April 4th, 2009


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3/12 - My husband informs me that the previous evening a filling cracked and the pain management he's been trying isn't working. An appointment is made.
3/13 - Our dentist works him in and discovers previous dentist didn't drill enough. Abcess has formed. So husband is given prescriptions for antibiotic and vicodin and told to come back next week to have the tooth pulled. (Delay is to allow antibiotics to work and swelling to subsidE.)
3/18 - She tries her hardest but is unable to pull the tooth. (It's the back most molar) They call the only dental surgeon in our city to make an appointment for him. April 21st. Now, he is in a lot of pain so we ask if there is any way to fit him in sooner. They say no.
3/19 - I call around to surgeons in the next city (360 miles away) and get him booked for 3/27, the next Friday. They could have fit him in sooner but the trip will take awhile and he doesn't really want to take too many days off work. I called our dentist and requested they cancel the appointment with the in-town surgeon and order back the x-ray so we can take it with us.
She called me later to say she'd done all of that since when she called they weren't able to get him in any sooner than 3/30.
Up until this point I was not angry at the surgeon. He's the only guy in town and truly is very busy. But suddenly being able to bump up an appointment three weeks when it looks like you are in danger of losing the money? Bite me.

(The happy ending is the surgeon we went to did a fabulously quick and good job.)
Bucky's Little Birdy (Darby Conley)

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Not terrible service, but it should definitely go under the "things an employee should NOT do in front of a customer".

The husband decided he was in the mood for some roast beef sandwiches, so we headed out to Arby's.

After we ordered, I was standing at the counter and the drive-thru girl was asking the sandwich maker where her medium sandwich was. The sandwich maker told her that they just did the 3 special orders (which were the husband's) and that her sandwich was coming.

Apparently that was not the answer she wanted. She proceeded to throw the bag and call the sandwich maker a "fucking douchebag". Granted, it wasn't loud, but I could definitely here it from where I was standing.

A couple minutes later they started ignoring other customers at the counter to admire an off the clock co-workers new manicure.

So yeah..not necessarily bad_service directed at me, but seriously, you probably shouldn't call your co-worker a dirty name within earshot of a customer.