May 22nd, 2009

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TGIF bad service, somewhat happy ending?

On Wednesday, my father, mother and I went to the local TGIF for dinner. No one in the house wanted to cook and we decided it would be a nice treat to just get a good hamburger and tasty, tasty fries.

The place is doing a good business. No wait, but still a good amount of tables full. There's a huge, rowdy children's birthday party going on in one of the rooms. The hostess notices our look as we're seated in that section and says they should be gone soon, it's a 40 head party but they're almost done they're meal. My father decides to stay in the section, mainly because he wants a booth. Okay then.

A waitress comes by quickly to take our order. We all know what we want, so we order our drinks and food in one go.

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AmEx, you freakin' bastards

So, my husband arrived in London yesterday on a business trip, and on attempting to purchase a ticket for the Tube to take him from the airport to his hotel, found that his business AmEx card was no longer functional.

This is a traditional, no limit, AmEx card, not one of the more common consumer credit cards they've started offering in recent years. He's been traveling for multiple weeks of out the past 6 weeks and doesn't return to the US for another week and a half, so first, there's a shitload of expenses on that card, and second, he still needs to put another shitload of expenses on that card before he returns home.

So, what happened? According to AmEx, while their traditional cards have no limit on travel expenses, their traditional cards have and have always had limits on retail purchases. Okay, we're not even going to question that concept. But he's been traveling on this card for years, often gathering retail expenses in excess of what is currently on this card.

First, they tried to claim that his retail limit had always been what it is, and that he'd just encountered it for the first time. Only, the conference fee which is now "blocking" his card, he's put on that card for the past 5 years without a problem. And the conference fee ITSELF is over the limit they're claiming his card has always had.

Then, they tried to claim that his company explicitly requested that his limit be lowered to the limit that now exists. His company is currently WTFing at AmEx, and probably running around like chickens with their heads cut off, because my husband is nowhere near their most extensive business traveler, and if AmEx imposed/lowered this limit on all their employees across the board, all hell is probably about to break loose. Over Memorial Day Weekend.

AmEx is also refusing to raise that limit in order to carry my husband through the rest of his business trip, and is trying to insist that his company pay off expenses on the card immediately if they want his card to function again for non-travel expenses.

Also, please see the first sentence of my post. Apparently, purchasing a ticket on the London Tube is categorized as a "retail" purchase, not a "travel" purchase.

Telstra....need I say more...

Okay I will.

More of a WTF the long and sorry saga we have experienced with Telstra has left me agape and confused and angry. But I won't go through the whole thing here, I have posted about it before.

Briefly - we moved house 12 months ago. Cancelled our Foxtel (cable) and telephone. Finally got our new phone at new house (another long saga).

Okay at the time we were told to take our old equipment with us for both, and have installed at new house. Which we did.

Foxtel:- They didn't bill us for six months, and then tried to charge us an exhorbitant amount for non-return of equipment...which we are using at new house, as ordered by them.

Eventually this is sorted, through long, involved and confusing phone conversations.

Telephone:- This is the finaly saga, I hope. TODAY I received an account for an overdue fee for our cancelled service, saying that if we wanted to reconnect the service we would have to pay it. This is the phone we cancelled at old place.

I phone yet again, lost count of the number of times I have had to sit on phone for an hour or more. Turns out they have been charging us RENTAL for the old phone, which we were ordered to take to new house, and which we have been paying RENTAL on at new house. So in fact they are trying to get rental TWICE on the one phone.

At no time have we received any bills over the LAST TWELVE MONTHS re this old phone account.

I think this is sorted, finally. But I'm not 100% sure. I did feel a bit sorry for the poor girl I got today, but I did try and be polite, never raised my voice, said please and thank you, but she could have told I was a little miffed.

So moral of the story is. If you move house, don't take old equipment with you, return it and get new equipment. That way you won't confuse the poor widdle things.

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just some funny "bad service" i wanted to share.

the other day I stopped by a Wendy's b/c I was craving a frosty. I had to use the inside b/c my van can't use the drive-thru (plus it has another restaurant's logo on it, i felt guilty!) So it was empty inside and there was one guy behind a register on his cell, either texting or reading. Right as I got to the register, he put his cell down and started to walk away but then noticed me standing there. He kind of shook his head to refocus himself and then started talking to me. I thought i was going to get the friendly "hi, welcome to Wendy's, what can i get for you?"

but no.. no.

I got "oh sorry, i didn't see you. I'm a little distracted. see i just read that my 15 year old neice is pregnant, the baby is due next tuesday and I'm just now finding out! I'm gonna kick her ass"


me: "ummmm... ok. Can i get a chocolate twisted frosty with m&M's? thx"

it was all i could do not to laugh! Talk about TMI with a perfect stranger. Then threatening to beat up a child/female/pregnant person all in the same breath AND cussing while doing so. A+ experience.