March 19th, 2009

no fucken WAY

Bank of America suck? Shocking

I have been banking with BOFA for 7 years now, and have had my fair share of sucks, but nothing quite deserving of action. SIDE NOTE: yes I know the most useful plan of action would be to withdraw my account and bank with someone else, but I unfortunately have a credit card with this piece of shit bank and am planning on leaving as soon as I am out from this debt


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The $50 is found, and put into my account but my real issue here is the unprofessionalism that the manager- who turned out to be an Assistant Vice President exhuded throughout the entire situation. I didn't expect flowers and ass kissing but an apology would be nice. Perhaps not making me feel like a burden for her teller error. I forgot to mention that she told me that if she wasn't here, I could talk to the teller who fucked up in the first place. Yeah, real comforting. I was and still am absolutely shocked that this woman is representing their company in such a way, and how little she cared that a check was deposited into the wrong account. It doesnt matter if it was only $50- it could have been $500, $5000, it could have been my paycheck! I feel that this was a serious situation, and the way she handled it was unacceptable.

SO, if any of you read my novel: any suggestions? I'd like to bring attention to this, perhaps to a DM or GM, but Im not sure how that works with different branches. The customer service line through BOFA is hit or miss, I've had them yelling at me for their mistake (again)

DONT BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA! THEY SUCK. thank you for reading :)