May 14th, 2009


Way to drop the ball, Alltel!

Backstory: Monday, while walking home from work, my phone slipped out of my shallow pocket of my work hoodie and fully cracked where my monitor hooks to the keypad. Desperate and not wanting to pay $200+ for a new phone, and not necessarily trusting the quality of phones on eBay, I posted a general status message on Facebook to see if any of my friends had an Alltel phone that they were willing to part with. Low & behold, one of my good friends had a citrus LG Scoop, which was the next phone on my wishlist. $20 bucks later, it was mine!

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super mellie - Failed Delivery & Fighting For A Refund

I ordered Mother's Day flowers on Thursday, May 7th. I normally order my mother flowers through, but they were unable to deliver over Mother's Day weekend so I ordered through instead. Bad idea.

I requested the flowers be delivered any time during the day on Saturday, May 9th. I was moving over Mother's Day weekend and was unable to call my mother, so I waited until Monday to catch up with her. I realised after I hung up that she'd never mentioned the flowers and spent the rest of the day a little upset that she hadn't acknowledged them.

I spoke to her again on Tuesday about something else and asked her outright if she'd ever received flowers from me. She said no. I called Bloomex's customer service line, which is just an answering machine where you leave your name and number for a call back. I left them, waited about four hours, then tried their Live Chat Customer Service feature. The woman who replied to me told me that she was finishing up with another customer and would be with me in a minute, then left the chat.

I sent an e-mail to their customer service address with my order number, again explaining that I had placed an order that had never been fulfilled and I would like to know how to get a refund. I waited a day and received no response.

I tried calling their customer service number again, but this time I pressed the button to place an order, hoping to get a live person. Someone picked up very quickly. I explained my situation, and the lady on the other end of the line told me that she was unable to help me. I explained that I had tried several avenues to lodge my complaint and asked whether there was any way she could put me through to someone who might be able to help me. She said that she would send an e-mail to customer service herself. Again, I received no response.

I tried their Live Chat again today and finally got a response. The lady asked for my order number, explained that the order was wired to the local flower shop but they never received it, and said that Accounting would process a refund for me. She didn't apologize. I thanked her and asked how long the refund would take to process, and she told me it would be 24 hours. I explained that I have had a lot of trouble getting in contact with anyone in Customer Service and told her that if I do not receive a refund within 24 hours I will be disputing the charge. She said that they were trying to catch up from Mother's Day, but still didn't apologize - either for the lost order or the difficulty in getting anyone to help process my refund. I also wonder how many other orders they must have messed up to STILL be understaffed dealing with complaints four days after the holiday.

I will be checking my online credit card account on Monday to see whether the refund has been processed, and if not I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge. My mother gave me the number of her local florist for the next time I place an order, I definitely won't be going through Bloomex again.
peacefully ever after

Would you have complained about this?

I was at the grocery store after work today to pick some random things up. I unloaded my basket onto the conveyor and looked up to realize that the girl I thought was just standing near the cashier chatting, was actually giving him a lower-back massage.

Now, I'm a very touchy-feely person, and I have absolutely no problem with cashiers chatting with coworkers and such while scanning my items, but seriously? A massage? It made me extremely uncomfortable, and I tried to just not look. When I handed the guy my loyalty card, the girl winked at me and commented about making him feel good. I hadn't planned on saying anything, but after that, I told her that I felt that it was very inappropriate for work. They both gave me nasty looks, and she walked away.

I was going to complain to a manager, but I was tired and stressed from work, so I was afraid I was over-reacting.

From now on, I'll just go to the Vons a mile down the road. Less convenient after work, but the employees have never been less than amazing to me.