March 27th, 2009

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Now, I'm not 100% sure this was bad_service or customers_suck but it leaned more towards bad_service in my opinion. You tell me what you think.

I went to Subway after class yesterday at around 10pm at night. Was the only customer at the counter for about 3 minutes while 2 employees acknowledged me but kept on talking to one another. While my sandwich is being made a customer tries to fill his drink but the soda machine is not working, they flip the circuit breaker, all is well. Then another guy comes up and motions for a cup and the employees give him a water cup. He tries to fill it up with Dr. Pepper but it wont work, only water will-then he starts getting loud. Starts talking to the employees, calling them by name, tells them to just flip the switch so he can get his dr pepper, cursing up a storm. The employees are just smiling and making joking remarks back to him. He mentions having to tell someone (I assumed an employee) about this when he's here in the morning. This continues from when my sub went in the toaster and I walked out the door, followed closely by a table who had gotten up and left because of the scene saying "What a jackass."

I was shocked.

EDIT: the employees joked back with the jerky customer, they swore back to him, laughed, and never once asked the guy to calm down or apologized to the customers ordering subs.

There were two employees, one started making my sandwich, another customer came in, a guy came out the back and helped him, the jerk started up while my sammy was in the toaster, 10 minutes later I paid and left and after the toaster I go mustard, mayo, lettuce, pickles, done! The three employees disregarded us with subs in progress, to me that's sucky.

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So I spend a lot of time in the Short Stay unit of my hospital right now. I have hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) and get IV fluids every 2 - 3 days. When they do IV fluids they've been giving me anti emetics by IV (which actually work). HOWEVER... the anti emetic they have been giving me I have developed an allergy to. It makes me jumpy and twitch and weird feeling. So my midwife prescribed a new drug which is not kept in short stay. So short stay called pharmacy last night. THREE HOURS LATER my new medicine finally shows up. At which point my bag of lactaid ringers had finished and they had to start a 2nd bag just to give me this medicine.
The short stay nursing staff rocks. The pharmacy can go die in a fire.