April 5th, 2009


Didn't know ordering checks was so difficult!

Since my (MtF)gf's checking account was first opened, there have been some information changes. I have been added to the account, we've moved, and she has had her name legally changed.

To celebrate the name change and new address (both happened april 1,) we ordered a box of these from StylesChecks. We also ordered a box of deposit slips and a matching checkbook cover for me. We paid extra for UPS shipping because I wanted to be able to track it. I'll admit, I'm more than a little OCD when it comes to tracking packages I am expecting. This is even moreso since my check order also contains my bank account number.

I get an order confirmation e-mail. This email states that when my order ships I will be getting a notification e-mail.

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I don't think I will be ordering from StylesChecks again.

Update: The supervisor never called back. I know if I called them right now, I'd end up as a c_s post, because I don't really feel like being nice about this anymore. I JUST recieved my ship notification. No tracking number listed. It tries to link me directly to the UPS site, with no mention of UPS MI, and MI tracking numbers do not register as valid tracking numbers through the UPS site.
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Definitely not the "Topz"

Topz is a "healthy" fast food restaurant that has a handful of stoers in a few states. The food is really good and a lot healthier than other restaurants due to the way they prepare their food. I had never been to this location before, but they closed down the two locations by my house, I decided I wanted to eat there while I was visiting a friend who lives an hour away, as there is one by her place. This is the email I am sending them, outlining the bad service I received:

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Does anyone have any suggestions for the letter before I send it? Thanks!
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Fun service at Wal-Mart

Letter I just sent off to Wal-Mart corp since I couldn't get anything addressed in store today.

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For those not wanting to read - girlfriend slipped and hurt herself, spent minutes looking for someone so the next person would not get hurt to clean it up, big shelf display of product that they couldn't locate in their system, 8 minute wait for supervisor while being the bad-guys holding up the line with an eye-rolling cashier, cashier having me run across the store to get another with the same barcode that was not in the system, supervisor who said they were going to have to take down the display since it wasn't in their system and nothing they could do, and a store that's been open over a year with mislabeled aisles.

Gotta love Walmart... 4040 Nolensville Road, Nashville TN ~5pm