May 5th, 2009


I hate my school.

I lost my UPass and went to my school's General Inquiries to get it reprinted/replaced. The last time I lost it, I went there and got it immediately, but since today was the first day of a new semester, I was unsure if they changed the location. My friend was with me because we had the same class together.

@ General Inquiries
Me: Hi. I lost my UPass and I want to get it reprinted.... replaced?
Woman: Go downstairs to Rm 1000.
Me: I thought that was for new students only. Is it there even for a replacement?
Woman: Yes.

I went to Rm 1000. The girls down there told me to go back to General Inquiries because that's where I'm suppose to pay first, get an invoice, then go back downstairs with "all my information" (because for some reason, my student card isn't suffice. Pft.) to get it reprinted. I told her that the women at GI didn't ask for any money and sent me to Rm 1000.

"Well, there's nothing we can do."

Frustrated, I go back to GI and straight to the first woman.

Me: Hi, I was just here 10 minutes ago and asked about replacing my UPass. I was told I was suppose to pay here. They sent me back up here saying I needed to pay.
Woman: No. You never said replacement.
Me: Yes I did. I asked you if I could get my UPass reprinted. I asked you again to clarify if it was Rm 1000 for a replacement.
Woman: No you never said that.
Me: Look, I've been here since 9am, and this would have been sorted out within 5 minutes. Instead, now I'm going to be late for class because I'm being sent up and down this building. I just want to know, do I get my UPass replacement HERE or in Rm 1000.
Woman: *long lecture about things that had nothing to do with replacements*
Me: Yes, I understand all that, but I'm asking about REPLACEMENTS, which I mentioned the first time I asked you.
Woman: Okay. I'm not going to argue with you. I don't remember you saying this at all. I'll just do this for you this time.

*rips hair out*