hours. I chose to close it when the paint didn't feel too tacky anymore. Nobody came to tell me I could shut it.

This motel's located in a small town, so maybe they don't understand the security issue. It felt like they snuck in as soon as I left. There had clearly been people IN my room moving things around and using the bathroom, although nobody thought to make the bed or replace the towels.

Should I just expect this kind of annoyance from a cheap motel, or did they cross a line?