April 29th, 2009

Laura: are you serious? [BSG ranty]
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who has the medical degree? that's right, the DOCTOR. not YOU, front desk bitch.

warning - somewhat long!

my insurance doesn't cover vision, as most tend to not. therefore until my recent eye exam, i was behind in getting yearly eye exams. i wear contacts but also have glasses. i figured i should get an exam, knowing my contacts probably needed updating and my glasses ARE ten years out of date, since i wear them barely ever.

i finally made an eye appt with Dr. O (my childhood eye doctor) after going to Dr. G. between the ages of fifteen and twenty seven--i'm thirty now. (Dr. G. moved to Hawaii a few years ago).

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what the fuck is it with medical assistants/receptionists thinking they have the medical degrees?? i'm hearing this a lot lately from all kinds of people who have problems at doctor's offices.
Country girl

Inspired by the entry below regarding doctor's offices

I am mental. I fully admit to such, and I'm in therapy currently to deal with my mentalness. I was diagnosed many years ago with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. I had a fabulous doctor where I used to live, and working closely with him, I was able to get the anxiety and depression under control and live a somewhat normal life. We hit on a combination of drugs and therapy that worked: 50mg zoloft per day, with xanax as needed to keep me from jumping out of my skin. During this time, I had 2 babies and let my xanax prescription lapse since I couldn't take it during pregnancy or nursing. I didn't really need it after I weaned my youngest son, so I never got it renewed. Then I moved in April of 2008, away from my fabulous doctor.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm so sick of terrible service. I'm not just talking about big things (like the stories in this community), but just the small things. Everywhere I go, whether it's a store or fast food restaurants everyone looks/acts like they hate their life. I don't care if you hate your job, "choose your attitude!" It really does make a huge difference if I'm greeted in a store.

I don't think they teach "customer service" any more at all. I'm still young (24), but I've been working in customer service/retail since I was 16. Maybe I've been fortunate that all my jobs have put a heavy emphasis on the customer part of service, but I notice when I go into stores in the past couple years that the associates don't know how to interact with a customer.

This guy certainly didn't get the memo that you shouldn't insult your potential customers to get their business.

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The truth is that I had no intentions of actually calling, but I wanted him to think that I was going to. He needed to know that you don't say something like that to a potential customer.

-A man at a mall stand selling curling irons stopped my friend (with curly hair)
-I linked arms with her and kept walking
-He said "Bring her back. Not you! I was talking to the pretty one!"
-I told him that wasn't the best way to get customers and walked away
-Another shopper told me that I should go back and complain
-I went back and asked for a phone number to the owner/manager of the stand and wouldn't accept his apology
-Had no intention of calling, just wanted to scare him

ETA: unfortunately, it's been about a month or so since this happened so it's a little late to call. thinking on it, i kick myself a little for not calling because i really should have. but like i said in the comments I was thinking in the moment and seeing him almost cry made me feel better at the time.

A WTF moment

Dear Target Employee,

That grey thing in my back pocket is not one of your scan guns. It's my zofran pump, see the tubing running to it?
Grabbing said pump out of my back pocket and walking away with it yelling that you needed to call security while I'm trying to stop you because you're about to break my tubing? Very uncool. When I finally get you stopped and tell you to actually LOOK at it TOSSING the $3,000 pump at me? You're freaking lucky I caught it, I can't imagine Target would have been too happy about being sued for it. You're also ridiculously lucky you DIDN'T damage my line.
Telling me "hey no harm no foul, don't talk to the manager"? Yeah, he didn't look to happy, apparently ya'll are having a district manager visit, and the district manager was right there as I explained the whole thing.