March 7th, 2009

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Drive-in WTF

Ok , very simple .

This Wendy's restaurant close to my house has a drive-in which is open all night while the restaurant's dining room closes at 11pm.
So it's midnight and I had gone on a very long bike trip downtown and wanted to take something to cool myself down a bit and seeing the Wendy's I decide to buy an ice cream dessert.
So seeing the dining room is closed and that no cars are driving around I bike up to the drive-in window.
I knock on the window and am greeted by this gum chewing girl who clearly wants me to go.
So I ask if I can have this icy drink and she answers : "NO!"
Ooooookay .. what the heck was that? I ask her why and she says : "Well DUUUUH! It's a DRIVE-IN we don't serve people on bikes!"


I'm telling her how there,s nothing around and that I'll probably be the only sale for 1 or two hours and that I'm pretty sure her manager wouldn,t be very happy to learn that she turned away a customer.

She says she doesn't carew and that it's the manager himself that told them to refuse people not in cars.

So I left and went to the A&W instead. They didn't seem to mind my bikeyness too much.

Rude cashier

Dear Cashier at the local supermarket,

Yes, I have tubing hanging out of my arm. It's called a PICC line. It's so that I can get IV hydration and medication for extreme morning sickness. It is not bloody. It is sterile.
Please, do not:
A. Call your manager and say you have to have them ring me out because I am "TOO GROSS FOR WORDS."
B. Yell that you think I'm going to bleed all over your floor.
D. Start making gagging puking noises as I frantically try to find my sweater to cover my stupid arm. Gagging noises trigger me to gag, gagging triggers me to puke. I really don't want to puke in your store.

I had one thing. You could have had me rung out in 20 seconds if you hadn't put on such a damn show.

Thanks for making me feel like a leper,
The girl who can't help her condition.

ETA: Yes, I WILL be calling Monday when the store manager is in; bad news for the cashier, I've worked with that store manager for YEARS doing non-profit stuff. I would have stayed and complained but at that point my anxiety started kicking in and I wanted to RUN AWAY!!!

On the cute side, when my 2 year old saw my PICC she brought me one of her baby legs and told me I needed "arm sock for owie" because I put baby legs on her arms sometimes to keep her from picking at scratches. =D
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Rude Restaurant Service

This'll be a short story, since we didn't stick around.

I went out to dinner with a fairly large group (12). We went to the local restaurant that we go to multiple times a month as a group. It was just our group and one other table, as far as I could see.

I'll admit, we were being a little loud. We had a long but happy day, and were chatting and laughing. We had just placed our drink order and were munching on the complimentary bread. Someone said something particularly funny, and we let out a burst of group laughter. A manager walked brusquely by, not even next to our table, but along another row completely, and snapped "You all need to be quiet!" as he continued to walk to the front. We immediately quieted down, but were like "What was that about? He could have... I don't know... asked nicely or something." We were exchanging "wtf: faces with each other, and someone accidentally caught the eye of the woman at the other table, who said "I didn't mind you guys!" and shrugged at us.

Someone in our group went up to the front counter where the manager went, and asked the manager why our conversation was a problem, had someone complained? Manager guy snapped at him that "everyone was complaining" and that we were "being extremely rude." My group member said he thought the manager was being rude, that he didn't appreciate being talked to like that, and that we'd gladly eat elsewhere if we were such a problem.

Manager's response? "Fine." As he turned his back to my friend.

So, we left after giving our waitress $20 to cover a tip and the couple sodas we had received, went next door to Famous Dave's, had stellar service and a friendly waitress who laughed along with us, and probably won't be going to the local place as a group or individuals again.