April 26th, 2009

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  • ketita

I just wanted some water :(

A suck I randomly remembered.

I went with my mom to have a "girl's lunch out" at a local Argentinian-style steak place.  We chose two separate types of meals - my mom got "running meat", which means a set fee and all you can eat, and I got grilled chicken.  They were really nice, because normally they only let the all-you-can-eaters sit at the booths, and everybody else has to sit at the bar, but they let me sit with my mom.
But here's the thing.  Meat makes you thirsty.  It's salty and within about 10 minutes I had finished my glass of water.  Next time the waitress came by I asked her for a refill, she said no problem.
No refill came.
Next person who came by, I asked them to please ask the waitress to bring me a refill, they said no problem. 
No refill.
Waitress comes by again, and I ask her again for more water please because I was really thirsty by then, and no refill.
Finally I took my glass and went up to the bar and practically begged them to refill it for me, or give me a jug for the table, or something.  They said to wait at my table, and the waitress would bring me.  I said that I'd been waiting for a while, and hadn't gotten one yet.  They promised I'd get my water this time.
Guess who didn't get a refill :(

Anyway, about five minutes before we left I finally managed to flag down the waitress and got her to bring me a cup of water, then I told her to wait a second, drained it, and asked for another.  I was SO thirsty.
It was fairly obnoxious service, honestly, 'cause that was pretty much the only thing we asked for the whole time, all the rest of it was the meat guy coming by with steaks, who did his job well.  We ended up not leaving the waitress a tip (or only left her a very small one, I don't remember), because damn it, how hard is it to bring me a glass of water when there were only like two other patrons in the place?! (we're talking high noon).  And before the wank, I do not live in the States, tipping norms are different here.