March 11th, 2009

We are prepared for any emergency that could come our way

My work hired a guy to give some of us new trainees a seven-hour session in First Aid. I don't remember the class very well, but here are some of the highlights:

- teaching us the recovery position. He showed us how to do it once or twice, then we all had to practice on each other. I hadn't remembered how to do it but no one responded to my asking for clarification

- also zipped through learning how to tie a makeshift sling, showing us only once. I wouldn't be able to repeat that if my life depended on it

- showed us the Heimlich maneuver once, didn't seem too concerned if nobody could find the correct place for their fist or which motions to make during practice

So that entire thing took up about five minutes of our time total. What about the other 6 hours and 55 minutes?

They consisted of him making us watch an Achmed the Dead Terrorist sketch, which took a long time to load, on YouTube, and him telling us the dangers of getting fat (not only could we have a heart attack, but it would be difficult for fire fighters to get us out of burning buildings).

I feel I'm prepared for any situation after that!

Bad_service or...fraud?

I answer a Private number that is calling my cellphone, about half an hour ago. Honestly, while on the phone with her I can't describe her tone of voice, she mainly rushed through her sentences with a blatant nasty undertone.

Me: Hello?
Her: HimynamesllllurrrandI'mcallingfromslllurTdVisa. Your account is in excess xx amount of days. You have to make a minimum payment sometime this week.
Me: I can't pay tomorrow, but I can make a payment on the 19th.
Her: That's not good enough. You have to pay tomorrow. Can't you borrow money from some friends or family? So you're paying tomorrow?
Me: Okay well-
Her: So you'll pay tomorrow?
Me: Uh, could I maybe make a phone call and get back to you later?
Her: NO. You have to pay x by tomorrow.
Me: You know, I'd be more comfortable if I could make a phone call to verif-
Her: So you'll be paying on Saturday? I can put you down to make a payment on Saturday?
Me: ...May I ask whom I am speaking with?
Her: You will be paying X on Saturday. You have to make a minimum payment this week.
Me: Excuse me, but who I am speaking with? And you're calling from TD Visa, right?
Her: *hangs up.*

I called Visa back and spoke with another representative who gave me loads more information, I explained why it hasn't been paid, and we arranged a payment for the 19th...Without any shrieking? Heh. To be honest, half way through the convo I thought she was just a wack trying to get some credit info. Especially since Visa told me my minimum payment is something else.