May 4th, 2009

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Dear Crappy Ruby Tuesday's waitress from last night: 

Your restaurant was NOT busy last night. There were 3 other customers and 2 of which were being taken care of by another server. The other one was clearly one of your friends that you decided to sit with for a few minutes. That's fine and good..but don't do that while you IGNORE the other customers. (Myself and my 2 friends)

You didn't even acknowledge us when we got seated by the hostess even though you were looking at us. You instead, rolled your eyes. I realize you close at 11 and it's 10:10. I could understand a little annoyance if we walked in at 10:55 ...even're getting PAID. If the hostess allows us to sit down, guess what... you're still open, bitch.

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So about 2 weeks ago we went on a trip to Panama and booked a car rental for the 5 days we were there. We decided on Thrifty because they had a good rate and requested an SUV. The hotel we had booked had a shuttle that would take us from the airport to the hotel which was on the same street that the rental place was on, Via Espana. After realizing there was a Thrifty rental at the airport we decided to just see if we could change our reservation to see if we could pick up the same car at the airport. My boyfriend calls them up and asks if they can change it, they say that it won't be a problem and he confirms if it's the same car and everything, they say it is.

Okay, so we get to the airport and apparently nothing has changed from the original reservation. Of course, my boyfriend didn't get anyone's name or anything of who he spoke to, not that it would've helped at this point since we called a 1-800 # from the states and are now dealing with the clerk at the desk in the Panamanian airport. They say they can bring the car from Via Espana and it'll be there in a half hour(the street is about 15 minutes from the airport, not far at all). We decide to wait since my sister is dealing with her own rental issues with Budget a few counters over. Cut to an hour later and we finally get our car. This whole situation is not a huge deal and had it been our only hiccup with Thrifty it wouldn't even merit a post, but it gets worse.

The next night my beau and I hop in the car to go visit my sister at her hotel. I start to put my seat-belt on and see something scurry across the dashboard. biggie, maybe a little bug got in while the window was down, it happens. My boy asks me to get the GPS out of the center console thing, I reach in and I see another scurrying thing which I now realize is a roach. I cannot fucking stand roaches and I proceed to freak out while my boyfriend is wondering what the hell is wrong with me. This pretty much repeats itself for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately we were only in that hotel for one night and did not return the car because 1) we were too far away by the time we realized the car was totally infested with cockroaches and 2) we were on such a tight schedule we wouldn't have had time to deal with it anyway. I ended up buying a can of roach spray and attacking the car with it later on in the trip, but that was not before I had several disgusting run-ins with them. For example, when one of those HUGE red ones with the wings was perched on the back of my boyfriend's seat or when I flipped down the mirror thing and found a roach there. *shudder*

After I sprayed the car, a bunch of them turned up dead all over the car so I made sure to take pictures so Thrifty could see. If it were one or two I could understand, but this many? I don't see how they couldn't have known the car had a roach problem. We let the clerk at the desk know when we returned the car and she gave us like 10% off because that's all she was authorized to do. She was very nice about it and understood us being upset (she was pretty genuine about being disgusted as we told the story so at least she was empathetic ) and encouraged us to write a letter to her manager (who wasn't there at the time) and to send the pictures we took as well, so I definitely have no complaints with how she helped us and plan to pass that info along to Thrifty as well. I haven't written the letter yet but I'll update once I do with what Thrifty responds.

It's not Bad Service, it's Wendy's!

There’s a decidedly sub-par Wendy’s near my office. I was trying to buy something marginally healthy today. Since I’ve had bad experiences at this place, I through twice about going back, but I used to like their Asian chicken salad. Well, I won’t be going back, ever.


CP: Counter Person that couldn’t be bothered.
AOL: Ancient Old Lady
OLD: Old Lady’s daughter.

I walk up to the near-empty counter. There’s a mother with child to the left of me, waiting for a gift card she just bought.

CP: "I’ll be right with you." ~starts wiping down counter, disappears in the back for 5 minutes~
Lady to my left is still waiting, her kid starts squealing from the table he’s at. She yells at him.

Me: ~waits~

AOL: ~pushes her way past me to get a closer look at the Value Menu, no excuse me, nothing. I glare, her daughter ignores me~

CP: ~to woman with kid, with obligatory eye-roll~ "Sorry, we’re out of gift cards. I’ll have to refund your money." Woman groans loudly. Kid starts yelping again. CP struggles with refund on credit card machine, yells in the back for help. No one comes.

CP: to AOL, who has now positioned herself in front of me. "I’ll be right with you, you’re next, right?"

OLD: "Um, Mom I think this lady was next." ~points to me~

CP: ~shrugs, disappears in the back, maybe forever?~

AOL: ~snorts at me~ "Well, I was JUST looking at the menu..." (yeah, sure.)

Since it appeared that the counter person couldn’t be bothered to actually sell food and wouldn’t be back for a while, I cut my losses and went to Runza. I should mention that the only people in the place were me, the old lady and her daughter, and the woman with her kid. And it was 1 pm, still lunch time. So, not only did this counter person take some lady’s money without even checking if they had what she wanted, but then, when she was obviously struggling with something beyond her comprehension, there was no other employee or manager around to help. I will also mention that the CP had this "I just don’t care" look of the walking dead in her eyes that would be hard for an Academy Award-winning actress to replicate.

I get that working in a fast food place sucks. I get that times are tough, and she probably has a miserable life to go home to. I really felt bad for the lady waiting on the gift card; I probably would have just filed a charge back so I wouldn’t ever have to eat there again. The other 2 times I’ve been at that particular Wendy’s, same story: empty place, lazy employees who don’t give a shit taking forever to get your order. I thought it was a fluke, but I’m done with that place. In this economy, I’ll gladly give my $5 to a restaurant that can actually give me my order without raising my blood pressure.

The old lady and her daughter were just icing on the cake. I don’t think she was senile, she just wanted to get served before me. Personally, I don’t care if you’re 100 years old. That does not mean that your time is more valuable than mine. Also, as evidenced by my badge/noose hanging from my neck, I have to get back to work and earn the Social Security money that you’re spending, and I’ll never see.