May 3rd, 2009

ghost through the parking lot fields


I have a question about whether or not you guys think I gave bad service. This woman seemed genuinely convinced that I was just outright rude to her. I want your opinion.

She came in, and I noticed she was illegally parked in a handicapped spot. Our handi-spots are sort of difficult to see (we have clingy window signs in front of them because they are right in front of the store, not big old noticeable signs), and since it is against company policy to allow anyone to park illegally in a handi-spot at any time, I politely spoke up.

Me: Oh, you're parked in a handicapped spot.
Her: I'm just getting some coffee.
Me: Okay, well just so you know it's handicapped for next time, so you don't park there.
Her: Okay.

And then she started toward the coffee, then suddenly stormed out. She came back in a moment later.

Her: Just so you know, there is nothing out there telling me it is a handicapped spot.
Me: Oh, there is a sign on the window, and the paint on the spot itself.
Her: Oh... I see, it's behind me. Well you didn't have to say it so rude!
Me: I'm sorry? I wasn't meaning to be rude...
Her: (cutting me off angrilly) Well you said it REALLY RUDE!

And then she left in a huff... and I just kind of stood there. Do you guys think I was rude? Perhaps I phrased it rudely? I have no idea... I really just wanted to make her aware that the spot she was in was handi so she would know in the future. I didn't demand she move OMGNOW or refuse to serve her... I don't get it. But I'd like your opinions anyway.

'Mind Your Own Business' Service.

As the title says, nothing major but I do not appreciate it. No, lady. No.

I just went to the local shop with my brother to buy a couple of things, only his card was denied (he has no idea why) and he didn't have any money on him so he decided to leave the items, some snacks and a packet of tabacco.

So I went up to buy my stuff.

Me: *Puts items down*
Cashier:  *Mumbles something I cannot hear*
Me: "Huh..?"
Cashier: "You getting this too?" *Points to my brother's items still before the cashier where she had left them*
Me: "Oh, uh, no."
Cashier: *Scans my items, then turns to me with a raised eyebrow and an attitude* "Well that's not very nice."
Me: "..." *Stare* "..." *Waits for total*

Uh. Thanks?

So y'all know, I look too young to be buying tabacco, this is a fact of life despite my being 20-years-old.

My brother just sort of went "o_O"

I simply stated, "I am not paying for my brother's death." after finally being given the total for my items.

ETA: Yes my comment before I left was dumb, which is why I put it in smaller font.

Also no, the comment had nothing to do with his items being left there.

Why? Because first of all, I was not next in line - it was a little while before I went to the cashier.

Secondly, she directed the comment straight at me - not my brother. I am not my brother's keeper.