March 23rd, 2009

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I've lodged a BBB complaint because I'm not sure what else to do.

On February 27th I booked a reservation for four through My friends pointed out to me last week that a) It is not the lowest available rate b) we can stay with a friend instead. Since the reservation is for July, I have lots of time to cancel, but I'd like to cancel this week so that the credit gets through before my bill is due. I'm going to be short otherwise since my friends are no longer paying me back. I'll deal if not, but it's inconvenient. Shouldn't be a problem though, right?

I have tried to log in to view my booking at least 25 times in the last three days. I get an error everytime. I have called four times and have been on hold 20 minutes, 38 minutes, 1 hour 11 minutes, and 2 hours 30 minutes, respectively. All at different times of the day. I am convinced they don't actually have anyone working.

I sent an email which hasn't been responded to yet. I have searched high and low and cannot find the emails to any of their executives. I did however find a number of complaints for and Expedia by people with similar issues. They can't seriously do business like this can they?

I really don't know where to turn.

UPDATE: A friend showed me to a link on the American site different from the other two I tried and I was able to cancel online! Hurray! And I only had to waste hours out of my life.
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Are you ready for possibly the weirdest story you'll hear today?

I have some hospital suck for you.

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Does anyone have advice for my mother of action she should take? She feels as though the hospital really is just trying to act like nothing happened. I'm with her now that she's out of the hospital, and she's a nervous wreck. She says she can't get the image of him standing over her out of her mind, and she's furious with the hospital for allowing it to happen and being so blasé about it afterward.

She's filing a police report as soon as an officer comes to take one, and she's called the Department of Health at their Hospital Complaints line to make a complaint there as well.
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Washing Machine Debacle - END!

Hopefully, anyway.

Our washing machine broke. That happens. Then we discovered it was actually mostly alright as long as we did much smaller loads than we'd been doing; so it was wearing out but not dead yet. After awhile, of that, it was pretty much dead and time to call a repair man.

He came. "Fixed" it. It worked for one load, then stopped again. We decided to have him come again. He came, "fixed" it, it stopped again. Obviously this 'fixing' it was not working. At all.

Forget this. We want a new one. Only, suddenly the guy keeps setting times then not showing. Every time this happens, someone has to be here for it and it interrupts our day for nothing. Finally, we get the new one, but he tells us it needed something else, too, which he'd bring another time. Of course.

After several missed appointments for that... he showed up just now, finished, and left. Without any warning at all. Thankfully, I was here. It's worth noting it's been a couple months all together now.