April 10th, 2009

Kroger Crapness

I totally forgot to post this when I got home from Kroger the other day. My mom sent me out to get some eggs, and I found a bunch of makeup that was on sale. I went to the self check-out place and asked the lady working the self check-out area if she could check the price on an item because it was moved to a random shelf. She quickly told me that she could not because all of the customers were using the self check-out spots. What? Since when did an employee have to use a regular scanner that customers use when they have a register that controls the whole lot? She didn't even attempt to check it or anything.

Anywho, I go to my scanner and start scanning items. Two of the items I scanned were marked to be a buy one get one, both items normally being 4.99 each. The price for both items showed up (after being scanned) as 7.50. I told the employee this and she immediately suggested that *I* had made the mistake. She called another employee over and the other lady went to look at the stuff. I kept pointing out the obvious, that if both items are priced at 4.99 and the whole lot were supposed to be buy one get one, then I should only be paying 4.99 for the both of them. That seemed like a hard concept to grasp for the both of them. The second employee went into the back and I waited....waited...waited. Until finally, she comes out, says something to the first employee and walks off. I'm standing there while the first employee has already walked back to her register and finally the void pops up on my screen, and the employee stands there, doesn't come over and apologize for any inconvenience, NOTHING. Even when I called out to her and said thank you, she still didn't feel the need to apologize for the issue or anything.

I hate grocery shopping.

PS - I called the store and complained to the manager about the crappy service. I also mentioned that the cashier should have offered to have someone check the item, scan it in a regular line, etc. in order to prevent having an employee void an item because of the price. I did not mention this because until someone had commented saying that I was wrong and the employee COULD NOT check the price (which is ridiculous, because there are SO many products that get placed randomly in the store, if they get picked up by someone who is interested in buying it, how do you think they find out the price? There is ALWAYS a solution to these problems, especially WITHOUT having to resort to scanning it as if you're purchasing the item BEFORE you know what you are paying.)....until someone made that comment, my mentioning that I spoke to a manager would have been completely irrelevant for the bad service entry.

The Dang Car: Part 2, Ranty

I posted here about a month ago when I was having some trouble with my Cavalier, and the local garage seemed unable to figure out what was wrong. Well, after a lot of cash and several replaced parts (MAP sensor, fuel pump and a valve) the car seemed all better. YAY!
Except yesterday the dang thing started doing the same stuff! It surges when I start up the car, it surges when I idle at a light, and it often just slows down and dies on me. I can't drive anywhere, and thank goodness I did not try to make it to my parents three hours away for easter.
I am so pissed...it barely worked for a MONTH.
Going to take it in again tomorow.
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This is just not my YEAR so far.

Thursday of this week I had to take a first-aid class for work. I called Monday and registered, paying the class fee over the phone, and they sent me a receipt in the mail with the address, directions, date and time of the class.

I was sent the wrong address.

With the wrong directions (they were very specific directions, right down to where to go inside the [wrong] building....incorrectly).

AAaannnd (wait for it)....the wrong time. (The time given was EARLIER, thank deity, so I was actually ON time despite wasting an hour getting lost due to wrong address/wrong directions.)

I did in fact get my certification, so I'm not going to demand my money back, but I think a strongly worded letter might be in order.

ETA: Oh yeah, I almost forgot--the main office was CLOSED (according to their phone tree), and didn't open until an hour after the stated start time....