May 13th, 2009

AVPM: It's on Mars

bad health insurance service

I'm so pissed off at my health insurance company.
Okay, so i have a health insurance with this company, and i pay €87 per month. But here's the thing: I'm going to the US for a year for my internship, and health insurance is included in the work permit fee, so when i'm there, i have a health insurance (which is way cheaper by the way, only about $35 a month). Today, i called the company to ask them if i could stop my insurance for a year, since i wouldn't be using it anyway, as i would have a new one. The lady on the phone was very...uninterested and basically told me that no, she couldn't do that. Even thoug i won't even be LIVING here, and won't be using it for a year and will have TWO health insurances, and will pay €1044 (=$1421) for a health insurance I won't and CANT even use.
Oh yeah sure, next to my much more expensive rent, a plane ticket, the huge amount i have to pay for a work permit and a visa and the fee i have to pay the school, i can miss €87 a month. No problem.

Theaving gas station

I acquired a nail in my tire yesterday so I took it to a gas station before it was too flat to do anything with, and merrily hopped off to work. I got back a couple hours later and picked up the car with the spare and took the flat to a tire place to be repaired which would be ready today. Overnight a friend threw an impromptu party so I rolled up with my tripod-like car and attempt to grab the party favors I keep in my trunk. Only they're gone. The guy who replaced the flat with the spare decided that my two bottles of alcohol should count as a tip, and just forgot to mention it to me. I'm absolutely livid now, and will be making outraged complaints to the management letting them know their employee is a thief.
mamo-chan to paati! demo eigo x_x

Stop me if you've heard this one...

So I check my bank account online yesterday. Oh my, it's $126 in the hole. What? There's a $175 overdraft fee posted. ...
...So the overdraft fee is more than what I'm in the hole for. Which means...yes, They charged me for overdrafting BEFORE I overdrafted. Big thanks, Wachovia. So more charges go through, which wouldn't have overdrafted if it weren't for, hey, the overdraft fee, wtf. I check it this morning, and I have another round of overdraft fees, putting me in the hole for a total of $300.

I call Wachovia. After getting an ad for Wachovia banking as my hold Muzak, I'm told that I'm charged $35 every time I swipe my card when I don't have a certain amount of money in my account. WHAT?! Not only that, because Wachovia pulled this shenanigan last month and they gave me a "courtesy" and took off some of the charges which weren't supposed to be there in the first place, they can't do anything this time.

ARGH. Was it good for you, Wachovia? Huh? I'm investing in a freakin' mattress to put my money in after this, I swear.

(no subject)

My area has been declared a disaster area by our governor.

We've got trees down everywhere, powerlines all over the place, people have been without electricity since last Friday (we got it back at my inlaws' last night).

We had what some are referring to as an "inland hurricane". In all reality, it was a massive microburst, but it looked like a hurricane on the radar and the winds were that of a category 2 hurricane.

My house survived with minimal damage, compared to some. I need a new roof due to hail damage.

My other issue is my weatherhead and power meter were ripped from my home. The powerline was ripped from the meter.

This is my first experience with something like this. I was getting conflicting information. Some people were telling me that Ameren (my electric provider) was responsible for putting everything back on my house and re-hooking up my line since it was "an act of god". Others told me that I'd have to get a certified electrician.

Saturday morning (day after it happened), I call Ameren to get it straightened out so I can call the insurance and go from there. I spoke with a very nice CSR who, after putting me on hold for 15 minutes so she could verify with her supervisor, told me that Ameren would take care of everything. I repeated my issue and said, "and you are positive that I do not need to get an electrician, Ameren will take care of everything". Again she told me yes.

So Monday I go to check on things and I notice that my powerline has been rehung and loosely attached to my house, but my meter is still on the ground. biggie. I figure they are just working to restore power to my subdivision before they finished my job.

Last night I'm talking to one of my bosses (and quite frankly I should smack him since he's a freaking contractor and I told him what my issue was on Saturday), and he says, no I have to get an electrician or a contractor.

Eff. I get on and check our Illinois outage and sure enough, they have an announcement that pertains to damage like mine.

I have to get someone to repair it before they'll restore my service.

I'm beyond aggravated. I called Saturday to verify and I was given false information. Now I have to wait until who knows when to get someone out to my house to take care of this. Not to mention the fact that electricians are freaking gouging people on the price of a repair like mine.

If we weren't in the situation we are in, it'd cost $700 or so to fix. I've called a few places and their starting price for the repair is anywhere from $1200-1400 minimum.


eta: Ameren has also left the dead, disconnected old powerline in my yard instead of hauling it off like they were supposed to.