May 10th, 2009

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Bad service from a limo service

Note:  This didn't happen to me, (it happened to my cousin recently) so I don't have certain details, like the name of the company.

My cousin and five of his friends got together and rented a limo for prom.  They were quite excited about it and had made plans to take the limo to Forest Park for their pre-prom photos and then go to the prom.  They made a point to pay, in full, in advance.  This is important.

The night of the prom arrives.  Everyone's excited.  They all get to my cousin's house where they're scheduled to be picked up. 

No limo.

Half and hour or so goes by, and they're starting to be running late, so they call the limo company to find out what's up.  Limo company tells them that they'll have to call the driver directly and gives them a number.  They try the number a few times, no luck.

It's now about an hour past the scheduled time that the limo was supposed to be there.  Still no limo.

They call the limo company again and this time the company is "Oh.  Well, I guess we'll give you a refund."  And there was never a limo.

In the end, they all had to drive themselves to the prom location.  They never got their photos at the planned place and were late to their prom on top of it.  In my cousin's words, his senior prom was "ruined" by this experience for him and his girlfriend.

I suggested that him and his friends contact a lawyer about a breach of contract suite over this.  In my opinion, there is no excuse for taking someone's money, offering shoddy service, and then never carrying out your half of the contract.  I believe that the limo company is liable for more than just a refund here, but I thought I'd get the opinions of the bad_service crowd to see if I made the right suggestion in this case.

BTW, if I ever get the name of the limo company, I will be informing everyone I know never to use them because of this.

Care Bear Sexin's

all i want is to know your return policy

This is more annoying service than bad.

So for Mother's Day, my mom gave me the present of 3 bottles of shampoo.  I've been bitching about needing some and I guess she listened.  Unfortunately, she has total recall of the fictitious and bought me 3 bottles of the wrong KIND of shampoo.  (I have oily hair and she buys me expensive-ish by walmart standards moisturizing shampoo.  *face palm*)  Well, there's no gift receipt, so I decide to call and double check the return policy.  Yeah, I used to work there, but it was back in 2001, so I'm sure policy has changed.  And if I'm going to drive over there, I want to make sure I have what I need before going in.  So I call and this happens:

ME: hi!
FPM: Friendly Phone Monkey

FPM: Thank you for calling friendly [area] WalMart!  What department may I direct your call to?
ME: Service desk, please.
FPM: No problem!  I'll page them if you'll hold!
ME: Thank you!

Cue me sitting on hold for 7 minutes.  (Yes, I checked my cell phone timer thing.)

FPM: Hello!  Who were you holding for?
ME: Service desk, please!
FPM: I'll just transfer you straight there so you don't have to hold as long!  I'm sorry you've had to wait so long!
ME: Thanks so much!  :D :D :D

Cue the phone ringing for three full minutes.

ME:  *annoyed face!*

Cue a click sound and someone going "UGH!" and then hanging up on me.

ME:  WTF just happened???

I called back immediately.

ME:  *thinking 'let's try this again, only not"*
FPM: Thank you for calling friendly [area] WalMart!  What department may I direct your call to?
ME: Could I speak to a manager, please?
FPM:  Of course.  Didn't you just call for service desk?
ME: Yes, ma'am.  Now I'd like a manager, please.
FPM: Right away, ma'am.  I'm sorry for whatever happened!

Cue me holding for less than 45 seconds.  YAY!  Then this happened (and I might add that I stayed completely calm but firm through all of this.):

M: Manager
ME: hi again!

M: This is [Manager], how may I help you?
ME: I'm sorry to bother you, but I just called and The person who answered the phone to direct my call was more than helpful.  However, when I ask for sercive desk and hear "UGH!" before getting hung up on, I amm pretty cranky.  All I wanted was to check the return policy because of [getting wrong shampoo].
M: *shocked*  Oh my goodness!  When did you call so I can see who was working when this happened?
ME:  I literally got hung up on about 2 minutes ago.  The FPM was very sweet and helpful.  I was on hold about 7 minutes total and the phone rang at service desk for 3 before I was hung up on.  I called back immediately and asked for a manager.
M: I am SO SO SORRY!  I will check into this as soon as we are off the phone.  That is completely unacceptable and I'm sorry it happened to you!  Can I help you with anything else?
ME: *askes for return policy*
M: *gives me return policy and apologizes profusely again for me being hung up on*
ME: Thank you so much for your help.

At least the FPM and the manager give a damn about their customers.  Sadly, this is all too common treatment at the WalMart here.  Bleah.  I swear, if I wasn't so poor, I'd just stay away from WalMart all together.

TL;DR ~ WalMart on my side of town has horrible service desk trolls.  They do however have super friendly and helpful phone monkeys and managers who give a damn.