May 24th, 2009

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This isn't horrible, but I'm really annoyed. I have a Suntrust check/debit card, and have had one for seven years or so. Until this year, I got a new card a year or so before my old one expired. Well, my current card expires in June, so in March, I mentioned to a teller that I hadn't gotten a new card yet, even though it'd always happened way in advance before. The teller looked at me blankly, said it was ok because it still worked, and told me that he couldn't do anything yet, because it didn't expire for months. I then asked a different teller this week, who first expressed surprise that I hadn't gotten a card automatically, then ordered a new card for me in about ninety seconds. She also told me that the previous teller could have done the same any time in the past year or so, and that this wasn't something to leave until the last minute. I mean, what happens if something goes wrong in the mail and I don't get my card on time? I'm definitely annoyed with the first guy.

A moment of WTF

I go to our Burger King up the street about three times a week, I know most of the staff but lately it's been that time where they are going through a turn over with school being out. The normal drive through guy has been doing other things or not there and tonight there was a new woman working the drive through.

The woman was a black lady who I had never seen before and she takes my order, I drive around where I sit and wait at the window. The lobby is closed so there are no customers in the BK. I wait a couple min and she finally comes from the back with a bucket for cleaning. As she comes around the corner she screams back at her co-worker this lovely gem. "I HATE WHITE PEOPLE"

I am sitting in my car with the radio on, the drive through window is closed and she is a good ten feet away from it. It was a moment of wtf and then a quick thought of she hasn't got my money yet, maybe I should just go down to the block to Krystals.

I catch a glimpse of her co-worker, the regular drive through guy and I really hope she was just joking because he is also white. Long story short she takes my money finally between cleaning jobs and I get my food. The woman wasn't really friendly but I am going to assume her first week and she was rushing to get her work done.