March 14th, 2009

wtf lady

I wasn't even going to mention this but it's still bugging me, so here goes:

I moved into a new apartment recently. It has all-gas appliances, something I'm not particularly used to or happy with, but whatever. I especially don't trust the gas oven since I've used it twice and had to call the Fire Dept. twice because it keeps setting the carbon monoxide detector off. That's not even the bad service. The bad service comes from the maintenance department here at the apartment complex being in complete denial that there's something wrong with the oven. I even showed the maintenance guy the form the fire department left with me, that showed in writing that the oven was malfunctioning and stating unequivocally that their meters had picked up carbon monoxide coming out of it. Yet the guy was still trying to treat me like I'm a dumb female and tell me it's because the carbon monoxide detector was "old".

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Teal deer: Old lady who clearly has a stick up her ass completely overreacts and accuses me of being 'very upset', even though I never raised my voice or used anything but an ordinary conversational tone, then accuses me of 'cussing' her even though I did nothing of the kind.