March 9th, 2009

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Quit messing up my caffeine fix

Somewhat minor bad service to me, but it really annoyed me how she was treating her coworker in front of customers. It didn't help that during this my SO was in a terrible mood and it was very difficult to control a 20 month old while standing in a lineup. That part isn't under the barrista's control though.

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Now some good service from a cute teenage boy at Old Navy. He had some sort of crick in his neck that caused his head to tilt sideways and it looked quite painful, but he had the sunniest disposition and was so adorable. He made nice chit chat as he rang me up and complimented me on the colour of my hoodie that I was buying and told me his girlfriend's prom dress is the same colour etc. I was somewhat moody after waiting in a very long line twice (forgot something the first time, d'oh) and his attitude totally turned my frown upside down.


The Wal-Mart near me always has terrible service in general. I’ve never used their pharmacy, but for this particular prescription that I got on Tuesday they were a few bucks cheaper then my regular pharmacy. So I figured, what the heck. I dropped it off with this little girl at the counter who told me it would be about 45 mins. She specifically asked me if I was going to wait in the store and I said that I would. It wasn’t worth it to drive all the way home just to turn around and come all the way back. So I wander around the store, bored and exhausted from a long day, before going back to the counter once the 45 mins were up. A different woman’s at the pickup counter and she looks me up by name.

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Consistent bad service sucks...consistently

A little background to help you understand why this particular bad service is frustrating. I am in a wheelchair, and don't drive. This makes it difficult to go out and eat. I also live in a town where about the only places that deliver food are pizza places. We have three national chains around here - Pizza Hut, Domino's and Donato's.  Only Donato's carries salads of any kind, and I like their pizza better, so I order from them at least once a week.  This is not usually a problem when I call and order during their lunch hours.  Their evening shift, on the other hand...Collapse )Wow, that got long. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Witnessed bad_service that really pissed me off.

I work at Walmart, and I spend a lot of my time in the fitting room, where I answer the phones. So, this guy calls because he wants to know how much a certain video game costs, so I transfer him to electronics. Then, the guy calls back and says "someone picked up, said 'we're not here right now' and hung up on me!"

...<i>really</i>, electronics? Oh, you're lucky I don't know who said that... the manager I told would've gone over and slaughtered you!

hello, how can i piss you off today?

I had to make posters for my job and make five copies and have them laminated. I picked the size posterboard I wanted to use and went to the laminating desk. After waiting for the girl to stop looking at facebook at the desk patiently (YES. FACEBOOK AT WORK. WHEN CUSTOMERS ARE STANDING THERE. strike one.) 
I asked her if she can laminate this size board. She looks at it and says "yeah." I ask if she can laminate them with the type of laminate I wanted to use. Again, she says "yeah"

I go back two days later , see the same girl  and say "Hi again, just wanted to get these laminated" 

She looks at the boards  and says....
"These are too big." 
Me: do you remember me from the other day?
Girl: yeah.
Me: then you must remember telling me that you can laminate this size.
Girl: i didnt say that ,these are too big.
Me: did. You said you could laminate this size.
Girl: idk why because these are too big.
Me: Me neither, since I bought them and made all these only after you told me that you could do it.
Girl: That's not my fault.

Me: well,'s directly your fault. I only bought these and made all these because you said there wouldn't be a problem. If you'd told me they were too big then i'd have bought smaller ones.
Girl: Well like, what do you want me to do about it?
Me: I'd like you to TELL ME what size i can laminate at, and I'd like to speak to your manager.
Girl: She's not here, and Idk what size is the max.
Me:....................................then how do you know these are too big if you don't know the max size???
Girl: I just do they're too big.
Me: Ok. I give up. please can I have your managers # or a customer service line? 
Girl : I'm not giving you that.

 I'm thinking at this point.....ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!?!!?!

Me: Ok. I'll get the store manager (this desk is in the middle of a big office supply store) 

As I walk away I hear her mutter "bitch"  under her breath.

What the fuck...... I was very calm through this blatant stupidity.

I got the manager, and he gave me 50% off the lamination of the new boards, and what I really wanted all along: an apology.

At least the store manager is reasonable.

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Texas Roadhouse can bite me

Good grief. What an insane hassle this situation has been.

A bunch of my family went to Texas Roadhouse on a Sunday. There were signs all over the place advertising a special: Come in on Monday-Thursdays before 6:00 pm and [these select] dinners will be on sale for $7.99.

Two days later, a Tuesday at 4:30 pm, my husband and I were stuck out for a long time in the afternoon and we needed food. I like the sides there (being a vegetarian and all) and thought that would be a pretty good deal. I'll pick on the sides we can get and my husband can have the meat.
Well, bill time comes and we're charged full price for everything. Hubby asks about this and the waiter gives us this asinine excuse of "Well, it's a new special and not in effect yet." Something like that. I beg your pardon? You have signs up all over the place, they were there 2 days ago, and they DO NOT state any time frame. (Such as beginning March 1 or something.)
He shrugs his shoulders and says sorry. We ask for a manager who is not there. Pressed for time we decide to leave and deal with it in the next few days.

When we finally got home I wrote a complaint to their website. I heard nothing back for 2 weeks. (Keep in mind I'm leaving time for them to respond and I have a lot going on in my life so this isn't, like, top priority.) Finally my husband calls the local restaurant and gets a "manager". I really don't think he spoke to a manager but someone pretending to be one. Because the names did not match up at all. Anyways, this person claims that they are all confused in their systems right now due to a lot of new ... whatever... like a new computer program they're installing or something like that. This person claims they will get back to my husband within 3 days.

Never happened.

So I send another email firmly stating how disappointed I am in their inability to meet customer satisfaction. (Honestly I was not a jerk. Because I know being a jerk doesn't get you anywhere, so I just kept it to a very firm but polite tone.)

We get a call the next day from a person who I really think is the manager and he says he's sorry about all this. (I cannot remember what his excuse was for us not receiving the special price...) But anyways he offers to mail us a coupon for a free meal.

It has now been one week from that promise and we have not received the coupon.

So. To sum up. I am quite livid about the terrible way they deal with customer satisfaction. I'm not one who wants instant butt-kissing but I do expect a reasonable amount of apology and matters to be dealt with in a more TIMELY manner. So even if we do finally get this coupon, I'm still quite appalled by their lacksidaisel way of customer service. We will eat there with that coupon, if we ever get it that is, and then honestly, that will be the last of it. This company has really made me disgusted in regards to their customer service.

BTW, all this time the only thing I wanted was the advertised price. I've never demanded free meals or anything, I just kept telling them I want to be refunded for the special price that was advertised.
NY doesn&#39;t love you

MegaBus SUCK...

For those who don't know, Megabus is one of those many cheap bus services that run between New York and Boston.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to take a day trip to Boston to hang out with a friend of mine. I'd never tried one of those bus services before and I figured, Hey!, it's cheap so why not. A few clicks on and $31.50 later, I get a round trip reservation; leaving NYC at 8:30am and leaving from Boston at 10:30pm, which was the last bus of the night.

The outbound trip went as planned...was pretty uneventful with a stop in dumpy Hartford. We actually arrive in Boston a half hour earlier than scheduled so that makes me a bit happy. I was a little annoyed about the fact that there was WiFi on the bus but no outlets to plug my laptop into, but whatever.

So, I have a good time in Boston and then 10:00pm comes around. So I make my way to Boston South Station and then get in line. I see a bus at the gate and think "Great, it's here waiting for us, maybe we'll even leave a little early!"

10:15 comes and then that bus leaves. Keep in mind, this bus was EMPTY. The driver had never left the bus, nor came to the gate. I think the part that pissed me off the most is that he could see 20-25 of us at the gate AS CLEAR AS DAY and he did nothing. There is a line forming and we all think, "Well, maybe he is going to get gas or something."

It's 10:30 and there's no bus.

10:45 and still no bus.

I call the 800 number on the reservation page I printed around 10:50. After being on hold for 3 minutes, the girl on the line gives me a 908 number which is some regional office. The girl at that number then transfers me to the dispatcher in Boston. I tell him that about 20 of us are waiting for this fucking bus and we want to know where it is. He then puts on me on hold.

It's 10:55 and I pretty much need to make a decision. Wait here and risk being stranded in Boston for the night (well, not really, but still) or hop a bus on one of the other bus services?

I RUN to the Fung Wah booth, plop down $20 and hop on the 11:00 bus back to New York...the last bus of the night.

Good luck trying to get a refund from them too...I felt like they were basically telling me "Oh well, not my problem!"...but clue phone for IS your problem since the damn bus never CAME. I'm disputing the cost of the inbound reservation with Bank of America because I REFUSE to pay for something I didn't just isn't right.

We will see what happens, I guess.

Walgreens truly makes incompetence an art form.

What should have happened:

M: (me)
P: Pharmacy assistant:

M: "I'd like to fill this.

P: "We don't keep large amounts of this in stock. Let me check and make sure we have some.  It'll just be a minute."

...wait a minute...

P: "Yes, we do have it in stock. Will you be waiting?"
M: "No, I'd like to pick it up at about 2:15."
P: "That's fine."

....half an hour later...
*phone rings*
P:" Hello Ms V, this is blah blah from Walgreens. I'm sorry but there's a problem with your prescription. The doctor left off some information that needs to be there before we can fill it. We're trying to reach him now, but it may not be ready for you by 2:15.  Why don't you give us a call when you're ready to leave and we'll let you know if it's ready for you?"
M: "Oh darnit. Ok, I'll check with you. Thanks!"

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