May 25th, 2009

funky 1

Bad service at a gas station.

It's a short story, and it happened to me about a year or so ago, but I recalled it and wanted to share.

So I roll up to a local Shell station to put some gas in my car like I always do. I take the little nozzle off the dock, I open my gas tank and stick in the nozzle. That's pretty normal, right? I mean, I'm not flailing around wildly or abusing it. Anyway, I swipe my card, start pumping, and not only does gas go IN to my car, but it starts coming out of the little gasket on the bottom of the pump nozzle. And all over me. The problem is, even if I release the handle, it's still spraying out (and there's a lot of it.)

Anyway, I manage to hit the emergency shutoff and walk into the gas station attendant place with jeans covered in gasoline and pretty fucking furious. I try to keep my cool and be like, "dude, your gas pump is broken."

Now I think if a customer walked in doused in flammable liquid complaining about a problem with one of your pumps, you'd be REALLY apologetic. But uh, no. The dude flips a shit.

"The hell did you do!?"

"The nozzle is..."

"Shut up, dude! What the hell's wrong with you? What kind of idiot can't pump gas without getting it everywhere?" 

I try to explain one more time what happened and the guy's still angry. I insist on not paying for the gas his pump shot all over the ground (that didn't go into my car) and try and explain that now, I'm going to be late for work. I'm not going to work covered in gasoline.

He refuses to refund my money. We back and forth for a bit and I toy with the idea of calling a police officer, but I'm covered in gas. I just wanted to get it off me.

At this point I headed home because the fumes were really ridiculous and I wanted to get clean. But wtf.

Moral of the story, don't ever go to the shell gasoline on the corner near Sesame Place. The one with the McDonalds.


MSG bad service I think

There is this fantastic restuarant in my part of world that serves thai food. The food is awesome. I have been there a couple of times and loved the food, the wine the service the everything.

Went there with a friend today. I heard a little rumour that they used MSG. A bit annoyed that I did not know earlier but I ignored it.

The majority that I go out I always ask the question if they use MSG. I am badly intolerant. I can get fatigue, mood swings and it can make me feel ill. I stay away from it. Some places I won't ask because they dont serve food that normally has it. Sadly in my part of the world a lot of asian places use it. So when I go for my fav type of food I have to ask who uses it and doesn't. I am terrified that I am going to offend people...but I have hardened up recently knowing that most places don't use it. It is also a well known fact that most asian places use it...therfore some have bad rep because of it. (Some italian places use it as well)

I went to this place and the person serving us...if they used MSG. Immediantly he went on the Defensive and said no quite abruptly. I told him why and he said he didn't care. We orded our meals and he walked off.
When he came over with our drinks I then made sure he knew I meant no offense. He then got worse and said that it was his restuarant and he did take offense. I apologised before he went to say he was offended because as an asian restaurant to be asked the question, is quite offensive. Again I Apologised and he walked off shaking his head.

We got our meals mebbe five minutes later. Another server came over for our empty glasses and was told not to worry about it but that he was trying to get rid of us.
The owner the ignored us for the rest of the night, the other server was quite nice and polite...
(I hope this all makes sense)
NB: In australia we dont tip. So no, no tip was given.

Went to awesome restuarant, got almost yelled at by manager for offending him about his use of MSG. Something I am allergic to. When really he should have been proud and not having a go.