May 19th, 2009

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Boo Tires Plus

My family and I do a lot of business with Tires Plus. I have a charge account with them and we use it to regularly service 5 different cars. For me, this usually meant just oil changes and tire rotations. In 2007, I bought a Civic Hybrid and discovered that Tires Plus doesn't service hybrids. Understandable.

Last night, I got a flat tire. A piece of metal pierced the tire and it looked fixable. So I got up extra early this morning to get it fixed, which doubly sucked because I had a doctor's appointment at 8:40am that I could not miss. To make things even better, the office is across town from the nearest Tires Plus. In the meantime, the car had a donut tire (is there a technical term for this kind of tire?) on it and I only drove it down the street to the train station to get to work. I was certainly not going to drive it to my appointment.

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TL;DR: Tires Plus guy takes advantage of the fact that I have to get my tire issue taken care of right then. He tells me that they can't repair my tire because I have a hybrid, but he sure can put a new tire on said hybrid. I accept that I might have convinced him that his logic made no sense, but I did not argue with him and instead shelled out $90 when I should have paid $30 for the repair on the old tire.

ETA: The manager of the store called me just now. He didn't apologize and was rather terse when he asked me what I wanted him to do. I asked for the difference and he said that was fine, but that I needed to come to the store to have the credit applied to my account. So I guess this works out in my favor, since I get a new tire at the price of an old tire repair.

While I was waiting to hear back, I remembered that I had a tire repair done with Tires Plus before. I wasn't sure whether that was with my hybrid or my previous Civic, but after digging through my LJ, I found out it was on my hybrid. Too bad I didn't remember that this morning!