May 18th, 2009

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5/3 signed me up for a credit card without my approval

I got a call from a man I will call Jay at 5/3 bank last Wednesday about a mortgage I carried with them. The short of the conversation was the rates have gone down and they're trying to retain customers and wanted to slide me into a lower rate / probably try and catch me on closing costs.

The difference a year would be been considerable based on just the face of it, so I talked with Jay for a bit and made him tell me information they had on file for me was just to make sure I was talking with the real bank and not some scammer. They had my loan number, social security number, phone, address, age, marital status, and a phone number that was enough to convince me I was talking with an authorized rep of 5/3. They asked a couple of questions about the current status of the house and neighborhood and asked about my employment currently. It had been several years since I had the original loan so this question did not set off any red phishing flags, that and the fact that I only told them an estimate of what the current housing market value of the place was and that my employment was the same.

My bet was when talking with him that the rates were going to be lower because the term was longer and they would roll a lot of costs into the loan and spread it out, but I asked him to send me an amortization schedule on the 2 different ways that they were proposing to refinance so I could look at the final tally.

He told me another person would be calling me later that afternoon or the next day and I thought nothing of it. I got no call the next day and assume I got no call the next (phone issues caused me to not have service most of Friday) but on Saturday I got a new 5/3 Mastercard credit card with a $20,000 limit.

It was too late when I got the card to reach the 5/3 Mastercard line (according to the recording, I missed them by 9 minutes). I suspected Jay had signed me up at this point but had no proof and subsequently put it out of my mind for the weekend.

Today I called 5/3's Mastercard number, talked with a rep who understood that I did not really want my credit score to take a hit of having 20K in useless credit on it, nor had I signed up for it. She did a little investigation and found out that the person who had signed me up for it was indeed Jay at 5/3, she closed the account for me (no issues whatsoever with Mastercard's customer service) gave me his number (same as was on my phone) and I called and left a message.

2 hours later I called again after hearing nothing and spoke with the operator, subsequently the CS manager who apologized and said he would take care of it.

At this point I get a call from Jay who was at a different location and I am speculating had just got my message off his voicemail. He told me he had indeed done that, was sorry about it and said that the 5/3s in this region were now signing people up for credit cards when they agreed to look at a new mortgage. He said they were supposed to ask but people have not been at the unspoken request of mgmt to get the sales up or get their ass out.

I told him that this was fraud since they did not get my approval, he took responsibility and said he had done it and should have asked. I tell him that with what he told me this is organized consumer fraud I am reporting the company to the BBB and that although annoyed with the situation I understand that he's been instructed to do this.

I get a call a little later from Jay. At this point I believe he had told his manager I planned to place a BBB complaint / talk to someone about this fraud. The short of it now was whatever happened the manager was going to point all complaints at this guy / if corporate got bugged by me enough they were going to hang Jay out to dry.

So, I'm wondering - at this point, with the card canceled, I'm fine and can just walk away. If I squawk much about this it'll just drop down on Jay, who if he's telling the truth is being pressured along with his co-workers to commit illegal acts in order to stay employed, or do I walk away with a bunch of apologies and ignore the thing.
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Burger King

My husband went to BK to get himself some lunch and surprised me with some cheesy tots (yuuum!). I ate two of them, but they were cold, burnt, and chewy. I told my husband this and he explained to me (he used to work at that exact BK to help out his friend who was the SM, so he knows what all they do) that to save time, they pre-cook some fried foods, leave them under a heater, then drop them in the grease again to reheat them.

Ew. And that's exactly what they tasted like. Normally I would just throw them away and call it a loss, but I had to go to Publix anyway (which is conveniently in the same parking lot), so I dropped into BK and the manager was already at the register:

Me: My husband just bought these tots, and they taste reheated and gross *hands over tots and receipt*, so I would just like some fresh ones, please.
Mgr: No problem. *tosses old tots and calls for new tots to be made*

So I step off to the side to wait when an employee walks around the corner from the drive thru and stands slightly back from the counter with her arms crossed and her head bobbin' with an attitude. She starts talking to the manager whose back was facing me and she was looking very pointedly at me as she said:

"Mmmhm! My case in point. Them things should be breakfast only."

She pauses and waits for my reaction, but I'm not taking the bait. I continued looking around, reading various signs while I wait, so that was her cue to keep going on, loudly:

"Mmhm, case in point. Cheesy tots is BREAKFAST FOOD not ALL DAY food."

Again, I didn't acknowledge her, so she stalked back to her drive thru window. Moments later my order came up and the manager handed me the bag.

Me: Thank you, but I don't appreciate your employee making loud, rude comments about my order. Clearly she does not own BK, and BK thought it wise to serve their customers what they want, including moving cheesy tots to the all day menu. She doesn't have to agree with it, but the blatantly loud and rude comments were completely unnecessary.

His response?

"She wasn't talking to you. She was talking to me."

At that point I just walked out and got the direct number to the local corporate office from our friend. When I called the lady I told her that I don't want coupons and I don't want free stuff, I just want those people to learn some self control. Ugh.

This is still an issue in progress

I recently stayed at a nice hotel by the name of Crowne and Plaza. I've been to others of this hotel chain and have had a mighty good time an no complications. It was not to end as such this time around.

So, me and some friends shared a room and split the cost by way of cash and debit for my share. This was also normally not a problem. We told them that we would like to pay cash on check out and they agreed as long as we had a card on file--it was one of my friend's and we're still good.

Flash forward to earlier this week, where I try to buy something for $3.04 and find my card declined. I freak out and check my back statement only to find hell waiting. Turns out the Crowne charged me $95.21 causing my card to overdraft. This charge wasn't even something that should have happened considering I was not the main card on the account and our hotel bill showed that we owed the hotel nothing anyway. They later refunded me the amount (without me asking or knowing of the charge)...after five days of overdraft fees had already accrued to the tune of $170 dollars.

My bank is saying it's not their fault and Crowne is saying they aren't at fault either. So I'm $170 short and no one's doing anything. I'm still being yanked around on a chain trying to get a response out of someone--because someone owes $170 dollars and it sure as hell isn't me.