May 16th, 2009


Auto Zone Suck

Auto Zone is an auto parts store, a lot like Napa or Schucks etc.

I went in there a few weeks ago to pick up some new suspension springs for my car and while I was there the clerk informed me that I could rent a spring compressor from them for free. Rather than having to spend 50 bucks on a tool I'd be using once I decided to go for it. The terms of the rental are Auto Zone charges my card for 33 bucks and when I return the item they put the money back on my card.

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Good intentions, bad service?

I guess I'm just putting this out there to see if I'm the only person who gets frustrated when restaurants try to overcompensate for me.

I have a lot of dietary issues, and therefore honestly can't remember the last time I didn't have to special-order my meal. Waiters who mix up my meal don't even frustrate me, I know it can be hard to remember to catch everything especially when they're not allowed to write it down. But some people try to overcompensate for what they deem my lack of a meal.

For instance, I get meatless burgers at McDonalds. They're delicious :) Just a regular cheeseburger, with no meat. But every once in a while I guess the lineworker cares, and decides they can make up for my lack of a patty by smothering my bun in ketchup/onions/pickles. At first I just figured it was a slip of the wrist; they put too much on and couldn't take it off, oh well. But I've been witness to two of the workers having a discussion about whether they should put tomatoes or lettuce or something extra on top since I didn't want the meat. I enjoy soggy burgers dripping with condiments as much as the next guy, if said guy exists. Ick.

Even tonight, I ordered a simple turkey club from a restaurant in town. I'm allergic to tomatoes and don't eat bacon, so just the turkey and lettuce for me and that's how I like it. I know it's small, but they didn't mention buttering the bread on the menu. I absolutely hate buttered sandwiches and for the life of me can't figure out why people do it. I'm also mildly lactose intolerant. But even that's fine, I should have asked! The sandwich, though, was literally dripping when I picked it up. The bread was soaked through. And I've ordered their clubs before, but I guess this time the cook decided to double up on the meat for me which I just end up picking off and throwing out.

These are only two examples, but I could go on and on. These aren't just isolated incidents. I know I'm a waiter's nightmare so I feel really prissy complaining about this, but after years of the same thing it's starting to become really irritating. When I'm paying $12 for a sandwich I kind of want what I ordered, plain and simple, literally. My meals are simple, and that's how I like them :) I don't ask for extra anything as a substitution because I don't WANT it, then I end up spending a few minutes trying to salvage my meal by picking through to dispose of whatever extras they decided to throw in.

It's a nice thought, but I just want what I order :( Sorry if this seems really unimportant, but I hope anyone whose experienced it over and over can agree with me.