May 21st, 2009


Two friends and I decided to grab a bite to eat at McDonald's last night before going for some drinks. Now, I had worked a year and a half at McDonald's and my friend X was currently working at one. My friend Y goes to order and...

There are two separate lines of practically equal customers. When it is our turn to order, she calls a customer out of the other line and serves him before us. I order and so does X. We are told we have to pay for a BBQ sauce for our fries despite this not being the fact, but we don't really care enough to raise any issue. (One sauce free for all fries, one sauce for 4 nuggets, 2 for 6, 3 for 10, at least at the McDonald's we worked at...but I guess not this one)

My friend Y goes to order and this happens

Y: I'm wondering, do you have any ice cream cones left? (Seeing as though the ice cream station had no cones)
Cashier: You want an ice cream cone?
Y: Are there any?
Cashier: *walks away to prepare our orders, comes back* So you want an ice cream cone?
Y: Uh, yes please.
Cashier: 1.57$
Y: *hands her 2.57*
Cashier: *closes her cash and begins to walk away*
Y: And my change?
Cashier: *stares blankly*
Y: I gave you 2.57, I should get 1$ back in change.
Cashier: (In french, there are different ways of putting the same phrase, and informal and formal crap. So, basically, she told my friend "calme-toi" which I find is the rude version of "please calm down")
Y: About what? I'm just asking for my change. (My friend had a level head the entire time, wasn't rude, just asking for her change back(
Cashier: *still not giving her change back, walks over to another employee and begins to loudly shit-talk Y, accusing her of trying to scam a buck out of her cash*
Y: We can hear you, you know.

She then walks back to her cash ignoring us and begins serving ANOTHER customer, at that point I just called a manager over, explained, and he opened her cash and gave the money back.
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Doctors suck

A recent post reminded me of my ongoing medical issues. It actually began in 2003, when I fell down twice, and hit my knee and elbow twice on pavement, about a month apart.

After the second fall, I went to the ER near my dorms, and the ER doctor assumed it was a deep muscle bruise around my knee and elbow, and to give it time to heal. Believing him, I went back to my dorms, stayed off my knee and elbow for a couple of days, and all was better, or so I thought.

About a year later, my knee started to hurt every now and then when I used the stairs at my university and at home. I just shrugged it off and assumed it was just my getting used to it. This kept on for a little while.

January of 2007, I moved back into the dorms, and was walking uphill a lot. All of a sudden, I got an intense pain in my knee. It got to the point where I couldn't walk anymore without pain. I saw two different general car doctors, both harped on me about my weight, told me it was weight related, just lose weight, and they handed me a diet phamplet. Nevermind the fact that I was losing weight, and my other knee was completely fine.

I lost about 40 more pounds, the pain in my knee got worse. Finally, I was fed up with those doctors, and transferred to a new doctor, after moving back to my hometown in 2008. Upon seeing the new doctor, I flat out told him that it was not weight related, I didn't want pain mangement. I just wanted my knee fixed. A few months later, after a few x rays, ct scans, he referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon.

The surgeon, upon seeing me on my first visit, immediately said I needed surgery. He was almost certain I had torn my meniscus in 2003. I had surgery this March. He found two bad tears in my meniscus, and apparently I've developed arthisis in my knee, somehow.

Now I'm going through physical therapy. I won't be able to do any sports or do anything high impact for about a year.... I was really looking forward to getting back into fencing. Oh wells, one more year won't hurt, I suppose.

All in all, I'm glad the surgeon found what was wrong and took me seriously enough. I'm still angry at the other doctors (not the one that referred me, he did listen to me finally!) that didn't listen to me. The surgeon was surprised that the others were so quick to shrug it off as being weight related, since my symptoms were pretty obvious.

Oh wells. That's my story for now. Sorry for it being so long! And sorry about spelling mistakes if any. I typed it all out on my phone waiting for my physical therapy appointment.
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I hate my medical insurance

Backstory: I have Oxford medical insurance, and its under my dad's name because I'm still a full-time college student. I switched doctors because I became to old to go to my pediatrician, who I was seeing for the past 10 years, and I've had Oxford pretty much the entire time. I went to my new doctor on Saturday to get my PPD test done because I needed it for Student Teaching because there was a special form they had to sign. I fill out my paperwork, and they ask me if I called Oxford and switched my primary care physician. I said no, because I didn't know that I had to. They told me to call Oxford on Monday and ask them to backdate the date that its switched so I'm covered for that visit (it couldn't be changed because I NEEDED this done by Wednesday because I had to hand the paper in).

Let the bad service begin: So I called Oxford on Monday and I was told that because of my plan, I didn't need to specify a primary care physician, but they could if I wanted to, but they can't backdate it. I took down a reference number, and thought all was well. I went and got the test read that day, and let them know that I called. Well today they called me and told me that since this is being dated as taking effect on Monday, the doctor won't get paid, and I'll get a bill, so I have to call Oxford again.

I called them while at work and tried explaining to the guy that I was speaking with what the office had told me. He kept on insisting that I won't be billed, that my insurance doesn't require a primary care physician to be specified, and I could see any primary that I want. I asked him for a reference number, he gave it to me and told me to "have them call him so they can be educated on your plan". I wanted to hit him through the phone, he was so rude! I ran over to the office because they're adjacent to mine (I work at a medical office), and explained to them what he told me. They pull my info up on Oxford's website, and it said right there that I needed a primary specified! But to give them both reference numbers, with when I called, so that way when it goes to billing, they can take it up with Oxford.

This insurance is giving me nothing but problems- one of my specialists is no longer in network (but he accepts my secondary, so that's good), they stopped authorizing my physical therapy, and now this!


Textbook ordering FAIL.

So I am a theatre student. For those unaware, this means EXPENSIVE TEXTBOOKS. For my Shakespeare class this semester, I was required to have two seperate volumes of the First Folio(as well as a bunch of other crap, but these books are the ones with the bad_service attached) in my hands for the class start date of... Tomorrow.

So, good little girl that I am, I went online and did some price comparisons before I bought(since both these volumes retail at at least $115 each, and I'm poor). I found a good deal at and placed my order on May 5th. I was sent a confirmation email and told that shipping would take 5-10 days max. I printed out the email and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

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