May 11th, 2009

Mind Fuck  By:  marumaru_san

Mother's Day Lunch

Okay, so back story.  We used to live right next door to this wonderful Mexican restaurant (I'm not gonna name them because I honestly think it was a one time thing and I love their food).  We loved it so much that we ate there at least once a week and our favorite waiter (who also seemed to be in charge) always recognized us though we didn't know each other's names (we liked him so much we'd leave a $10 tip on a $25 bill).  Since we moved an hour away (about 3 years ago) we've made several trips back specifically to eat there.  That's where I wanted to go for Mother's Day so off we went.  They used to be in a motel but when we got there, the nice lady at the front desk told me they had moved and here is where the suck begins...
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