April 27th, 2009


Cornish Cottage Holidays--run awaaaaaay!

During Easter Week, Hubby and I decided to rent a cottage in Cornwall. We booked the cottage (which for some reason is named "The Lizard") in Porthcurno, a lovely area, through Cornish Cottage Holidays. We booked and paid in advance, which included £25 booking fee to Cornish Cottage Holidays.

The cottage itself seemed adequate if not great in the beginning. The heater in the bathroom didn't work, but the landlord, a Mr. Goss, informed us he had no immediate plans to fix it. The TV didn't work but we didn't go to Cornwall to watch television anyway.

However, for the last two days, we were without hot water. Collapse )

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Follow up to this: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/2148635.html#cutid1

So I stayed home today so USPS couldn't say I wasn't here. But of course they somehow still managed to.

I checked my mailbox at 12:30, and it was empty. I checked my mailbox at 1pm, and there was a little peach "Sorry we missed you!" slip. Dated 4/24.

So they didn't try to deliver it Friday OR today, and the post office I can apparently pick up at is not the post office I was directed to in my last post. I'm going to walk over there today and see if they have my package. I bet they never even put it on the truck.

I also called and filed a complaint. Someone is supposed to call me back tomorrow. Yeah. Sure. Right. :/

Bad service at expensive Thai place

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There was no offer of dessert when the plates were collected. A couple of people wanted their left overs boxed, but they didn't get their food brought out again until they reminded the server long after they paid and were ready to go.

edited TL/DR: A somewhat upscale restaurant leaves two young and seemingly inexperienced servers alone to ignore us instead of serve us. Second server was Silent Bob. We wait forever for our meals and do not get offered second drinks or deserts.