April 1st, 2009


Would you consider these bad_service?

My sister came home tonight complaining about some alleged bad_service she received at a pet store. I don't really think that she got bad_service, but she got mad at me when I tried to explain why I didn't think it was. So it made me wonder. In your opinion, are the following scenarios really bad_service?

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EDIT: I forgot to say that for scenario #1, she didn't end up buying the sweater, but for scenario #2, she did end up buying the machine, if that makes a difference.

Either way, considering her attitude tonight, my sister is SO not the kind of customer I'd ever want to face when she's mad. -.- Anyway, some opinions would be nice. I'm genuinely curious to hear your thoughts.
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A little WTF from Joey Tomatoes

This isn't a big deal, but it was kind of funny and WTF.

So, I'm vegan. This can make going out to eat a bit more of a hassle for me than for most people, but it's never a huge problem. And no, I'm not one of those annoying vegans who just expects their servers to know what vegan means and provide it for me...I usually muddle through with the menu on my own, and if I have to make substitutions, I'm very clear, always polite, and a good tipper. But at Joey Tomatoes, they have a little notice at the bottom of the menu saying "Ask us about our vegan and vegetarian options!" Yay, I thought to myself, they know what vegan means!

So, our server got to our table and I said "So what kind of vegan stuff do you have?"

He replied "Uhh...I don't think we have anything vegan."

I sort of blink. "But it says here to ask about your vegan and vegetarian options."

"Oh. Ya, no, I think everything has fish sauce."

I blink again. Fish sauce? "Ok...what about this hummus wrap?"

"I think the hummus has fish sauce."

This is where I LOL'd inside. Fish sauce? In hummus? "Are you sure? Could you maybe check?"

He went off to check, and sure enough, the hummus did not have fish sauce in it. And it ended up being really delicious. I think the server was probably new, but it seems to me that if you put a note on your menu saying that you have vegan options, you should probably tell your servers that there are vegan options. :p
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In reference to this post here:

So, this morning around 10:00 am, I gave the SmartStyle salon a call just to make sure that the manager was there. She was the one that answered the phone so at 10:30 (at my break), I walked over to the mall. I had everything prepared in my head, I had my receipts and the website printout in my bag. When I walked in, a woman welcomed me and I asked to speak to Val. She said that she was her (lol, awkward sentence) and I began by asking her how much a wash-cut-blow-dry cost. She replied with $18.95 and I calmly explained to her that I had come in, chosen that service and was charged $37.70. I explained that the sign was misleading, it was a false advertisment and that the clerk I spoke to yesterday refused to listen to my side of the story. I said that I paid in full yesterday and that based on the time and energy spent, I expected a full refund. To be honest, I meant to say that I would be satisfied with just the $15 back but I said full refund by mistake. The manager said she couldn't do that but offered to refund me the $15. I didn't mind paying for the original haircut so that was fine with me (I really liked my cut. I no longer look 12!). The manager was really nice and she apologized on behalf of her store and employee and refunded my money in cash. She had me fill out a form (my name, address, date, signature) and that was that. I went in with a smile and came out with a smile. I want to thank everyone who helped me yesterday, you guys were incredible. I mean, 80 comments? Hahah, that's unreal. For what it's worth, I hope this never happens to any of you :)

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I ordered a pizza with a bottle of Sprite, and when it got here the guy handed it to me in a tied-up plastic bag. I opened up the bag and noticed the Sprite was only full up to the top of the label, so I checked the cap. It's been opened.

Someone drank some of my Sprite D: I'm not drinking it now. I'm gonna call after I eat. Sigh.

I called and the manager offered to send me a new soda and stuff, but seemed to think I was really wasting his time by complaining that I got someone else's soda O_o;
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Taxes Grrr

I filed with TurboTax.com last year. I had no major problems with them but I wasn't completely happy since I found out later they could've gotten me a bigger return.

This year I decided to try H&R Block (hrblock.com) and had a hard time navigating the site. I had to go through the "filing" steps at least five times for each of my returns (CO, Federal, and NY) because ... I don't know. It didn't save the info? It only let's you click "Back" or "Next" and I clicked Next whenever I was done filling out info or selecting options.

So finally, FINALLY, I get all three completed and it's going to send them off as soon as I pay. So they charge me $80 for all three and for the efiling ability. I receive an email verifying payment, it cleared my account 2 days later, and I get one final email with the subject "YOU'RE DONE!" saying I can check the status of my refund in a few days on irs.gov.

That was February 28th.

I decided it'd been awhile since I'd heard anything about my refund and went to irs.gov today. They can't find record of my refund at all. It's not even processing. So I log in to my hr account and find that not only are there errors on the returns again (ones it previously told me were fixed) but that they have not sent these to the IRS yet. So I go to try and process the errors and I can't. No matter what I do it tells me my answer is not accurate and I need to call the IRS (right, because those phone lines aren't tied up and it's just so easy to call the IRS expecially this time of year).

I've been searching the hrblock site that I filed on and I can't find Help anywhere (oh, there's Ask An Adviser, but you pay $19.95 per question and I'm not too keen on giving them anymore of my money right now) not even contact us or site help. So I'll do a bit of googling, and see if there's a hrblock site that isn't just the filing taxes page.

What makes me most upset about this is there was no notification that there was a problem. I paid, AND got a 'efiling is complete' email and was under the impression things were fine. But hrblock just decided it wasn't important enough to, you know, actually file my taxes I guess. I should've absolutely been on top of this sooner but when I pay a company $80 to do submit my tax return, I expect them to do that and let me know if there were any problems with that. It's not an easy time to just be without money right now.

Any advice for dealing with hrblock and hurrying to do my taxes now (even if I have to redo them O.o!!) is welcomed and appreciated.
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Half.com suck or Media Mail suck? Your guess is as good as mine.

So being the poor college student that I am, I tend to order as many books as I can offline for the cheapest amount of money possible. So far, Amazon and Half.com have been HUGE money savers for me. This quarter, I have 5 weeks of an insurance class part I and 5 weeks of insurance class part II (I go to a tech school, our quarters are only 10 weeks long). The book for part I is 95.00 and the book for part II is 135. :( I really do not have that kind of money right now. LUCKILY, however, my teacher is trying to save us money, so she gave us the ISBN to last quarter's book (which she will let us use, even though there is a new edition this quarter) and several of us found the book for 0.75 with about 3.00 shipping so we basically got a $100 book for about $5 bucks, give or take some change.

I ordered my book on February 25th from half.com. The money came out of my account (4.24 or something like that), I watched the page until my information changed. It said the book had shipped and that it would arrive between March 4 and March 16th since it was coming Media Mail USPS. Well, my quarter started on Monday and I still have no book. I went back to the site and clicked on the shipping details, hoping for at least a tracking number, but alas, the shipping information is unavailable.

I contacted the seller and went to see Half.com's policy for disputes. They want you to give a seller 48 hours to respond to your inquiry before you file a claim with Half.com. So, I contacted the seller Monday morning at 7:30 am. Cut to tonight, almost 8 pm, and I still haven't heard from the seller. I want back to Half.com and there is no link for filing a claim. It says in the paragraph that the link is on that page ... but it's not. I can't find it anywhere. The seller had really positive reviews, which is why I didn't hesitate to use them, but now I'm annoyed. Granted, 5 dollars isn't THAT much, but when you have practically nothing, it's enough to put some gas in the gas tank or feed your hungry stomach from Subway or the school cafe on the day's you're in class from quarter of 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

I think the biggest problem at this point though is I don't know who's at "fault". There's no shipping information on the website, so I don't even know if they ever actually shipped the book or what happened. However, I also know that Media Mail can have ENORMOUS problems and can lose things for months at a time. (I lost a whole lot of books of Ebay because of Media Mail a couple of years ago.) Luckily, there was another book for the same price from a different seller and I got a confirmation email from them saying they had shipped my book ... and you know, now that I'm thinking about it as I type this, I don't ever remember getting a confirmation email from the first seller that my book had A) been purchased and B) had been sent. :/

If I had a tracking number, I could at least TRY and contact the post office, but I don't have anything. Hopefully, this new book comes in it's proposed time. The seller said it usually takes about 4-6 days to get here, but that sometimes it can take up to 14 days. I really hope it doesn't take 14 days, cause the class will be half over at that point. I wish textbooks weren't so stinking expensive. :(


LoL I know people are going to be like "What the hell did you expect? It's Denny's!" I have such a love/hate relationship with Denny's. I love their food but I hate hate hate their service.

Case in point, the other night me and my boyfriend are on our way home from going out clubbing it's like 3:40 am and I've got a case of the late night munchies but I'm also tired and getting over a cold so I really didn't want to stop and eat anywhere I just wanted to pick something up to go. We both decide on Denny's being that they are open 24 hours and we were in the mood for it.

I call them up and tell the woman who picks up that I want to place a to-go order, she says "Ok!" and puts the phone down and I hear her scream to someone in the background that she has a to-go order on the line.

I literally sat on the phone for 10 minutes and no one answered. We were far enough away from that Denny's that I kept waiting just thinking "If they pick up now we might still have enough time to place the order and not have to wait so long for the food". I understand that it was ridiculously late but they were open for business (I assume the woman who answered the phone would've told me so if that wasn't the case) and if anything they shouldn't have been too busy at that time. At least if someone would've picked up and told me that they hadn't forgotten about me or something. In the end my boyfriend convinced me to hang up and that Denny's wasn't going to happen that night. We ended up eating some delicious hamburgers at a Colombian restaurant instead.