May 17th, 2009

Oh Noes (RE)

Problems with Enterprise

My car has a habit of staging protests in the form of breakdowns after extended highway driving so I decided to rent a car for the first time for a weekend trip. I called up a local Enterprise and made a reservation. The service rep took my general info, told me that there would be an underage fee since I'm only 21 and asked if I had a major card to put the reservation on. I said my debit card had a Visa logo on it and she told me that was fine and I should pick up the car at 10:30 AM. I had a communion to go to at 12 and thought an hour and a half was plenty of time in advance.

I arrived at the office with my ride at about 10:15, gave the woman my license and card when I was told that the debit card was frowned upon and I would need to provide much more information as such. She asked if my apartment was in my name, which it is, and if I was employed, which I am. So the woman went over to her computer and used a 411 website to look up my address which was still listed under my mother's name even though the lease has been in my name since October '08. She asks me if I have a utility bill in my name which of course I don't (who just randomly carries that around?) She offers to let me use the computer to pull up a utility website and print a bill but conveniently forgets that all of those websites are blocked. I'm told I can either go home and get a bill or be SOL. There was no way to make it home and back to Enterprise with out being massively late to the communion so I ask to speak with a manager. Lucky me, she is the manager (I really didn't believe her but didn't have time to fight). Another employee suggests a library nearby which I make use of to print out a payment and billing summary.

I come back to Enterprise and have the "manager" tell me that wasn't sufficient either and I needed an actual bill. I explain there was no option to print out a bill on the website and the payment history should suffice since it has my name, address, account number and proof that I've been paying it for six months. I continue to voice my opinion on how ridiculous this all is since it's now 11:30 until she calls another branch who apparently magically have access to websites over there and it's fine. She totals it all up and while the original woman on the phone told me it would be $155 for the weekend she neglected to tell me about the additional $250 as a deposit. Luckily for me I can bank from my phone and was able to transfer money on the spot. I pretty much won't be renting a car again in the foreseeable future. I regret not getting the original phone rep's name since if she had told me I needed all this information for a debit card rental this all could have been avoided.

TL;DR Call to rent a car & am told all's good and it'll be $155. Actually go to pick it up and find I need to provide a wealth of information just short of a blood sample and with the deposit my total really comes to $405

How's this for bad service?

I checked the rules, and this wasn't listed as not allowed sooooo...

A worker at Radio Shack was arrested for punching a customer.

Officers arrested 52-year-old James Knol of Eau Claire on Sunday night for disorderly conduct and battery.

According to the police report, 56-year-old Leigh Carey was trying to return something at the Radio Shack on Clairemont Avenue.

Carey told investigators Knol wouldn't let him, so he asked to talk to a manager.

That's when he says Knol started punching him and a witness called 911.

Knol is due in court May 19.


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A remembered BS inspired by this post.

I'm vegan. I like tomato pie.

Most pizza places around here offer a tomato pie on their menus, but some of them like to sprinkle a bit of cheese on top. No biggie, I just specify that I want a tomato pie with absolutely no cheese. Seriously, I even bust out those mad HTML skills over the phone. :O

I never really had a problem doing this, and a few places have even asked if I'm vegan. Sah-weeet. But last summer, I had a ridiculous/kind of funny experience. I called up my local hole-in-the-wall, ordered my 10" tomato pie with absolutely no cheese, yada yada yada. Delivery guy shows up, I pay him, we're cool. I'd ordered from this place before, so I didn't bother to check the pizza before he left. Oops. I opened the box, and it looks like there's a ton of garlic. Like, a nauseating amount. I sniff it... nope, that's cheese. Gross. Called the pizza place back, and the following exchange occurred.

Me: I ordered a 10" personal tomato pie without any cheese, and I just got it and it's covered in cheese.
Same guy who took my order: Huh?
Me: Yeah, about 20 minutes ago I ordered a pizza and I specified no cheese, and it's covered in grated cheese.
Pizza man: Oh, yes yes yes. It's romano.
Me: ...okay? I asked for it without any cheese.
Pizza man: Well, it's like, it's not cheese like we usually do. Just sauce and spices would not taste nice.
Me: Welllll, first of all, I've had your tomato pie without any cheese before, and it tastes great. Second of all, romano is cheese, and I don't eat cheese, and I'd like another pizza.
Pizza man: ...seriously?
Me: Um, yeah.
Pizza man: (sighing) Fine, I just try to help.

Uh, what? You could have helped by making me what I frickin' ordered.

Sooo, delivery guy comes back with a new pizza, apologizing profusely. Whatevs, it's not his fault. I tip him again and give him a free tomato pie with romano not cheese like they usually do and thank him for putting up with my nitpicking.

Like the last poster said, why on earth do people feel the need to overcompensate? If I order something, that typically means I like it that way. :/

That's two double burgers, large fries, hold the argument....

I know, I know, expecting GOOD service from McDonald's is kind of like looking for a ruby in a mountain of gravel.

Nevertheless, this one was unusually egregious.

Yesterday we omitted to pack a lunch and went through the drive-through at McD's on Plum. My SO ordered a double quarter-pounder, large fries, and we also had a coupon for BOGO, so that made two double quarter-pounders, one large fries.

At the speaker we had the first issue, as the girl taking our order seemed to have problems punching in the DOUBLE quarter-pounder rather than the ordinary version. A couple repetitions failed to clarify matters and when she said "Your total is $X at the first window *click*", the text on the screen still said two quarter-pounders.

So we drove ahead prepared to discuss it at the window in person. When we got there, the teenage employee actually tried to argue with us about what we'd ordered. I was passenger, so my boyfriend was doing all the debating, but every time he restated (TWO, DOUBLE quarter-pounders with a LARGE FRIES), she would nod and then say "So that's two quarter-pounders--" which eventually led to him interrupting her and raising his voice. Finally it seemed to sink in, and she called over another employee to help her void the transaction and punch in the correct order.

Our total, apparently, was $Y. We paid with a ten and pulled ahead.

On studying the receipt, the order STILL wasn't right. A Large Diet Coke had materialized on the total, which was a mystery to us both as the word "coke" never passed his lips.

So at the forward window, we pointed this out, asking for a manager.

The manager, to give credit where it's due, was indeed apologetic, but dayamn. I've never run across anyone so determined to get the order wrong.