March 31st, 2009

dance the night away

i hate misleading advertisements

Oh my gosh, I am absolutely livid right now. I work at the Government of Canada building right across from Scarborough Town Center and spontaneously decided to get my hair cut after work today. So since I'm a university student and don't have 50 bones to blow on a simple trim, I thought I would try out that salon that's in Walmart. It's called SmartStyle or something. Anyway, I go in and I look at the prices. They are as follows (I'm paraphrasing):

$15.99: Cut with Shampoo
$18.95: Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry.

So I decided to spring for the extra $3 and go for the blowdry as well. After pleasant conversation and my hair looks great, I go to pay for it and the woman charges me $37.70! And I'm so confused because I thought my cut was only going to be $18.95 with tax. I ask the woman, "What the hell What is the extra 15 for?" And she claims that it's the $15.99 PLUS the $18.95 together. I try to reason with her because all I wanted extra was the blowdry and I was under the impression that the blowdry including the wash and cut would be 18 bucks only. And she's all like, 'Nooo, you have to pay for all of it". Now I'm just getting mad. I'm telling her that I don't understand why I have to pay $40 because that means I'm paying for two washes, two cuts and a blowdry. I refuse to pay the extra 15 but I tell her that I'll pay her the $20. She starts going on about how I have to pay and that everyone who comes in pays the same thing. I tell her that the store's signs need clarifying and because of that, I refuse to pay. She continues to get on my case about paying so I'm like, "I want to talk to your manager. I won't give you any money until I talk to your manager." Apparently, her manager is in tomorrow. So she tells me to come back in tomorrow and talk to her manager so I can try to get a refund. I was so mad, I was ready to walk out of there but I don't know if she would call the police or mall security or some shit so I paid and left. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. How does this make any sense? So I'm going to go talk to the manager tomorrow during my break but here's the point of my post (besides my ranting):

Is there anything that I can nail this store on? Something that maybe I haven't thought of already? Can I convince them to give me the $15 somehow? Has anyone had bad service like this at a hair salon before? What can I do? I'm so frustrated, I can't think. And I need to have my complaints all ready because with my height and looks, people think I'm 12 and don't take me seriously. FML.