March 22nd, 2009

Walgreen sucks (and I am not even a customer)

Bad service does not have to necessarily be from a customer does it?

About the end of January beginning of February I had an interview at Walgreens. They tell me of the pay and benefits and that I would have to take a drug test. All the basics. The manager tells me he will call me the following Tuesday with a schedule and information on the drug test. I thank him and go about my weekend.

Tuesday comes around, no call. I call him instead in the afternoon and he says that he has been busy in pharmacy and that he will work on it tonight and call me tomorrow. I do not call him the next day (nor does he call me) and give him the benefit of the doubt that he is still busy and will call me Thursday. No such luck to that either. So I send him an email asking if even though he does not have the schedule done, could I still please get the information for the drug test. Friday I call and am told that he is not there.

To this day he has not called me. So I am guessing he really didn't hire me. (Duh) BUT it would have been nice to be told never mind or something.

I was told I had the job, he just had to make the schedule. Yeah, I should have known better about the whole interview then drug test within so many hours since that was how Walmart was but oops, I didn't.
So, it is not a matter of not being hired. Its a matter of being an ass and then never getting the ball rolling.
PS I have been working for 9 years so no, I do not expect every job to tell me yes or no on whether I am hired or not.