March 13th, 2009

Irritating Service.

Teensy bit of irritating service, because now my arms hurt.

Firstly - I am a very short, not-strong-looking little person. I am biologically female and therefore basically look like a rather frail girl, also most people think I am about 12-years-old.

So, a deliveryman just came to the door to deliver my Dad's new monitor.

Didn't ask me to sign, just stared at me for a moment with the clip board in his hands so I asked, "...Where should I sign?" and THEN he gave it to me and showed me, without a word.

He took the clip board back, then stared at me again.

And just STARED whilst I tried to lift an extremely heavy box off of the wheelie bin (where he'd shoved it) and then just walked off in silence whilst I tried to get it into the house, bumping into the door frame along the way and having very obvious trouble.

Nothing major, just... Why? Why? At least say hello or say, "I have a delivery for Mr. Dale." or something.

poop do not want

virgin post. joined to post this.

Hi everyone! First time poster.

Australians will already know how bad this story is when I invoke the name Telstra (our biggest phone carrier here).

Now, when you have a cellular data plan with Telstra, you are supposed to get a text message when you are approachimg, and or over your limit. I got one in five months. Not a big problem, I usually stay under my download limit. This month, I went over. Cue $75.18 in usage charges I wouldn't have ended up with if I had known I was my limit. I would have just stopped using data on my phone for the month.

So I call up the billing support line at 3:30pm (business hours). Firstly, I get a message telling me they have a "high volume of calls, try again later or hold if you like etc". No worries, I light a cigarette and chill for 5-6 minutes. I come off hold to a busy tone. I call back immediatly (this shit does happen now and then, no big deal, still annoying), same high volume spiel, wait for 5 minutes on hold, same busy tone.

"F#$k this", I say, and I call their faults number to report a problem with their IVR/on hold system. Get through to faults pretty quickly.

Me: Yeah I'm trying to get through to 132200 but I keep coming off hold to a busy signal. I have a billing problem I need fixed today because I'm flying out of the country next week. Can you find out what's wrong or patch me through?
Rep: So.. are you reporting a fault with a phone number?
Me: Yes. I am reporting a fault with your IVR system as it is hanging up on me.
Rep: Let me put you on hold, I'll call through myself and put you at the top of the queue.
Me: That'd be great, thanks.
(I'm on hold about 6 maybe 7 minutes. Top of the queue? Hmmm.)
Rep: Thanks for holding. Billing is closed for the day. It's open to 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Me: But it's 3:40pm.
Rep: 5pm Eastern Time.
Me: So even though business hours here are 8:30 - 5:30pm where I am, I have to call billing before 3pm?
Rep: Yes. That's the recorded message I got when I called through.
(After six minutes on hold?)
Me: I got no such message. So I've called three times, on hold three times, hung up on twice, and only now you're telling me that the center was closed the whole time?
Rep: Yes.
Me: This is ridiculous. Can you take a complaint or can I speak to the complaints department?
Rep: The complaints department is also closed after 5pm eastern time.
Me: So I've wasted half an hour on the phone for nothing.
Rep: Yes. I do apologise (etc etc etc)

To be fair, the rep was really polite and trying to be helpful, but.. WHAT THE HELL.

snotty little twirp at whole foods

This would be the very first time ever that I have run into bad service at wholefoods, and it was more  a bad attitude than bad service.

I went to buy a tray of raw deluxe nut mix. it's raw brazil nuts, filberts, cashews, pecans and almonds. And I couldnt find them. I could find some individual raw nuts, and of course multiple toasted mixes, but not the raw mix i wanted. so i asked a boy who was stocking the nuts. While we were talking i was still looking and it wasn't until he told me i was unwililng to admit i was wrong that i actually even looked up at him.

Him:  Well, I don't know what you think you're looking for, but I'm pretty sure we at whole foods would never carry a raw nut mix, considering that some raw nuts are PRETTY nasty and nothin will ruin your day quicker than biting into a raw cashew."
Me:  No, really, I buy them here all the time. I have a tray at home with nothing left in it but the cashews because I think you're right about that. They're pretty gross.
Him: You either have toasted with salt or toasted without salt, but you DONT have a raw nut mix. I know, I know, you buy them here all the time. Everybody always says that when we tell them we don't have something,and they don't, because we never had it. We dont have raw mixed nuts, we have never had raw mixed nuts, and you're not going to find them because they've never been here.
Me: I'm serious. I buy raw nut mix here every couple of weeks.
Him: No. You don't. You're wrong and you don't want to admit you're wrong.
Me: Want me to drive home and get the tray and bring it in and show you?
Him: Well you could say you were going to do that, but i know you're not going to be able to do that, because the thing you're claiming to buy here has never been here. You're either wrong  or youre lying.
Me: Did you just call me a liar? Really? I'm going home to get that tray...
Him: Don't bother, my shift is almost over. And it's an empty threat anyway.  Have a great day now!

and off he went, happily solid in the knowledge that he was right and I, the moronic customer, was wrong.

When I got home there it was....raw deluxe nut mix.

empty of everything but the gross cashews.

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This may be minor, but it irked me.

I bought a couple shirts off and they said they were shipping it UPS ground. I paid $7.94 for this, which seems about right for UPS ground.

Today I get one of the shirts but am surprised because is was in my mail box with a USPS First Class Mail sticker on the package. WTF?

So I was essentially lied to and I did not receive the service I paid for. I emailed them requesting a partial refund for shipping, so we'll see how that works out.

EDIT: Now I am really confused. I got this email from them: Collapse )

Now, I am assuming that email is for the second shirt, but I don't know. Regardless, I still paid for UPS ground shipping. This can't be right. They can't be able to charge for one shipping service, and use another. But I have not received a response to the email I sent them.
Their website says on the ordering info page: Orders within the continental United States will be sent via UPS. PO Boxes, Military Addresses, U.S. Territories, Alaska, and Hawaii will be shipped to via The United States Postal Service.

The address I provided is my street address and I live in Oregon. There is no reason for them to use USPS. I am...confused and annoyed.

EDIT 2: Still haven't heard back from them. I went to to do a quote on how much it would be to send an 8oz package to me from Florida (where they are based) and it's less than $3. So they really ripped me off here. Any ideas of what I should do at this point?

EDIT 3: Finally got a response from them:
Collapse )