April 14th, 2009

American Eagle Online

I go to www.ae.com fairly frequently. The other day I visited and one of the first things I saw upon entering the website was a bright pink banner saying "Online Only! 8 for $25 Panties!" So I click on it, and it takes me to the underwear clearance section (I guess). I load up my cart with undies and proceed to check out when wait - it doesn't recognize the 8 for $25 dealie that was being advertised on the site. It gave me 5 for $25 instead.

This wasn't just a blip on the website, I clicked around several times and gave the page plenty of chance to refresh, and the bright pink banner was still there, advertising 8 for $25. I ended up calling the Customer Service phone line to ask if there was some special code I would need to get the deal. The lady I spoke to went on the website while she was speaking with me, and told me that she couldn't see any such banner, thus they could not honor it.

So I did what I could, I took a screen shot and emailed it to their corporate headquarters asking why they were advertising a promotion that wasn't even valid and asking them to honor it.

Sigh. I really wanted cheap panties.

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Remembered suck. Now I find it amusing, but at the time I was rather upset and mad.

A few years back, when Arby's introduced their all-natural chicken, our local store sent out some coupons for any item (of equal or lesser value) free with the purchase of any chicken meal.

With a hankering for chicken tenders and a beef 'n cheedar sandwich, my roommate and I went down there. She wanted two chicken things, so she got her stuff no problem. I went up, ordered my stuff, and handed over the coupon.

Cashier: Oh, this is just for chicken.
Me: *friendly smiles* No it's not, it says any item. *points*
Cashier: *looks a little lost and overwhelmed* Um... hold on... *looks over at the manager*
Manager: *comes over* That's just for chicken.
Me: *not smilng now* The coupon doesn't say anything about that.
Manager: Well, it's just for chicken.
Me: But it says right there, any item with a chicken meal, not any chicken item.
Manager: I don't know why it says that*, it's just for chicken. Would you like something chicken?
Me: No, thank you. I don't want anything now.

At that point I was tearing up in anger and frustration, but I held it back. It was late (around 10), I was tired, and I had been looking forward to this. I was a poor college student who was splurging a little. I didn't want two chicken things, and the coupon said any item. There was no sign in the store about it being only chicken, either, and it was the last day of the coupon so I couldn't just go in the next day.

Luckily, one of my friends (who lived the next apartment over) worked at that location. That's how we got the coupons in the first place. Just in case I was wrong I went over and asked her about it. She said, no, the coupon was for any item, just like it said. She got the details about which manager it was from me and complained on my behalf to the general manager. I ended up with a free meal of my choice, which was really nice. Mostly I just wanted someone to be aware of the manager not knowing what was going on. Turns out she had already given her two weeks notice anyway, so I didn't even have to deal with her again. Double bonus.

*That line I remember verbatim. She seriously said that.

Addendum: Sorry about the fail paragraph. I wasn't trying to get attention or pity, just randomly remembered the story the other day and wasn't thinking when I threw in the bit about tearing up. It was a total overreaction, and I knew it then, too. To revel in my fail, head over to c_suck_snark for a good snark fest. (I'd just edit the paragraph out, but that usually results in more snark, and I don't think my delicate sensibilities can take that. *fans self* ^_~)
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Five Dollar WTF

This is more of a WTF or a minor suck, I suppose.

We go to Subway fairly often.  There are four of us and we always order the same thing (plus it's a small town), my step-daughter's sandwich is kind of odd so they usually remember us when we come in.  I always order a tuna on honey oat with only light mayo.  We went in one day and the girl working had been there a couple of times when we'd been in.  She's making my sandwich and suddenly says "Are you going to get light mayo?"  I say yeah and she says "You know we make the tuna with regular mayo, we always giggle when ya'll ask for light."  I tell her that getting the light on the sandwich is still better than having regular and she says "Well, we use about two containers of the mayo in it so not much."  I don't say anything after that and we finish up and get our food.  Later, I complained to a friend that works there and she said that she's just kind of like that.  She was just trying to be funny but not doing a very good job of it.
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Lollygagging smoker bad_service

It always pisses me off that when I go to the 711 near my house and both of the employees are outside smoking.

They don't immediately come inside to help me (as is policy, I worked there a couple years ago myself) they instead just stand there until they're finished. So rude. I end up having to stand at the counter and wait nearly every time I go there.

I don't understand why they can't just take turns going outside, that seems the logical thing to do in my opinion.

I'm just going to start driving slightly out of my way to go to the mom and pop mobile down the street. I always get great service and they even ask me how I'm doing that day!