March 29th, 2009

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Really minor, but still weird

This is less 'bad service' than 'service WTF' but still...

About an hour ago, I went to my university's campus convenience store to buy an energy drink. When I got to the counter, the total came to $3.24, and I took out a ten dollar bill and gave it to the cashier.

The cashier had just popped out the drawer when I said, "Oh, and here's twenty-four cents", two dimes and four pennies I'd found in my pocket. She looked at it and said, "I can't take it, the drawer'll come up short".

I looked and she hadn't even put the ten I'd handed her into the drawer yet. I asked, "How would it come up short?" She said something like, "If I take it out, and then's complicated."

Since it wasn't really a big deal either way, I just kept my change and took the $6.76 she gave me.

I've worked four retail jobs before, and I've never worked a register where it mattered what kind of change you gave back. I could understand if she was low on singles or something (though that doesn't explain why she said the drawer would be short).
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twin pharmacists? o_0

wednesday i went to the pharmacy near me to get some scripts made up... they made a couple of mistakes, one i noticed at the time (they filled a script i hadn't asked for... this wasn't such a major thing, $5.30 is not really a problem.) but i later realised that they'd NOT filled one of the ones i had asked for. i went back in today to get that one, and was served by the exact same pharmacist (who i recognise because he had problems with my scripts when he was training s few months back.) i do understand that mistakes happen, but do not understand why he felt compelled to lie to me when i asked him if he had any idea what had happened. he claimed not to have been working when i was in, but i know for sure it was him. i wasn't angry in tone when i asked, i simply wanted to know what had happened. so why would he lie?
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FU @ Funkin' Gonuts.

Pulled up to the drivethru of my local dunks....
I got to the menu and i could see only one car ahead of me. The car left, and I waited for someone to take my order. about 2 minutes go by and I finally hear:
"Welcome to Funkin' Gonuts, one moment please" from the voice of what sounded like a 20something male.
..... really.... more waiting time? 

I figure something must have gone wrong inside..whatever...
another minute or two goes by, and he finally takes my order. It takes 3 tries to get my coffee order correct. (Medium iced french vanilla...made regular. Puzzling?) 

So it sucked to wait when there appeared to be no one else in the store or in the drivethru.....but I can forgive that. No biggie. I was in no rush.

But then.....

I pull through to the pickup window, he announces my total, I hand him that much and enough for about a 20% tip. I've always left tips here with no problem... since I'm usually given great fast service.
I give it to him saying "Thanks the rest is for you" He gets my coffee and hands me the change.
I say "no..that's for you" 

he then scoffs and says "Dude I don't need 75 cents"